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Gas prices continue to soar

Gas prices continue to rise across the country and could skyrocket even more to an all-time high this summer. Is it changing your behavior? Are you driving less to save on gas money? Eyewitness News wants to know what you think. Post your comments below, and they could end up on Eyewitness News. Stay with Eyewitness News and 7online.com for complete coverage on this breaking story.



We have a 2011 kia soul its great on gas. A good car yet we can't afford to go anywhere we sit home to save on gas. We also have to limit our food budget which is hard since we are a military family with 3 kids one under a year, one 4 and autistic, one is 2 and has no disabilities. We can't do what we need for our kids as it is due to gas prices. We used to go to the park and try to go have fun get them toys. I wish we could still afford to do things with them. As it is we can't afford for our kids to live with us. We only have our youngest. This is as a solider in the army.


Everyone blames the Oil Companies, but what people should do is truly understand how this market works.. Oil companies have a small part in the price of raising OIL. The people to blame for this is our Government and Wall Street. Banks continue to hedge and speculate the price of oil EVERYDAY.

There is no reason that America and the rest of the world are paying these crazy prices other than greed. The CFC Department choices not to regulate on commodities in which Oil and Gas are traded under.

To make matter worse the American Dollar is not strong, which will push the price of oil higher.

Ask yourself this question, last year when the BP Oil Spill happen and all that OIL was gushing out into the ocean. Why did the price of OIL/GAS did not raise? Ask yourself why is it that this past week for two days the price of OIL fell seven dollars after Golden Sachs told everyone to sell it off. Then on the third day the news started saying ohh wait the price of gas should be around $3.80 from May - September of 2011.

People wake up... do your research..

By the way I work in the OIL Industries.... We are very concern with whats going on. AMERICA WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

DON boman

Where are the politicians now? The gas prices are rising on futures,not current supply. The OIL INDUSTRYis raping the publis for millions daily. Our RERS on bothsides are blantly silent. How much is being kicked back to their respective parties

katie nurmi

Wake Up, I live 20 miles from nearest grocery store, i live in rural Maryland, instead of gripping start yelling at our Government who pays 7 BILLION to Brazil to drill for oil...why is it ok to drill everywhere on the continent except the United States? We have our own oil right here, as we have coal and gas but our government insists that we buy overseas for these things because of the environment? If all these countries die because of environment issues and we still survive it will mean nothing. think about that.
our country is going down fast, i bought jelly beans yesterday and guess what they were made in Mexico, the chocolate cookies i bought were made in Argentina, wake up America we are not doing for ourselves any longer and we wonder where the jobs went, union dues only pay for riots, regulations for the small business person put them out of business before they get started. As you see i am very upset at our government that has put themselves and their wants ahead of the people that elected them, they have no idea how the average person lives today. Throw them all out, term limits and line item veto are some of the answers.


The city/state/fed government will not stop the high price because the taxes we pay at the pump is more money to collect since they are strapped for money. As for mass transit, some people have no choice but to drive because some have to commute 2 to 3 times longer or there isn't mass transit close to where they work. Oil companies says they have no choice but to raise prices. They have to keep the same profit margin for their shareholders. This is a no win situation. I think this is called "STEAL FROM THE POOR AND FEED THE RICH".


Nothing but thievery and greed...The oil speculators on wall street Must be held accountable for this.They constantly "guess" about The situation in the middle east, refinery fires,surplus shortages,consumer demand,Etc....But NONE of their speculation ever proves to be true. One day its Libya..The next its supply and demand..the next its some bogus fire somewhere. Bottom line is that the more they LIE about these false reasons, the more money goes in their pockets. The prices go up every day at the pump on May oil deliveries that arent even in the ground yet...but god forbid they dip one day on Thief Street..we dont see them come down at the pump....pure unadulterated thievery and greed

Melissa Walters

What I do not understand is the legality behind these gas increases. For instance, the gas station owners are raising the prices on gas they purchased previously at a lower price. Isn't this price gouging? Also, why should the station owners be able to charge more for something they paid a lot less for. Are they reassuring themselves that they will be able to have the funds to pay for a new delivery of higher prices. This is totally wrong and something should be done about it.


I just paid $4.82 a gallon for regular in the Hudson Valley. To save, I do the following:

Drive as close to the speed limit as possible. Leave home a couple of minutes earlier and it's a stress-free commute as an extra bonus.

Coast down hills and whenever you anticipate having to stop or slow down ahead. I look for brake lights in front of me and then let off on the gas. Lots of times I never need to brake like all the others are doing. You need to keep a good distance from the car in front of you to make this work.

Turn off the ignition any time you are idling for more than a minute, such as on a drive-through line (banks, car washes) or stopped traffic when you're idling forever.

Don't do jack-rabbit starts. Start out easing on the gas pedal.

All this can save a bundle of money. I keep track of how many miles I get per tank, and it's rewarding to see the difference.


if you want to save ride a scooter im 77 years old and still ride i get 65 miles to a gal of gas

Bernie Brake

I save on gas by driving the speed limit,coasting whenever possible & also setting the cruise control at 55 mph on the highway! I totally changed the way i drive & it really works. As for time i just leave for work 2 minutes earlier,it is not that big of a difference in time but it is a good saving in gas [ 2-3 gal.per week]!

Curtis Bonavoglia

Simple marketing if prices are low on gas you make the profits up in volume. The unemployed that are getting jobs won't be able to afford the gas to go to work. They actually make more money being home collecting their checks so they can buy food. What are we acomplishing by these constant rising prices. Also we have oil why don't we use it for ourselves instead of paying for overseas oil.

Robert Johnston

Well, once again the Oil Companies are going to gouge the consumer with astronomical gas prices and for no more than maintaining their HUGE profit margins!! The turmoil in Libya is just an excuse for raises. The Saudi's increased their production to offset that lost from Libya, none of which is part of U. S. imports! With the rest of the Middle Eastern Countries having issues of their own, an increase by the ones at peace could help.
Now, the Oil Industry advertises on TV about how many jobs are held in the U. S. (some 9+ million) and how only less than a third of oil used here is from sources other than U. S. based. Soon, they'll claim they have to raise prices because of increased storage costs due to everyone cutting back! Can't anyone figure this out and DO something about it? Maybe something to think about while taking a walk, instead of a drive.

Simone Seth

Gas prices coupled with increased costs for tolls are keeping me off the roads unless it is urgent. I can drive from my home in Queens to my boyfriends home in the Bronx in 20 minutes for about $10 in gas and tolls. I instead spend 1 1/2 hours each way on the subway taking 2 trains because its costs a lot less. Painful choices - pay for gas or pay for food and healthcare...I choose food.


please call it the way it is. $4.09.9 is $4.10.one tenth less should be rounded up. its anoying. thank you.


What I want to know is if anyone is checking out the oil and gas companies to make sure they aren't posting high profits from this. Last time prices went sky high Exxon and some of the other companies declared record profits, which is robbery of those of us forced to pay.

Kehinde Olatubosun

Gas price is really really affecting and denting our account. When do we expect the price to drop? Really frustrating. Makes me want to start taking the public transportation!

Frank Punturieri

The rising gas prices have changed the way I plan a day. I make sure I have at least 2 places to go to in the same area before I go. Otherwise I just put it off as long as I can. Out of work & gas going through the ceiling is making it harder & harder ot stay in the middle class.


i just don't understand why the spike in price? and when you hear how much profit oil companie make, make you wonder more. Can our legislators do something about this? It is really taking a big bite on our income - I pay almost twice on the pump now and i have not any pay increase the last 2 years. Pleaseeee HELP.

Jean Brione

The price of gas is out of control. I don't know how families deal with driving the kids to school and after school programs. Our local elected officials should be doing something about this. The jobs that are available today do not pay for the raise is food/gas/ etc. prices. Yes, people are working but for alot less money.

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