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Cathie Black out as schools chancellor

Cathie Black is being replaced by as New York City's schools chancellor according to a Bloomberg administration official.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments below, and they could end up on Eyewitness News.  Stay with Eyewitness News and 7online.com for complete coverage on this breaking story.


Lynda Jones

Cathy Black's appointment was a disgrace and an insult to the children and parents of NYC. Why can't the appointment be opened up so we can get the best person for the job. Too bad NYC doesn't have a mayoral recall option. That would solve a host of problems.


Why didn't Bloomberg appoint Mr.Walcott in the first place? Knowing he has a background in Education !

judi tannenbaum

dennis should've been named chancellor 4 yrs ago. he rocks. worked w/his wife for years at abc; benevolent, magnanimous family. wonderful person and brilliant, connected person. will do more for nyc schools than anyone ever could. you rock dennis -- proud to have known you years ago. best to the family -- you all deserve nothing but good things.


Interesting? Bloomberg put Black to lead the entire system of 1.1 million students with merely a Bachelor's degree ZERO education experience, yet a teacher must hold a Master's degree and pass countless (pricey) exams to just deal with a significantly smaller group. All teachers, are breathing a sigh of relief, Walcott is a teacher (not just an administrator)understands the "realities" of the system, the limitations of being in a classroom.

Its a good day to be a teacher in NYC!

Ronnie   Sabodish

The mayor wants the media to move foward but what does his previous choice of chancellor say about a mayor whor makes decissions for the city on a dalley basis?


What a relief. I taught grades 1-12 for 7 yrs and then spent 20 years in the ad industry, including working at USA Today. Cathy has a zero tolerance policy for anyone having different ideas from hers. I could never imagine her having any understanding of chidren, their needs, or those of the NYC school system.
I commend the quick reversal of this decision and hope all have learned from this horrible mistake.


I am happy she stepped down. I went to public school and was highly disappointed when she was appointed with no typed of experience. It was very obvious that she had no clue what she was doing, so I knew she wouldn't last very long. Hopefully this new chancellor will be able to help solve some of the problems we have in the public school system.

Regina Wagner

During my 35 years as a professional educator in public schools, it was glaringly apparent that the strength and know-how of the administration was the #1 determiner of the quality of the education the students received. On this highest level of N. Y. C. public school administration the appointment of an unqualified chancellor spelled disaster from Day 1. The mayor's closest advisers were not supportive of Ms. White's appointment. The mayor went ahead anyway. Maybe there will be a lesson in this fiasco for Mr. Bloomberg--listening to his advisers who have their ear to the ground may be a sensible thing for a guy who enjoys projecting practicality.


This is a sad day for New York City--Cathie Black was more than qualified for the job of School Chancellor She was at the helm of a huge publishing company, Hurst Publications--Her Skill is management. I am sure she is more than well qualified for the jobof School Chancellor. Her job was that as administrator The same as Mayor Bloomberg

Ruthene cooper

why did Mayor bloomberg choose her over Dennis Walcott in the first place if he knew this man was capable with all the credentials and tools. He comes on T.v. today and give this man all the praise and choose Cathy black over him that tells New York City what kind of Mayor he is and how he thinks. "Business and Billions only" not us as citizens who cares what happens to our childrens and Grand Childrens. Ruthene Cooper, Bronx, N.Y.


I am not surprised at all. I taught all grades from 1-12 and also spent 20 years selling in the advertising community, including USA today. I remember being horrified when Cathy was appointed as chancelor, as she has zero tolerance policy for any decisions or mitakes other than those that are hers. She embodies all that children do not need.
I am grateful the mistake was caught sooner rather than later.


She may be successfull in her own career, however, not qualified to be in the public school system. Seems as if the Mayor has his own agenda. That was not a beneficial fit from the beginning. I too, am glad she is out. Our schools need good teachers and leaders, not friends of people in position.


I would like to know how come you go to the Bronx or Manhattan to get responses on Cathy Black leaving and not to other neighborhoods like Howard Beach, Ozone Park etc.??

Naomi H

Currently, I am a PhD candidate in education leadership. I thought that the mayor was making a mistake when the appointment was announced. This job is too important, the children deserve an education professional, not just a manager. I still marvel about how much I have to learn about education, and I have credentials. Ms. Black was unqualified for this monumental task.


Yet another example of Bloomie's arrogance and the media's reticence to say anything negative about him, his dictates, or how they seriously effect working people in NY.

Ann marie focca

What will the board of Ed do if and when this chancellor who has an educational background does not work out? Will they still blame Bloomberg?
I think each dept. and teacher and parent should assume responsibility.


She was never qualified for the job. Running a business is not running teachers, children and parents. The next person in should absolutely have the approval and trust of the UFT. Teachers deserve respect and their students deserve opportunity!


personal favors for personal friends..

Lisa S.

The Mayor's appointment of Dennis Walcott is an excellent choice. I don't know why Mr. Bloomberg didn't pick him in the first place! It would have certainly eliminated a lot of aggravation.

Pete P.

Good! Sorry, but that is just how I feel. This was a case of a tyranical, dictatorial man pushing and pushing to get his way and now, it looks more and more clear that his way is not the right way. Who did this woman think she is? She is not qualified and to be frank...neither is he. Its time he retired with his billions.

Margaret DePaula

This is not the first nor the last position that Mayor Bloomberg has given to someone in his close social circle, someone who has most likely contributed money to one of his campaigns. When is he going to be held to the same conflict of interest rules that other city workers are held to? How much of our hard earned tax dollars did Ms. Black receive in the short time that she has been in this position and how much is she going to receive as a COMPENSATION package??? Is there transparancy here as workers in other city positions are being held to?

Joyce West

What was he thinking?


She was just a puppet being pulled on a string, there are alot of others that should be stepping down as well before our school system and our children suffer anymore than they have!!


Perhaps the Mayor could find ONE person in education to be the new Chancellor who agrees with his vision of what schools should be? Just one? And if he can't, what does that say about his vision?

Anna W

I never felt that Cathie Black was the right person for the job. Not only were her children educated in private schools, but she had NO education experience, which is something our children need at this time. She is a smart woman, but not capable of doing the job of New York City's schools chancellor. She needs to go back to publishing where she excels and leave the children of New York to others who have experience in education.


The job was to big for her.....it takes more than having friends in high places to do that job.....and her heart wasn't in it to begin with, glad she's out.

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