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Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

What are your favorite Elizabeth Taylor movies, memories and moments?  Share your thoughts and stories here by clicking on comment below.  We may publish them here or share them on Eyewitness News.


Richard Rossi

Some readers of my coming-of-age new novel "Stick Man" have said in light of Elizabeth Taylor's passing they really liked how the protagonist in the story was guided by his love for her. She was the last of the great movie stars. So in answer to your requests, heres' a couple excerpts from Stick Man related to the late, great Liz Taylor:

"Angel touched the end of my fingers. The first time we touched, it was like someone threw gasoline on the strong flame between the two of us. Her face neared mine. And then it happened. We kissed. My first real kiss. I tried to copy the kiss Montgomery Clift gave Elizabeth Taylor in A Place in the Sun. We giggled, than she kissed me again...

We all stayed the night at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. I took in the palm fronds and stone archways, than peeked at the pool. We roamed the halls looking for ghosts. Monty Clift had stayed in Room 928. He was one of my favorite actors ever since I saw A Place In the Sun. When I watched him walk to his death, condemned for not saving Shelley Winters, I rooted for him. I saw the movie for the first time a year after Angel vanished, and took it to be a sign. When Elizabeth told Monty “Tell Mama all,” she mothered him the way Angel mothered me. Director George Stevens did dreamy dissolves when Monty and Elizabeth kissed. The kiss was his final thought when he was executed. I knew then if I was a dead man walking, my final thought would be kissing Angel.

Later that night in the hotel room, I thought about how Elizabeth Taylor was the first to reach Montgomery Clift after his near-fatal car accident. Two of Monty’s teeth were lodged in his throat and he was choking. Elizabeth pulled his teeth out and saved his life. He told her that she was his other half, and he wished the children she had with Michael Todd were his. I imagined myself in a car accident. Somehow, Angel heard about it and rushed to the wreckage. She saw the blood trickling out of the side of my mouth and told me she’d love me for as long as she lived, just like Elizabeth told Monty..."

Stick Man, by Richard Rossi, (both the novel and the soundtrack), are available at Amazon.com

Raul garcia

for me the words of elizabeth taylor playing cleopatra are never more true when the queen wants to die the queen will die. the queen is dead the queen is dead god bless the queen.


She was an amazing actress, humanitarian & human being. She always handled herself with class and dignity. She was a woman who championed many causes when it wasn't "popular" to do so, such as gay rights, HIV/AIDS advocacy, etc. A true legend who will truly be missed! The stars in heaven are shining a little brighter today.

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