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Baseball season ready to kick off

Opening Day for the New York Yankees is tomorrow while the New York Mets start their season on Friday.  Eyewitness News wants to know how well you think each team is going to do this season.  Post your comments and they could end up on Eyewitness News.


Professional Athletes David

You're right Marie, the Yankees going to get the bowl this year. Go Yankees!

Barbara Walden

On Laura's sports tonight, Laura reported on the Red Sox Game before the Mets game. The local teams should be reported on before another team. We are in the first weekend of the season, I do not really think the result of the Red Sox game had any vital importance. Thanks

melanie kurz

the yankees are going to win this year and go to the world series


I've been a Mets fan since they won the greatest World Series Championship in 1986. Now, since the change of managers it's time to bring back Championship to Flushing. I know they can win about 90 games or more.

Marie Baumann

I am a lifetime yankee fan, I think that 2011 will be the year for them to regroup, and maybe win the championship title. The yankees are a young club, they survive injuries, etc and what they should foucs on is starting pitching the rest will follow. The manager Joe Girardi is a great Manager he knows his team and the players, he was once a catcher for the NY Yankees, I am confident that he will step into joe Torres shoes.

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