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Wrestler forefits over match with girl

A high school wrestler from Iowa forfeited his match against a girl due to his religious beliefs.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post a comment (below) and it could end up on Eyewitness News.  For more on this story, tune in tonight to Eyewitness News at 5 p.m.



this is a post comment to my previous one back in my daughters time 2000-2004 there were no girl teams ( in wrestling) some schools didn't even consider wrestling a sport it was called a club,there were no different rules or exceptions for girls if you wanted to wrestle against boys you were considered the same and quite frankly if they(boys) underestimate you once they sure didn't do it again, wer'e very proud of our daughter she broke many barriers in wrestling and continues to do so in life she's an engineer in a mostly male prefession and is in the NYC gotham .roller derby league


I used to live in Iowa. Wrestling is HUGE out there, so it was a very major decision for the young man to forfeit a wrestling match in the Iowa State Tournament.


I respect the young man's decision to not want to wrestle the girl because of his religious convictions. I myself am a Christian, and I have not worked on Sundays in about 4 years.


My daughter Lauryn wrestled for Curtis h.s on staten Island for 4 yrs (graduated 2004) she wrestled only boys and beat many of them I think this boys decision was part conviction and maybe part (i might get beat by a girl when your,e on the mat and in training its athlete against athlete. girls don't win because there lucky they win because they train and also they don't lose because their girls they lose because their opponent was better.

Richard Mattern

My daughter, who turns 25 in April, while in Jr. High school, was one of 2 girls who made her wrestling team. I witnessed some of her matches and she did beat her male opponents.
I respect this boy's wishes not to wrestle a female, because of his religious beliefs.


As a woman, who participated in sports as a child (only girl on baseball team!) I am all for equality for all. However, its completely unfair for boys to be put in a position of nearly intimate contact with a woman for competitive purposes. Again, I'm all for girls wrestling, but against girls, not boys! My 13 boy wrestles and every week we'll see one or 2 girls in the tournament, I know its only a matter of time his opponent will be a girl. He's a gentleman and I will fully support him if he chooses not to compete! He'll be the Winner in my eyes! So kudos to the Iowa boy, religion or not, the right thing to do!

Mary Lumalcuri

Good for the young man! I think it is a matter of good values and I applaud his action. We need more young men like him.

Donna Kull

Girls should not be wrestling on boys' teams. If they want to wrestle that badly, let them start their own teams. Males lose either way in a match: if they win, people say, "wow you beat a girl"; if they lose, the comment is "big deal, you beat a girl."

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