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Free speech and what you write on the internet

Two separate stories are fueling a discussion about what is appropriate to post on the internet.  In one case, an NYU fellow resigned after posting derogatory comments on Twitter about reporter Lara Logan, just as news of her assault in Egypt was breaking. (READ STORY)

In the other case, a Pennsylvania teacher suspended from her job over profanity-laced posts on her blog says she was speaking the truth about students who are unwilling to work hard at school.  She appeared on GMA this morning.


Both cases have sparked a discussion about free speech and what's appropriate to write on the internet.  Tell us what you think by clicking on comment below.



This is a woman who should not be teaching. She went into the profession full of life and had it beat out of her? Clearly, she knows nothing about teenagers. I was an active participant in my child's education who once had a teacher tell me she had a "personality conflict" with my 13-year old son. I told her as an adult and "professional" she needed to either get over it or get out of the profession.
I don't believe this is a first amendment issue. There should be something in her contract that prohibits her from making such egregious statements about her charges and her bosses. If there isn't, there should be.
Beyond that, the digital world is new for all of us. The lesson to be learned here is you should expect EVERYTHING you write to be available for public consumption. If you don't want your words to get out, don't put them on the Internet.

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