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How did Anne Hathaway and James Franco do as Oscar Co-hosts?

How did you think Anne Hathaway and James Franco did hosting the 83rd Annual Academy Awards together?  Share your thoughts with us by clicking COMMENT below.  Your comments may appear on Eyewitness News!




I thought they both started out great... but quickly tanked. The lowest point was a cross-dressing Franco... He looked unwilling and humiliated and I was actually embarrassed for him... for them both, really! It was undignified.

Christine Bevi

I think that Anne Hathaway was hilarious as well as glamorous. She was very relaxed and seemed to be enjoying herself as well. James Franco was a bit more subdued and was not as relaxed. His smile , when he used it, is soo charming.
He did not seem to enjoy being with Anne as much as she enjoyed being with him.
All in all they did a very good job. It did not drag as much as in previous years.

Barbara Davis

Anne Hathaway and James Franco were absolutely great. Both were well-dressed and attractive. Very tasteful hosting with a sophisticated kind of humor.

sandra Chevalier

Anne and James are doing a wonderful job. Funny without over doing it. A great team up! And who knew, Anne has such a wonderful singing voice!

Dawn Mahdy

I think Anne Hathaway and James Franco are doing great. They really are hilarious, especially when he came out in the red ball gown dress. Great job.

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