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Charlie Sheen speaking out

Actor Charlie Sheen is speaking out against the creator of his hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men".  After Sheen's remarks, the show has cancelled filming for the rest of the season.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear tonight on Eyewitness News.


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You know, if he wasn't so famous nobody would really care that much about him taken drugs or doing bad things like that. I mean he has always been this way it's just over the past year or so it's just gotten worse and everybody is paying attention to it. It's on every news channel. I think CBS just got embarrassed because he was doing all that stuff. He made Two and a Half Men the #1 television show on cable. I just don't understand if he is clean now, which he said he was on an interview I watched with Pierce Morgan why won't CBS let him back on. They can work out the money issues.


As long as the media keeps giving him the attention he craves and people pay to watch his films or tune in to watch his show--his lunacy will continue to
spiral out of control. He sends a nasty
message to the world, and I know I'm not alone when I say I've had more than enough of his ravings and abusive
behavior. Shame on the justice system for allowing him to continually get away with it.

lucille perez

charlie sheen needs to put his money where his mouth is and go to Afganistan and then lets see what kind of a man he is. what a loser not a man just a big useless drug addict with nothing much to say! You are the man Charlie!!! what a disgrace!!!!!

June Feimer

This is the most ungreatful person along with all the other "STARS" who abuse drinking and drugs. Any other person who has these addictions wouldn't have a job. He needs help and not what he considers help. Take all that money he is earning and save his life. What an embarrasment he is, putting all his outlandish behavior on the air is rediculous. It only makes him think he is right. He also sounds BiPolar to me. Get off the radio and television and get the help you need. He has to be violating his contract. Create episodes that puts him in rehab and let the others go on with the show. You make Charlie think he the only talent on the show...wake up Charlie you aren't!


Mr. Sheen is a pompous ass. AA does not work for everyone but absolutely works for many. He is too egotistical to get help. Those who need help the most are the ones least likely to seek it. His problems are deep and his anger obvious. I feel for those who will lose their jobs because of him and for his family.


It is a shame what drugs & booze can do to a person. Charlie Sheen is a very talented actor. Unfortunately he is a very sick man who needs help. Also I believe he is also a very dangerous

Bonnie Allen

I think they should replace Charlie Sheen. No one is irreplaceable!


come on the highist payed actor like come on i been known to mouth off but when it comes down to that kind of $$$$ i would have clamly set the folks aside and worked out what ever need to be fixed i wish i had his money man alive some acters just dont know crap its like putting him in the same boat with linsey lohand. just a shame what a wast of tallent


as a psychiatrist i am wondering if mr sheen has a bipolar illness that is not being addressed . i dont think name calling is helpful. the man whether a star or not needs some help

john  corry

you know yal are all the blame for letting it get this far when a big star step on his hand, slap it hard.


Charlie Sheen's bad behaviour has been glorified in this show since its inception ... the show is all about his antics!!! Part of the blame for him reaching this level of irrationality must be accepted by the producers, to whom everything was "okay" as long as it produced rating results.

Annie D.

Finally, the show is stopped! Why didn't they do it sooner, as Charlie was just "slapping" all of us viewers in the face like he just did to his boss! This man needs help...family and some good friends. Charlie, stop waving to the media cameras and turn your life around...you are way too spoiled!!


(On the serious side) This is all very unfortunate. Mr. Sheen is obviously in the middle of a crisis and definitely requires some serious intervention. I even wonder if this isn't even in response to the lack of involvememt by his studio employers, having in the past maintained that while his performance and behavior remains professional on the set, as it had during his earlier newsmaking escapades, that they would not interfere in his personal life and continue forward with production - obviously at all costs while this man melts down in front of them. Or, maybe this is in fact a serious behavioral byproduct of his recent self-imposed sobriety. Whatever the matter, do think it was the best and proper response from the producers in response to his recent tirade.
(On the humorous side) Mr. Sheen obviously on same stuff Mr. Gibson is on.


Clearly the only clown in this entire circus is Charlie Sheen. He needs to get professional help right away. He is spiraling out of control and is going to crash and burn if he doesn't get help !!


Charlie needs help...and not a "home stay"..but a facility that can treat both of his additions...booze and sex. He has to want the help..and I hope he will reach bottom and get the help that is there waiting for him. The show has a very talented group of actors..and
Charlie should remember his responsiblity to them..since he is the "alpha dog".

Ruth from NJ

Max Cohen

Charlie Sheen is in the grips of his addiction so badly that everything he's saying, all that self sabotage is his disease talking,not him. He's a sick man. His "addict" wants him dead. If he doesn't get help soon he's going to one of two places prison ( if he's lucky) of the grave. Pulling the plug on his show was a hard thing to do but they actually chose a human being over the almighty dollar. Thats a rare thing in Hollywood.

PS. You can edit this comment if you want to use any part of it tonight. I have been sober almost 4 months after 3 years. That first day back (in sobriety.) is the hardest. I know just like Charlie that I have another relapse in me..... But do I have another recovery. I lost two friends not long ago to this disease DJ AM and Dash Snow. No one can save someone unless they want to be saved. Anything you put ahead of your recovery you will
lose. That includes family,work ANYTHING.

Kathy N.

I don't usually write on blogs, but this topic disturbs me. After having had many years in the addiction business, it is clear that Mr. Sheen is exhibiting the behavior of a "dry drunk/addict" meaning that he is clean and sober, but not practicing the principles of a recovery program. That is why he is bashing the hand that feeds him as well as the program that has tried to help him. He is extremely ungrateful, but that is typical in this instance. He is a very sick man and I hope that one day he will finally embrace recovery.


What a waste of talent.My heart goes out to his parents, especially Mr. Martin Sheen one hell of an actor in his days.They should stop giving him attention and you will see how fast his attitude will change.


Hollywood is a cut throat business. Actors and actresses must be ready to rock and role at a moments notice because careers are made and destroyed based on their ability to adapt to the enviornment around them. It looks as though he was unable or unwilling.


Charlie needs to stop blaming others for the perdicament he got HIMSELF into. Wake up charlie. they need to replace him. i would watch it without him.

Susan Victoria-Tyte

For God's sake!!! When Charlie Sheen was hired he was the same Charlie being who he is already. We've all known that. He plays himself on Two and a Half Men. So, it's OK to show that but God forbid that's what he really is on the outside of fame. Just let him be him. He will burn out on his own. Meanwhile I love the show. Susan Victoria-Tyte

kathleen torres

what a smuck, dosent know where his bread is buttered, glade they let him go, and any one who hires him, gets what they should, a ego maniac, who only thinks of himself, not his kids or family the boy, is a inbaresment, and a world class twit, no one, and i do mean no one is ereplaceable, even him


Thank you CBS for taking a stand and halting production of Two and a Half Men due to Charlie Sheen's behavior. It's about time someone stood up to these public figures who feel they have a sense of entitlement and can do whatever they feel like without suffering any consequences.

Deb Beaboutit

I think Charlie is a very sick man who is in the grips of his addictions as it is obvious by his recent comments to the media. It was a wise decision by the executives of 2 and a half men to cancel the season. Hopefully Charlie will use this time to get the help he needs to overcome his substance abuse.


Charlie Sheen is like every other addict, he plays the blame game. He is also in complete denial. He ought to be thinking about how his actions are affecting, and embarrasing his kids, and not about making everyone else the bad guy. right now, he a complete ass.


I used to respect Charles and his work. Lately it has been extremely hard to! He clearly has issues and I don't think the will be resolved until he actually detroys himself. I feel for his family who seem to steer clear of negative behavior. Charles and his family will be in my prayers!


I think Charlie was right in his doings. He has a right to speak out and defend. Though, canceling the show for the year is immature. This happens almost every other week. Either a fight with the producers or something with his personal life. Just let it go and bring back the show!


I think the media should focus more on REAL people and REAL news and STOP giving bad actors like Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan more press than they deserve! Charlie Sheen is only famous because his father is a professional actor..(let's be real) does anyone really care that this guy won't be on TV anymore? He's overpaid anyway!


I feel charlie sheen is over paod.he has too much money and doesn,t know what to do with it or how to handle it.I hope his show gets cancelled.

Mary Ann

His most recent rants transcend any addictions he may have, they scream mental illness at worst, a chemical imbalance at best. Isn't there anyone around him who cares that he is imploding? After his latest tirade
he may have shot himself in the professional foot, maybe
now that their finances will be effected they'll provide
a real intervention and get him the help he needs.

michael d rizer

charlie sheen needs to find a diffent line of work and hollywood and tv land should help him buy not giveing him a jop again.

Deanna Gould

I think it's time we turn off these self-absorbed types as they don't have the ability to do so themselves. When we have people taking to streets in Wisconsin asking for support to help save their livelihoods, Sheen asks for people to take to the streets for his cause, himself! He is dillusional. Stop giving him air time now!

Elena B.

I think Charlie's gotten away with too much. He doesn't realize how lucky he is and doesn't deserve to be in any TV shows or movies. He's an embarrassment to the trade. I would be so appreciative of the opportunities he has had. I guess that's what happens when you are spoiled and ungrateful.

Johanna Loddo

Why didn't Eyewitness News show more of the rant so that the true anti-semitic nature of this egomaniac could be shown? This is man who has let his own personal demons overwhelm his life, and now the lives of those who depend on the show; his costars, writers, crew, etc. It is about time his plug was pulled. It is just a shame the show couldn't have gone on without him. There is plenty of other talent on the show that could have easily carried the day!


Charlie Sheen is a selfish little man does not think of the other cast members I loved the show and will miss it


I think CBS should drop show entirely! He is not worth losing ratings and money over. I feel bad for the other cast members. Charlie Sheen needs help.

david temple

hey if an acter is going to say something in bad taste about his supiriors then he should be treated just like any other business!!, if i spoke rudely about anyone i ever worked for i gaureentee i would have been FIRED!! probably on the spot and in front of other staff "just to set example" why should he be exempt ?

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