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Tragedy in Tucson

The tragedy in Tucson has renewed debates on everything from the political climate to gun control.  What do you think are the important lessons and discussions, and where do you stand on these key issues?  Post your comments below by clicking on comment.  All comments are subject to approval.  They may be used on Eyewitness News.



To the person who wrote she has a right to "bare arms," I think she should put a sweater on her bare arms and head to the nearest library and read the 2nd Amendment which does not exactly give her a right to bear arms for any reason. The 2nd Amendment isn't about gun control or lack of it; its about States rights. The concept was to allow citizens to own weapons to prevent Federal troops from coming into a State and taking away rights granted to citizens by that State. The right to bear arms was granted solely for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a State militia. Period.

Leonard Rudner

The last time I fired a gun was in 1953 during basic training in the Army. My personal feeling is, I do not see any practical purpose for a gun. Stronger gun laws will not keep them out of the hands of crazy people who want to do harm to others. Just like people that use illegal drugs have a way to buy them.
Finally, the lieral media was quick to blame the Tea Party and Sarah Palin for this unhinged person's action. That really was a stretch.

carlton robinson

This is what a segment of the country resorts to when they can not articulate it in plain english. Then there is Sarah Palin,Sharon Angles, Michelle Bachman,and Rush Limbaugh who has taking advantage of the 1st to say what ever they feel . This is the type of country they wish to thrive in. The wild wild west, where murder is the easy way. When they can not sway you with reason and logic of their position, tir up the natives let them do the dirty.


so sorry for this unfortunate act. for conservative arizona politicans...this was a local, caucasian person and not an illegal immigrant. he just the gun recently so how do the local now feel about gun control?


I'm dissapointed that this question is even being asked. The issue here isn't gun control. This suspect bought the weapon after passing a background check, he was a crazy person determined to carry out a horrific act. I'm sure a law saying you can't carry a gun in open areas wouldn't have stopped him from doing this. He was crazy and needed help. Due to political correctness, no one could help him. That college professor had to jump through a ridiculous amount of hoops to get this disruptive person out of his class. They say they couldn't remove him because he hadn't done anything yet, well he has now. There were so many red flags that were missed.

Registered Nurse

My heart is heavy and also it stirs up fear. I wish I could say I don't think this could happen to me where I work, however I fear it almost every day. I am a Nurse in an ER and violence has escalated so much someone is assaulted (hit kicked spit at etc) every day.
So, I am so sorry for the loss in Arizona I wish the Congresswoman and all the survivors,all the best (I have worked in brain injury)and to those who lost loved ones I send my prayers of healing.


Gun control would not stop this sort of incident. People who have no regard for other peoples' lives will not change because of a law. If this was so, then they would not be breaking the law by killing someone to start with.

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