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Eyewitness News Sports Director Scott Clark Retires

Our Scott Clark is retiring after 24 years with Eyewitness News!  Let's wish him well as he moves on to his future endeavors.  If you'd like to leave a message for Scott, click COMMENT, and then share your thoughts.  You can watch Scott's final goodbye from Monday's 11pm broadcast below.



You can watch Scott's final Predictoball from Monday's 6pm broadcast below!



Jim M

Hi Scott -
Thanks for all you stories. My wife and I always enjoyed all of the Out of This World, Predict-A-Ball, and Highlight Zone you always brought a smile to our faces with them. Wishing you all the best on your retirement.

steve prosser

now that the giants have won the super bowl, i instantly thought of how much you're enthusiastic sports reporting is missed, you really brought alot to the table that will never be forgotten....thanks

Neyra Valdez

Scotty, it's amazing how viewers can get to like someone they've never seen before. But after watching you day after day, news casters like yourself just become like a friend. Your charisma, professionalism, and charmness is soooo dearly missed. Although we know ABC will find the best replacement, it will never same without you.
I wish you the happiest retirement for you and your wife Heather. Please take care!!!!!
We love ya!!!

Kevin Flay

I have watched you on 7 for many years. I had even had the privledge to meet you for a split second at a monster truck promo on the west side of Manhattan. I had noticed that you were not on the broadcast and googled to find out you had retired. I cried when I heard your commoentary, especially when you mentioned 9/11. It has been a treat to watch your out of this world and the hilight zone. May you have a longer healthier and happier retirement then you had a career at Channel 7!! All the best!!


I hope it can update more often.
thank you!


God bless for a new chapter of you life.


Thank you for helping me and countless others enjoy being sports fans cause of your work.
Congradulations on your retirement and god speed on your next journey in your life. You will be missed.


Congratulations on your retirement. I'm not much into sports but when you spoke I listened and I loved when you used the crystal ball - you were wonderful. Have a happy life.

Lionel Torres

I just wanted to say how much you are missed. Spring training reports have not been the same...God Bless you and your family, and may you always reside in the Highlight Zone!

Jeff B

My wife and I were away from NY during the holidays. Upon my return I watched WABC and with special interest always waited to watch and listen to Scott Clark. But no "Scottie"...finally I googled Scott Clark and found the answer. I NEVER have done anything like that before or probably never will....google a TV sports personality. You were the best......and you left on your terms. I will always miss you...


Dear Mr. Clark,

I called Channel 7 News years ago when I needed an emcee for our Gala for our school for children with autism. You graciously agreed to help us out. You were so professional and a great gentleman. It was wonderful to meet both you and your wife that evening. It has been a pleasure to watch you so Sports each evening. You made it fun and ceated some laughs over the years. You will be missed. I hope that you enjoy your retirement and get that time to enjoy your family, you deserve it. I'll look forward to hearing your voice in the future. Take care and may God Bless you always. You are "out of this world" !

Mark Miller

Thanks for helping me bring my game Trangleball to New Yorkers. Congratulations on your retirement. If you ever want a game for a family member please feel free to contact me.

vinnie smith

Just want to say that I was in total disbelieve when the news got to me about my Scotty not being on the tele anymore, had the pleasure last summer of taking a beautiful picture with him when all I wanted was a photo of him and being the great person he is he stopped one of his co-workers to take the picture of us both I was so excited because he has always been my favorite sports guy NO one can replace him,because he is Ooooooooooout of this Wwwwwwwwworld p.s if there is away to send him a copy of the photo I would very much like so. Thanks and THANK YOU MY SCOTTY FOR THE YEARS enjoy your peaceful days. Vinnie(female) lol...


I was never a sports person but because of you I became interested. Of all the sports casters I have watched through the years you were the best. What am I going to do without the "HIGH LIGHT ZONE" and :OOOOOOOOUUUUUT OF THIS WOOOORRRRRRRRRRLD". Enjoy your retirement you deserve it!!!!!


Joe Mutone


Congrats on your retirement, I wish you all the best. You are the best in the business hands down. I have been watching you since 1990 and you never let me down with sports reporting. Thanks for the memories.


Karan Longbrake

We've come along way, Baby, since the Lima Senior performance of "The Creation". I knew you were special before ABC Sports did. Love you bunches. Will now wipe the tears after watching your goodbye.

Ray Richards

Thanks and congratualtions! I had the opportunity to meet you at my son-in-laws fundraisers for his F.I.S.T foundation. You are one of the greats who is also a nice guy. In this day and age, I think it is truly signifcant that a sportscaster actually remained at the same station for 25 years!!! And on a top rated station at that! A coincidence? I think not!
All the best to one of the best. Retirement is better than they tell you!


Tamika G

I was six years old back in 1986 when you started at WABC, and so I do not remember a time when you were not anchoring at the station. One of the best times in my life will always be in the summer of 2001 when I had the pleasure to intern for the sports department at WABC and meeting and working for you was a privilege. Best of luck on your retirement, you will definitely be missed!!



Scott, You are the example Young men should follow! A Great Professional,aCharitable Person,and most important a good Guy & Friend. Be sure to come to Jupiter!!!!

charlie brotman

Scott - You can always come back to Washington DC -- everybody here loves you, too! Best always, in all ways!

Fr. Bill Drobach, SA


All the staff and men at St. Christopher's Inn wish you God speed and all good things, great and small, as you move on. Our gratitude is with you for your dedication to our ministry here at the Inn. Words could never express that gratitude. You will often be in our thoughts, but always in our hearts!
Peace and Goodness... Fr. Bill

Therese Valvano

Scott, best to you after so many great years! Joe and I will miss your smiling face on ABC every night! Hope to see you soon! Enjoy!

Bob Taggi- Lima,OH

Best wishes to you buddy and congratulations on a wonderful career. I still remember the Reds intro on WIMA when you first got started and feeling proud that I called Scott Clark a friend. Looking forward to seeing you in August or maybe even beFORE! You instrumental in charity events for several of our old high school friends and I can only imagine the good deeds you have performed in New York. Enjoy!

Dee Logé-Wacker

I knew I was right in 1986 when you left my former city for NYC. I can see it was definitely Washington D.C.'s loss and NYC's gain. I can see why everyone will miss you! Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Enjoy retirement, but don't retire quite yet totally!

Curt Webster

Dear Scott,

You are the man. Thank you for your many years of donating your time, money, and efforts to LICADD. Thank you for playing golf with me and being a good friend. You are a real gentleman. Our entire family will miss you. God Bless. You will be missed very much.

Bob Martin and Sue Heller

Now you will have the time to visit CO. and AZ. God Bless your new life and congrats!

Ron Campnell

Scott- I wish you all the best in retirement. I remember all the good days back at Lima Senior. I know you have given back a lot to your community in New York and to Lima. I hope we can get together if you are ever out this way in San Diego. Torrey Pines is a pretty nice place to golf! Take it easy.

Ron Campnell
University of California, San Diego

Dr. Bob Zlotnick

Scott, we met briefly at the Passaic Council's 30th Anniversary dinner. While I never watched you as I am in the Philly market, I also appreciate what you have done for NCADD. Best wishes on your retirement!


You've come a long way since Lima, Ohio!! Congrats!


Dear Scott, wanted you to know that although not a sports fan at all, I watched your Ch. 7 newscast. Why? I love the way you reported it and the passion you showed for your job! Enjoy your retirement, Lynn


Good Luck Scott, was never much of a sports fanatic, but never missed your reports. You always made me become interested in whatever the sport of the day was. You'll be missed, but never forgotten. Thanks.

izetta Bolling

Hi Scott,

As the CEO of the Council on Drug Abuse of Sullivan County and attending the NCADD for several years, I would like to thank you for your voice as a person in recovery. You have given hope to many individuals that have suffered. Thank you.


I wish you well in your endeavors. I will miss you terribly! You made sports fun, even for my non sport fan husband.
Thanx for your years at ABC.

Patricia Roros

Lots of luck in wherever life takes you from here. You were my 39 year old daughter Katherine's first TV crush and she still thinks youre adorable. She was only 16 when we had to tune in every night just to catch a glimpse of her sports caster dream guy. The whole family has really enjoyed all your sports casts throught the years. You will be sorely missed.

Josué Sánchez

Scott, I grew up watching you. Your professionalism and honesty was your foundation of your everyday sport cast. I will truly miss that. Your dignity and grace towards the viewers will be greatly missed too. Even thou, I have moved out of NYC, I follow you ABC online, and follow your predications and broadcast. I will miss you dearly. Thanks for those 24 great years of sport casting, enjoy your retirement and life. Take Care!

Mike Ceresna

Scott, you will be missed so much by so many people. You have done a tremendous job ever since you started way back in the 80s. I have watched you for so many years and i could never say that i saw a sports caster like you and knows how to tell sports like you do. I wish you the very best in your retirement and for many healthy years to come. :( I will truly miss you.


Dear Scott ,
This truly is the end of an era.
I remember watching the night you started as sports director , and I've watched you every night since. I would like to personally Thank you for proudly wearing your 9/11 tribute pin.
I lost many good friends that day, and seeing that pin on your lapel every night - knowing that you haven't forgoten - really meant a lot to me.
Enjoy your retirement my friend - You Deserve it!
God Bless, and Stay Well!



I've been watching you for the entire 24 years. Every night. That says it all except for one thing: How did you miraculously change (almost literally overnight) that wild hairdo you used to have to the more conventional one you've had now for the past several years? I wonder who else remembers that? You're Great Scott (pun intended), but for many years, your hair was as fake as a three dollar bill.

All kidding aside, Best of Luck. You are a really nice guy, so I know you can take it with the humor it created! (Really, though, best of luck!)

Sam Weinstein

Scott, even though I am not into sports, I enjoyed your segments and the "out of this world" segments on the 6 PM Friday ABC7 Eyewitness News. You are a real professional and a class act. I will miss your reports daily but wish you all the best in the next chapter in your life. You will be missed at WABC-TV



I've had the pleasure of watching you work, and getting Sports news from you, since 1986, when I was just 12 years old. I will turn 37 this month (though I still look 27, thank God...clean livin'...knock on wood). I saw you the most when you covered the NY Yankees (as a former fan) and the NY Rangers, but you were always a positive force to watch. I'm sorry that I won't be able to see you on the broadcasts anymore, but I completely understand. I think it totally rocks that you're only 57, and you're a Grandfather...and you still have some of the best hair a Sportscaster can in the Northeast. I've always noted that: You have great hair, and I think the silver looks even better than the original brown. You could have done Head and Shoulders commercials (he-he). Scott, I wish you nothing but the best, and hope you don't completely leave our NY Family.

I wish you success, happiness, and joyous times with your children and Grandchildren. We'll miss you. Having you as one of our premiere "Sports guys" was truly,


Anthony G., Native New Yorker and Manhattanite since 1974.


Best of luck to you. You will be missed. You are OUT OF THIS WORRLD!


Mr. Clark...you truly will be missed... My son who is about to turn 21 grew up watching you for all his sports info...When he was about 3 years old we were having a family gathering and had Channel 7 on and the sports came on and he screamed "Everybody be quiet..Scott Clark is talking about baseball"..A very funny moment that we all still talk about...Best of luck on your retirement

Jon Maggio

You truly were the BEST in sports. I too am not a huge sports buff. However, you really made it enjoyable to watch. You have class and a sense of confidence that made you perfect for the camera. I will miss you and your trademarks. Enjoy your retirement!
You are, OUT - OF - THIS - WORLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

Ellen Cocioppo

Wishing you all the best Scott in your retirement. I do not know how I will find out what I missed when Yankee season starts. You always spoke with gusto and
that cute little smile of yours when reporting from spring training or the end of the season. God Bless!

Cynthia Aker

Congratulations Scott Clark...
You were simply the BEST. Thanks for making sports interesting and CLEAR! Not much of a sports fan, but I enjoyed it ALL because of You Mr. Clark. Thank you for loving sports so much that you made me want to grow to learn and love it too. I'm sure the rookie will do well, but no one will ever take your place in Sports. God Speed for a wonderful and fruitful retirement.
A not so avid sports fan, but a true Scott Clark fan:)
Cynthia Aker


You will be missed. You have a great personality. As I have read many of the previous comments I have to agree that your shoes will be hard to fill. I wish you all of the best in your future endeavors and I wish person who takes over for you also best of luck.

Natasha B (Brooklyn)

I wish you every bit of happiness in your retirement. I am not an avid sports fan but it sure was a pleasure and a delight even exciting to watch you give us the sporting news. The predictor ball or even the strange yet sporty events from around the world. I'll miss you and your fun funny segment.
nJoy your new challenges.

Hal Feldman


It's been a few years since I have the pleasure of editing with you and Mitch. I'll never forget the trips to Spring Training, your humor and a few wayyy too late nights on the Upper West Side.

Is it time for another Gray's Papaya again? and again?

You taught me so much. As others have said here, you are simply the best. Enjoy Lima and if you get to Miami, I hope you'll have the time to look me up.

mike wiseman

the sands of time stop for nothing or no one. i know this to be true because scott clark has retired. i feel the need to sit and catch my breath after saying that. nothing but the best for you mr clark. god bless you and your family!

Eileen Feliciano

Dear Scott, There is nothing I can say that has not already been said. I just want to add that you are a true gentleman!!!!!!!!!!! It will never be the same without you. Eileen from Westchester

Eve G.

Scott...I cannot remember a night without you doing sports for us! I love your Predictaball and The Highlight Zone..No one covers a Yankees win like you do:) I am a diehard 7 news team viewer and cannot imagine the news without you sitting next to Bill, Liz and Lee. You guys have such a dynamic, the news is actually fun to watch.You are part of a team and you will be so missed by so many people! I for one wish you the best life can offer..

Bob Robinson

Scott: I wish you only the best on your retirement. You have earned it. I want to compliment you on having the intestinal fortitude to wear your 911 pin on every broadcast. As a retired police captain it meant a lot to me to see that pin on your lapel. Thanks again for showing your pride and again I wish you the best on your retirement. Enjoy, Bob

Phil Mc Kenna

Scott, I have looked forward to watching you for the last 24 years, now it's over. Not only are you a true broadcast professional , but a true New Yorker.
I am retired NYPD Police Officer and always admired and watched with pride the way you wore the 9/11 pin on your left lapel.
You my friend are a class act , Gods Speed.


Seriously, I don't even like sports at all and have never watched the sports part of any newscast, except for yours! When you were on I always watched! You made it fun and I always loved watching you! I'm sad you're going, but hope you have a great time and maybe visit once in a while! You're one of a kind.


HI SCOTT: You may be my favorite local sports announcer ever. Gonna miss you, man. You're my Mr. OUT OF THIS WOOOOOOOORLD. No one will ever say it like you. All the best to you. Enjoy your new life, and may GOD keep you in his care. HOWARD D.


Like many others who have written, I shed a tear last night when I found out you were retiring. I actually shouted "Oh no!" at the TV. You are truly the best--there is no one that can match your honesty, professionalism and humor. I loved watching you and will miss you. Enjoy every moment of your retirement and cherish those you love.


Scott Clark you are the best. I remember always watching your sportscasts and EYEWITNESS NEWS every weeknight growing up. Now I live in upstate ny and out of the viewing area for 8 yrs now and from that time i know for a fact that nothing compares to the service and dedication you brought to channel 7 in NYC. Best of luck during retirement, you are excellent!!


Loved your sports reports every evening,feel you're part of the family. Enjoy retirement{I retired last April too.]

Joanne Novarro

Scott, What a great privilege to have watched you over the years! Best of luck in your new life. Loved last night's goodbye. Your heartfelt speech was wonderful and touching. Again, David & I wish you health, happiness and fun in your retirement.


I would like to wish you a very Happy Retirement Scott and will miss you on channel 7 news and watched your last newscast. You were always fun to watch. Now you can spend time with your family and have fun and god bless you and I am sure you will find lots to do. I will miss your face on channel 7 news. Take care of yourself.

Sophia Fry

Scott, Congrats on your retirement. I have enjoyed watching you over the years and will miss you tremendously! Enjoy the adventures that lie ahead. :)

Hiram NYC

Congrats Scott

The best sportscaster there is
The best sportscaster there was
The best sportscaster there ever will be!

you are going to be missed. gotta find the video when you crashed sam's forecast , lol


Scott - I looked forward to your reports, you seemed to have so much fun with your job and a good sense of humor. Goodluck to you on the golf course and thank you for so many great years!

Lee Leddy

Scott,I remember the days! But these are better for the both of us. You make it easy to laugh and more importantly stay sober, you are "Out of this World!" COMING TO A STATION NEAR YOU...VERY SOON!


I was never much for sports broadcasting but Scott you made it very interesting to watch you will be missed. I also admired his patriotism to the NYPD and America by wearing your lapel pins.

Dionisia Chaves

Retiring?! Are you kidding?! You're too young to retire! No one else can deliver the "Out of This World" sports segment like you do!

Seriously, Mr. Clark, thank you so much for all the years on Eyewitness News. Enjoy your retirement as you deserve it.

Best wishes,

Dionisia Chaves


Mr Clark you will be TRULY TRULY missed by my husband and I. We have been loyal fans of yours since the beginning, and eyewitness news since we were kids. Sorry but your shoes are going to be HARD to fill. It wont be the same for us thats for sure! No one NO ONE!! makes sports news more fun to watch then you! No more Hilight Zone or Out... of... this... Worlllllld ;((((( Enjoy your life and future endeavors!!

lonnie javurek

scott, you are truly 1 in a million. i will certainly miss you! all the best to you in your retirement. sports will never be the same w/o you!!! love and best wishes, lonnie


I had to post a comment because I really feel the impact of your retirement. I (along with my parents) have watched you for the 24 years you were on Channel 7 news. My parents are now "gone" and I feel like another member of the family is gone. I wish you well with your retirement and God Bless to you and your family.



It was a pleasure to watch you deliver sports during Eyewitness News. You will be missed by my family and I who are longer time viewers of Eyewitness News. Good luck to you. Catch up on your golf game and enjoy yourself.


Okay, so this is weird. When I, a Manhattan resident since 1983, saw the Channel 7 weather report last night, highlighting Lima, Ohio for your benefit, I started paying more attention, as I was born in Lima, too. I then looked up your bio online, and we both went to BGSU, too.

Separated at birth, though several years apart? Perhaps! You could have even been my neighbor or my grandparents' neighbor? Who knows?!

Best of luck to you. And have a Kewpie Burger.

Sharon Armitage/Luigi Ferrigno

My partner and I always looked forward to your reports and are not into sports but ALWAYS enjoyed your comments and happy face. Thank you and happy days ahead.


CONGRATS! on your retirement. You've made sports fun for me. You will be missed. Enjoy!

Mary Whittaker

Best of luck Scott! You were always a joy to watch and brought fun to the Sports casts each night.


Wish you all the best Scott. They don't get any better than you. Be blessed in all of your future (and present) endeavors.

Emilio Quiles

Scott Clark,

Thanks for the wonderful 24 years of sportcasting, you will be missed. Have a long and healthy retirement, you deserve it.



You'll be missed. Thank you for the 24 great yrs of sports broadcasting/memories. Wishing you and yours much happiness as you begin on your new adventures. God bless you and yours always.

Suzanne Borget

Wishing you the best years of your life in your retirement! I will miss seeing you in the neighborhood. You always felt like a breath of fresh air with your kindness and out of this world smile!
Best to you and your family... have fun!
Sincerely, Suzy from 68th street (old friend of Ish)



You will be missed! You are the BEST Sportscaster I ever had the pleasure of listening to. Always enjoyed you! God Bless you in your retirement and enjoy the rest of your life!!!

Maggie Martineau

Bye Scotty
I will miss you. You always will be OUT OF THIS WOOOOOOORLD! ; )


your are OUT OF THIS WORLD..
thanks for all the good times.

Staten Island

Cynthia Mann

Hi Scott, Im not a sports fan but I enjoyed watching you when you give the sports report. Be bless.


Very sad to see you go Scott. I wish you all the best that life has to offer! Enjoy!


Scott Clark. Much joy and happiness in your coming years, for you have given so much to your many viewers. Sports was always great when presented by you. Thanks. Now you will have some time to attend a LIBERTY game.


Scott, we all loved your broadcasting of the wonderful world of sports, who will now be our "Arm Chair Quarterback", use Predictaball, the Highlight zone, and out of this world. We have all been fortunate to have had the experience of your professionalism and knowledge about sports but most of all the genuine kindness your exhibited each and every broadcast, Wishing you all the best in your retirement...


Dear Ssott,
When I heard that you were retiring tears sprung to my eyes.I've enjoyed your broadcasts so much and will really miss you. Good luck on your retirement.


Scott it's sad to see you leave.... you will certainly be missed. Ch 7/Eyewitness News is all
i've ever watched since coming to America in 1983.
Will surely miss your Out of this world, your pridict
a ball for the NFL season also your Highlight Zone not to mention your
insights on the local Basketball teams and all
other sports.

It's good that you are leaving on your terms,
well go Enjoy the rest of your life with your
wife and kids..... Please make some guest appearances
in the future if it's possiible.

Thanks for the Great Years & Good Luck in the


Tom McCabe

Scott, I heard the news of your retirement this morning.It came to me as a great surprise.I would like to thank you for years of great sportscasting.and one final note,you are "OUT OF THIS WORLLLLDDDDDD".
Thank you...


Goodbye Scottie! Your obvious love of your job and your charm and sense of humor will be dearly missed. I hope your retirement is the Highlight Zone of your life! You are truly Out of This World and the News will not be the same with you out of my world.

Donna Kostulas

Channel 7 news just won't be the same without you. I loved your "out of this world". All the best to you, enjoy your retirement.


Dear Scott Clark,

You are not retiring just moving into the next phase of your life -- your family. You have given much to the community and for that we love you and respect your judgement in providing good news.

Congratulations on taking charge of your career and personal persuits.

Best wishes always--you be the man.


Rob will have big shoes to fill Scott. You will always be the best sportscaster and you will be sorely missed. I can't believe I actually cried when I heard last night....what a girl lol Thanks for the last 25 years and enjoy your retirement!

A. Grant

Mr. Scott Clark,

You will truly be missed by all your fans...enjoy your retirement with your family. To one of the best sportscaster of our time....cheers!

Stefan Seecharran


I remember the first day I met you, we both complimented each other on our choice of ties.

You're one of the best I've seen, always bringing foward that extra something to the camera, engaging the audience, making those who are just listening to the news look up and away from their blackberries or laptops.

Since you're the best at what you do, I've always strived to view you as a role model and take tips that I can hopefully apply to my own newscast one day.

And lastly, your sports report was always, "Out... of... this!... WORLD! ! !"

Take care Scotty

Ronald  Lis

Hey Scotty Enjoyed watching you for many years good luck and best wishes whatever you do Ron


You were the best Clark always made sure i never missed sports at 6...=\ all the best!!!

Linda M

BEST WISHES TO SCOTT! I'm 28 years old and grew up in NJ watching Scott Clark report the sports... I moved to CA several years ago and have missed seeing him except for when I've come home to visit. I'm so glad I was here in NJ to see his farewell - I totally cried watching his heartfelt goodbye.. I will never forget "Out of this World" and all the other segments that I would literally wait thru the news to see... SCOTT CLARK, YOU WILL BE MESSED!

Vanessa Brown

All The Best Clark

Vanessa Brown

All the Best Clark.


You're leaving?? I don't remember you asking me if that was ok! Who am I supposed to watch now, I don't like any of the others!!

Have fun in your retirement!

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