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New York City's response to the blizzard

The blizzard of December 2010 will likely not be remembered solely for its near-record snowfall, but also for the unplowed streets and mass transit meltdown. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city's response was adequate, and he defended the cleanup effort, saying that crews were being slowed down by abandoned cars on the streets.

"There's no reason for everybody to panic," he said. "Our city is doing exactly what you'd want it to do."

But what do you think? Did the city do an effective enough job of getting the streets cleared? Was the response appropriate to the severity of the storm? Sound off, and you might see your comments on Eyewitness News.



Even if Sanitation issued a slowdown, the mismanagement of this storm starts at the top. Last night (12-30) much of NYC was still impassable. Boston declared a snow emergency before the storm arrived & they are making NYC look like a 3rd world country by comparison.

When the FDNY suggested a Snow Emergency to OEM, they were not heard. Next time please listen to them or at least take some cues from Mayor Menino.

If there was a "job action" perhaps it could have been caught much sooner in a Snow Emergency environment. People on the street were voicing the fact that something was going wrong but it seems their voices were not heard.

I hope this never happens again. I'm happy that Manhattan is in working order, but if the outer boroughs are crippled for 5 days, NYC is not "up and running". Especially with the way subway service has been running. Someone "fell asleep at the switch".

Dwayne C

It's New Year's Eve and still no plow on E32nd Street Between Ave D and Newkirk in Brooklyn. Two thirds of the street now has a layer of snow/ice while the end of the block, the other 1/3 still has a 16-22inch snow road block that was caused by the 60mph winds from Sunday. Garbage trucks have completely ignored this block and it is clearly a sign of lack of care not only for the residents on this block but for the two schools that reside on it at well. How have I seen cars get out of this block? They drive on the side-walk of the school hoping that pedestrians arent hit. The only reason it may look like this block got plowed is becase people would drive the first 2/3s thnking there was a light at the end of the tunnel then run into our snow trap.

We did our job, we cleaned ours side-walks so people can walk safely, we kept our street clear for plows during this whole fiasco by helping push cars from blocking the street. Yet there has been no light at the end of the tunnel for this one street in Brooklyn. Helicopters have flew by numerous occasions but it seems no one is paying attention to the obvious.

We have lost site of one factor that hasn't been mentioned during this whole process: Common Sense.
What will happen when the Public School and the Pre-School Annex re-open and this street hasn't been properly cleaned? The reason why there is never any traffic on Ave.D or Newkirk is because these schools use their side streets to drop and pick-up their children. Common sense that is all I'm asking for, not compassion. Not one person in charge of cleaning up this situation has shown this as of yet.

john m.

If the mayor keeps saying the response to the storm was good, then how come everyone keeps seeing plows driving over unplowed roads with their plows up?

john m.

At first Mayor Blumberg said the city's response to the storm was "adequate." Now, four days later, he is saying the response was"inadequate." Why? Because someone started asking about reports of sanitation managers telling their workers to slow down? The head of sanitation says the workers came in on Sunday and worked a lot of overtime to get the job done. "Horse Hockey!!" Today (Thursday,4 days later) I personally witnessed at least 10 sanitation trucks driving up and down the same plowed roads all day. I even saw a truck parked by the side of the road (unplowed of course) with the driver asleep in the front seat. How much overtime was he getting? It seems the only area that was "adequately" cleaned up was Times square. I wonder why? $$$$$!!!! Also, I live on Staten Island, (the forgotten borough) and the response to the storm was lousy to say the least. I needed to take my wife to the doctor on Wednesday and was appalled to find main roads like Richmond Ave. and Hylan Blvd. with only one and a quarter lanes to get by. Not to mention the road that the Staten Island Physicians facility in Annadale is on had only one lane for both directions. This is not because there were cars on either side of the street blocking the trucks. This was because the trucks went down once and didn't bother to come back. By the way, Hylan Blvd. was one of the roads I witnessed trucks driving up and down doing nothing. Don't get me wrong, the people of this city stink. They don't listen to the laws and rules that would help out in this situation, but that doesn't excuse the city for dropping the ball. Oh and by the way, Pat B., You obviously don't live here so you should mind your own business!

Shameka Mercado

I live in Far Rockaway Queens and there are several side streets in my area that are not plowed to this day. I think it's unfair and the city should pick up the pace. I live in NYCHA and they didn't even plow properly. I have to park my car in a parking lot(that I have to pay for evey year) that is covered in snow and ice plus they are doing construction. Not only is it unfair but it dangerous. Something has to be done the city is slacking big time.


My street is still not cleared and it's 12 o clock... Thougt they were supposed to be cleared by 7 am...

Ed Trentacosta

In regards to Mayor Bloomberg's quote that during the blizzard “EMS Personnel probably erred in driving down unplowed roads and should have stayed on cleared roads and walked down snow covered streets to reported calls" I reply: "you Sir could use more than a few new advisors". I am a NYC Paramedic and worked 24 hrs straight during the height of the blizzard in Brooklyn. There was not a cleared Primary road to respond from, all streets of Brooklyn were littered with abandoned cars, primary and secondary included. Your Administration dropped the ball by not immediately declaring a "Snow Emergency" in this city. The Snow Emergency could have freed up the designated Emergency Snow Routes for responding Emergency Vehicles. NJ declared a state of emergency by 7pm the night of the storm thus decreeing that only Emergency Vehicles by law were authorized to be on all roadways. OEM is to blame not the hardworking Paramedics and EMTs of this city or as you refer to "Ambulance Drivers". Extra tow trucks should have been made ready thus allowing the streets to be cleared much faster. I myself responded to a cardiac arrest by walking two blocks in two feet high snow with equipment after Police Officers on scene performed CPR for over one hour waiting for our arrival. The 56 year old male died. There was ample enough time for the City to better prepare for this event. FDNY requested a Snow Emergency be declared as the call volume continued to increase and more and more EMS crews were actually stuck in deep snow or stuck in impassable traffic jams caused by the hundreds of abandoned vehicles. This request was denied by O.E.M.. Mr. Mayor, we did our jobs it’s obvious your administration "probably erred in driving on unplowed roads".


Why is it all the citys or sanitations fault? Plows can't get a good moving start on narrow streets with cars parked on both sides. Then people pile snow into the middle of the street and with this storm that was alot. This will make plow useless when there is 3-4 ft of snow up most of the block. Then they cry for loader to come and clean the block. This will take longer since the city will not have as many.


Im from LI. thank goodness our end was ok. But feel so bad for all the people who were stuck. if there was an abandoned car on the hwy, plow drivers, just screw it and continue plowing. of course they wont. $30 bucks an hr these guys make!!!.... yes we pay tons of taxes. where does it go? politicans pockets!! now the MTA had raises it fares. bridges and tunnels are up!!! why? why this time of the year and just after the blizzard which distrupted the entire rail system. for some of you who dont know, MTA/LIRR is the nations L A R G E S T rail system. yep largest one with all that money generating from commuters ..and is still not enough? WTF! this is NY, wealthy ass's get their snowy ass cleared first&faster than the poors (little people). sick! really sick. every NY politican should be supporting all humans. not just favoring! its really sick! several people died because of unplowed streets! more snow? you bet! more sins for the mayor! W A T C H!!!!


I live in Brooklyn and my street was just 1/2 way plowed this morning (12/30) @ 8:45 a.m. I can't help but agree w/ all of the comments, especially cleaning up times square and yes, what is an illegal street? After reading the article below, I need to know what the heck happened?

Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty announced today that on Monday, November 15th, the Department of Sanitation will begin its Annual Night Plow Operation that enables the Department to respond promptly and effectively to snow and ice conditions around the clock.

Commissioner Doherty said: "I am pleased to announce that the Department is ready for action in the event a major snowfall hits the Big Apple. All Sanitation personnel are gearing up for another winter that may bring heavy snowstorms, but the Department will be prepared whether only an inch or mounds of snow hit New York City."

Gisela Kuntz

It is now 12/30/10 9:30AM and on East 73rd St between Ave L & Ave M, Brooklyn, we have yet to see a snow plow or a drop of salt. The neighbors have shoveled and salted. I am 71 years old, handicapped and have a heart condition. My Doctors appointment is today but there is no way to get in or out of this street. How many more people have to die before the SUPER WONDERFUL Mr Bloomberg gets his A-- in gear to clean this city up. (For this he had to overturn the law and run a third term.)

Pat B

I have been hearing on TV about people in New York complaining about the un-plowed roads and now reading it online and it amazes me what a bunch of whining complaining people you are. Where is your own responsibility. Were you ready for the storm. Did you stock up on Food and water so you could wait for it to clear. Did you make sure your elderly parents or friends were stocked up and ready for the storm. Stop blaming everyone else. No one gets everything in life for free and on time. You could have had your streets plowed right away if you had paid the taxes to afford to keep hundreds of extra staff standing by with extra plows and salters. So for heavens sake just be quiet and let the people who are actually working to make the streets better do their job. Go back in side and drink some coffee and then you won't slip on the ice. If your car is covered and snowed in then get off your couch and go uncover it so when the street melts or is plowed it is ready to go. Stop being such babies and whiners please. Thanks

Fichard T

I'm very glad that I moved from Middle Village Queens to Long Island last year. We were plagued with blackouts that would last for days, and then once we recovered from those, winter would bring snow that was left in the streets for days. Geez, only after a new neighbor moved in, who just cooincidentally worked for the Sanitation Department, did OUR street finally get some attention when it would snow. Shame, shame, on Mayor Bloomberg for his hairbrained comment about 'going to see a Broadway show' when people were dying as our valiant EMTs could not arrive in time to assist. My heart goes out to the mother who gave birth and lost her baby as the ambulance took HOURS to arrive. I LOVE NYC, but certainly, do not miss living there for a second. Good Luck + Happy New 2011!


It's 8:21am E 26th Street and Kings Hwy service road still not plowed.


Ok so the plows really did come and plow the street last night. What's left ice. I wonder what my street would have looked like if only it were plowed sooner. If I fall, I will be suing.


I wish someone from the media would ask the Mayor why there are resources being used to clean up Times Square to get ready for New Years Eve when the rest of the city is a disaster.

Sue at Kew Gardens Hills

During the Mayor's press conference on Tuesday (28th), he stated that some of the streets have not been plowed because they are not even on the map because they are "illegal" streets. Is this actually a true fact or just an excuse for not plowing the streets in a timely fashion?


I'm wondering the answer to a simple question, if you don't shovel your path you get a summons, if you don't shovel out your fire hydrant you get a summons, what does the city get for its third world response. I could bet you any amount of money the streets around times square look like not a flake of snow or a flurry happened, yet my block is just now being cleared, Wednesday, December 29th at 950pm. The city is so busy preparing for a holiday celebration, which it makes massive money on, so they forget about the citizens that its supposed to be serving, the city should give every new yorker a 500.00 tax break to ease people who were out of work for the past 3 days due to their inadequate performance

Kathy Parent, a retired teacher

Let's give the mayor a snow storm report card and divulge it to the public just like he wants to rate the teachers. According to his logic teachers should produce results with each and every class so he should also produce results with each and every problem. If everything is equal in all classes than all snow storms are equal and A-1 results should be expected. Well, Mr. Mayor, you have a failing grade, does that mean you lose your job or are put on probation???

Angela D.

Can someone please tell me why the Dept of Sanitation sends a plow down a street with snow that is 2-3 feet high, knowing full well that plow isnt going to be able to even put a dent in that snow, only for the plow to get stuck and remain there stuck all day...wth?? How about doing it right the first time, send down a front loader to remove the bulk of it first, then send down the plow when the snow is low enough and at a reasonable height to actually plow... with that said can someone please please please plow my street and my elderly parents street as well... 77th between 10th and 11th is still unplowed and 73rd between Ridge and Colonial Road? Theyve been stuck in the house for 5 days and I too am stuck and cant even get to them because my car is buried and my street is unplowed!

Barry Stein

Just some follow ups...

East 24th and Kings Highway we had 3 plows come through today, and all 3 of them were plows UP. the snow is compacted now from them driving through but not plowing...

I am told the same thing has happened on the surrounding blocks. There are no cars blocking these streets.

The service road on Kings Highway between Bedford ave and east 22nd has not yet been touched which has cars parking on kings highway creating a traffic nightmare. Just took a fire engine about 4 minutes to travel 3 blocks.

No mail has been delivered or picked up in this general vicinity as well.

Wonder if we as city residence can sue the Dept of Sanitation for failure of service that we pay for via tax dollars.

Rebecca Weinhold

I live in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn and have been patiently waiting, as the mayor has asked me to do, for my street to be cleaned, and my Q and B trains to run again... I am still waiting. It has now been 3 days and no sign of any plow; the Q has just started limited service after 2 days of silence.
I am just guessing that a burnt out yellow cab in the intersection of Caton Ave and Marlborough may have hampered plowing. My question to the Sanitation department and the Mayor is: If it is acceptable for a yellow cab to catch fire and burn 4 blocks from the Courtelyou fire station without any effort to put it out and for the MTA to cancel all train services to my neighborhood while roads are impassable, city government has failed Flatbush. How will you refund the tax dollars of all New Yorkers who were failed by the city government? I would like to add that the street still have not been plowed and the burned out taxi was still there today; I should not pay for services I do not receive.


This entire fiasco can be summed up paraphrasing a well known quote:
"Seek immediate help if you experience a wait of more than 4 hours for a plow, bus, ambulance, external MTA subway or fast food delivery."

I guess the entire city goes to the ER


Call Jerry Maguire - Show me the money.
Holiday week in NYC and the city is going to protect it's core. Especially with the world watching New Year's in
Times Square. They sacrificed the
boroughs for the sake of the camera.
Remember the blizzard of Febaruary 2010?
No New Years Eve there. There were few complaints. It's the money and the image


Mayor Bloomberg has no idea on how people in the 4 other boroughs live. He is only concerned with Manhattan. The trains are still a mess. Only some of the side streets are plowed.
He should have had bulldozer's on stand by. All the corners are not passable in Brooklyn.Fire hydrants in Bensonhurst are still buried in snow. This morning I called the 62nd precinct and was
hung up on. The doubled parked cars are blocking fire hydrants and the police department is not understand in this.
I think the mayor should stop telling people to go to the theater and do his job.

Grace P

The kept saying the Bronx was clean but showing just the south Bronx. Well Tuesday Morning walking to the Express bus on Morris Park on Paulding Avenue I slipped on black ice. I hit my head first and lay on the ground people came and called the ambulance they could not get down the block. They had to walk far and carry me on a board tied and neckbrace. They had to keep putting me down because it was a tight tight path and the street they could not walk through. I was unconsious but when not I thought I was falling because they had to put me sideways at times. The EMS were amazing as were the people on the block then finally made it to Jacobi where the doctor was also wonderful. So many of the same injuries. I was grateful to walk out with whiplash and concussion but disgusted at the lack of cleaning. They kept cleaning the main road over and over...after you saw the black top they started removing the snow near the corners and scattering all over hellooooo clean secondary streets then worry about the cleaning up! It is bad all over but the Mayor is so busy defending himself and having stupid sad comments. The poor baby that passed away..."it probably would have died anyway?" what?? It happened and I am grateful for persistant EMS! Grace from the unclean Bronx

Elihu Feldstein

The mayor's arrogance clouds his willingness to accept criticism as a means of alleviating situations that are salvageable: i.e. the blizzard of this past week. His only concern is and has been the borough of Manhattan. His nearsighted policies regarding the other boroughs places him among the most thoughtless mayors of New York. His major concerns, such as bike lanes and pedestrian thoroughfares instead of major highway and road repair and his lame brained rationale to take public transportation on buses and trains that never run on time are examples of his disassociation from the actuality of his constituency.Here is a mayor who will never admit his shortsightedness and his failure to lead the people of NY.


I was supposed to fly out Monday the 27 but due to the news on Christmas Day about the storm, I changed my ticket to Wed the 29. I though it would be enough days for the airport to clear. Little did I know the problem would be the slowdown of snow removal. I had to change my ticket again and hope I can still get to airport Jan 1. Meanwhile, I have to use another week of vacation. Thank you NY City Government!

A plow came thru today in Bensonhurst with the blade up, not hitting the snow. On the next block he got stuck. After several hours, he was freed and a working snow plow went down only that block shortly after. Guess the modus operandi is if plow truck arrives and gets stuck, you will be plowed.

Priscilla Turzo

When will anybody acknowledge that it is the Sanitation's Union that slowed down and killed those people who had emergencies. The mayor pissed off the union workers and the Union is at fault!


I live in brooklyn and just the first plow go down my block since the blizzard began. However, the plow was not touching the ground and there is still a layer of snow on the street.


New York City is a one borough city and that is manhattan. Can the mayor realize that the economy is run on the backs of New Yorkers. If New York is paralyzed, the city LOSES money, so clear the outer boroughs so we can get back to work and make YOUR city make money!


Which came first the chicken or the egg. IF the mayor had the sanitation cleaning Sunday night . there would have been no cars or buses on the street to get stuck,
or call for all non emergency vehicles off the road & if there was no snow by monday morning then bis as usual . The Mayor is a Idiot thinking that the Residents of NYC Idiots.


Why isn't anyone asking the obvious question? Why weren't salters and plows disbursed IMMEDIATELY when the snow STARTED to fall? Was it because it was a Sunday, a holiday weekend that would have been paid at a very high rate of overtime pay? Did they just wait for Monday to roll around and pay straight time for the boroughs??? paralyzing the city cost us more than a few extra dollars to keep our roadways clean and safe for emergency workers and a regualr work day for businesses. Bloomberg stinks, go shovel some snow mayor....


The mayor,King Bloomberg, has done an AWFUL job clearing the streets in Brooklyn and any other "outer borough". Brooklyn, especially Sheepshead Bay where I live, is always treated like the bastard stepchild when it comes to plowing us out. As someone with a mobility impairment, I can't leave my home if the streets have this much snow and ice on them. Avenue Y only saw a plow once, and that was yesterday afternoon. Hubbard Street has not seen a plow at all- it has two feet of snow on it, so many elderly and disabled residents like me have been confined to their homes since Sunday! What, because we aren't rich like those in Manhattan, we don't matter, your highness? Guess what? When 2013 comes, we will remember what you did, King Mike, which was nothing!


Kensington, Brooklyn here. East 9th not plowed, salted or sanded. Beverly Road and Ave C. the same.
Becoming a nice ice slick after today's thaw. If and when a plow comes it will throw ice. Wonderful... Shame on this city, for it's boasting and false bravado. What of the people who can't get to help at a hospital, or in an emergency. People with a conscience take care of their own. The city management failed it's populace, some citizens failed each other. NY is a gross misrepresentation no matter how you package and sell it. People have their heads in the clouds and their feet in the muck and too arrogant to look down. Keep passing the buck and keep it among the wealthy. Sooner or later it will comes to rest.

Ellen D

this is outrageous Major Bloomberg expects New Yorkers to settle down while you enjoy our money from the taxes and use it for nonsense . Yet in Brooklyn and Queens we haven't seen any snow plows in street when people need to get money to make the economy better. All i can say is selfish of you Mr.Bloomberg . While our city needed our government to set up here the government let us New Yorker's down from Brooklyn to Jamaica , Queens and even Staten Island . A little Message New York City is not just Manhanthan.

Mary Ann

The Mayor and the wonderful Santiation did a terrible job. Where are the chains on the Wheels, then maybe you wouldn't have so many trucks broker down. They were stuck for hours and hours where they could have done all of Brooklyn.


I guess Bloomberg is really not running for any other office. The snow removal was terrible. There are so many strrets that are still not plowed, what happened? Usually the Department of Sanitation does such a great job who was asleep at the switch this time?

T Evans

It's interesting that Mayor Cory Booker of Newark can actually get up and physically HELP people dig their cars out but His Highness Mayor Bloomberg has the audacity to sit back and tell us to be patient! Has anyone taken a look at the condition of the street out side of his mansion? I'll bet that street was plowed 3 days ago. Let them eat cake, Bloomberg says? Off with his head, I say!


This ridiculous i took a trip from Long Island t,o rosedale where I work just to go back home. No Mayor Bloomberg you are not doing all you can do. Long island started at the first sight of flurries and our streets are pretty much cleared. side streets were tough but still done. I can't believe the amouont of cars stuck on the side roads no place to park and if you slip one time you were going to hit somebody. I suggest you start shoveling yourself mayor bloomberg


I think that people should stop blaming Mayor Bloomberg and start helping out their neighbors. If you have abandoned a car in the middle of the road, it is your responsibility to go and dig it out so that the plows can come through. An abandoned car is not Mayor Bloomberg's fault. It is the fault of the driver who thought they would take a drive in these miserable conditions. And because of those drivers, my family and neighbors have been forced to remain indoors or try and navigate the slippery, dangerous sidewalks. If you can't dig the car out yourself, ask for help; knock on a neighbors' door, get a family member to help. Until those that abandoned their cars have cleaned up their mistake, my entire brooklyn neighborhood suffers.


I live on a secondary street that has been seen at least a dozen plows/salters since the storm began to subside. The street is clear and beginning to dry up, but the trucks still come up and down. However, the cross streets have not been touched. Intersections are plied high from plows only going in one direction. One plow just turned off our street onto a side street with the plow raised! Could it be that the Sanitation workers are setting themselves up for even more overtime pay than they are already getting? How much do you think they will get paid to collect the piled-up garbage on New Year's Day????

Linda Talton

I am the owner of a car that was stuck in the middle of the street and reported it, along with all of my information to my local precinct immediately. Now that the street has been plowed, my car is missing and no one seems to know where it is. I have made numerous calls to my local police precinct, to 311, to tow companies, and to the department of sanitation. No one seems to be accountable for missing cars and there has so far been no paper trail. This is unacceptable and outrageous!

Kenn F.

From MY Brooklyn apt window all I can see is a street (Ft. Hamilton Prkwy) cluttered with abandoned cars and stuck city busses. It's those cars that are inhibiting plows from clearing our streets off. Can't people understand that?!?!? There were all sorts of warnings about staying off the roads and what might happen if we didn't.

Residents are really quick to vent their anger at Mayor Bloomberg and the city's response but I think many people should look at the bigger picture. Sanitation workers are working their butts off trying to cut through this mess. If the cars weren't scattered in the middle of the roads, these plows COULD have gotten through.

Get off Mayor Bloomberg's back-side!
And remember, when ever you're pointing a finger at someone, there are ALWAYS 3 other fingers pointing right back at you!
So, lets stop the finger pointing and work together to clean up our wonderful city!!
It's THAT sort of teamwork that makes me a Proud New Yorker!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Sylvia Carroll

Well, the Mayor had a news conference in a lower Bronx store today. This is a Mayor that has created a smoke and mirror show for the public and the press for as long as he has been mayor. It's all a show and numbers game for him. We all saw the real Mayor on the Monday press conference. He is out of touch with the working class of this city. I have first-hand experience with the management of Department of Education, who is also out of touch with the real needs of our students. He barks to his managers about accountability and uses the "numbers" to justify his actions. Principals are told to graduate high school students with third grade reading levels. Police are told to up their arrest numbers, thereby relinquishing individual judgment for the sake of the numbers. Firemen and EMS are told that if it appears that there are not enough calls in their areas, their house will close, demoralizing their efforts.

I would never have complained about this weather event had it not been for the Monday news conference. Yes, the "real" Mayor showed up, non-chalant, arrogant, un-approachable, dictatorial and unfeeling.

After he leaves, I hope the "real" numbers come out to show the people of NYC what really happened in the last 12 years.

By the way, when is the press really going investigate this Mayor?


I was hoping that the reporters questioned him more when he give that insensative answer toward that people that lost their lives during this storm.


He is only thinking about his image. What about the people that did not get to work yesterday and their bosses we notunderstanding? What about the people that did not get pay for those days that they missed work? It is okay for the Mayor and the head of the Sanitation Dept. to justify their error but how will they repay people for their what they lost.


Richmond Hill North area, Kew Gardens area, no secondary streets have seen a plow. 109th street between parklane and jamaica has not had a plow---many cars have attempted, gotten stuck all through the night and day--hours to get them free---reported repeatedly this street and still no plow...and PS 90 is on this street! When the cars attempting to get thru snowed streets get stuck and smash into parked cars, send your collision bill directly to Sir Doherty and King Bloomberg--people revolt!! DO SOMETHING, TO PROTEST!!!!


I was just watching the news conference with the Mayor. He is so out of touch with the people in New York City. The first two News Conferences he was very arrogant and defensive and now that whole picture is being shown on all the channels; he now wants to admit that they made alot of errors. My question that I what ask the Mayor would be... How would you and your administration respond if this was a really bad disaster?


I think everyone should calm down and let the city do its job. Being upset and fuming is not helping anyone. I suggest that if your upset about your block not being plowed, get your community together, grab some shovels and start removing the snow yourselves.

I think the mayor is doing a fine job and so is the city. They will get to you when they can.

Plus, maybe if people had listened and stayed home Sunday and not try to move their cars Monday and Tuesday, more streets would be plowed. We have had blizzards before and streets were cleaned adequately so we know that this time we have some drivers to blame.

So those who are fuming and upset, get up, grab a shovel and start shoveling, pour salt and visit the sick and elderly to make sure they are OK. Use the B11 (your 2 legs).

And those who don't mind being snowed n, enjoy a cup of hot coco! Happy Holidays

j. martinez

Unlike the Mayor, New Yorkers are familiar with blizzards. We reside in the Northeast, this is not an uncommon occurrence. I have lived here my entire life and have never witnessed such incompetence during a storm relative to snow removal, transportation and information. People's lives in some instances were at risk as a result. What will the City's response be when we are faced with a real emergency? This is certainly a question worth asking. It is Weds the 29th of December and conditions in Brooklyn are still far from acceptable as are other parts of the outer boroughs. The writing has been on the wall for some time now. We must demand not to be treated like second class citizens by an administration who views us as merely a cash machine and a Mayor who has a personal agenda that is more important than the citizens of this City.


The city waited way too long to respond to the snow storm. They should have started salting and plowing the streets as soon as the snow began to fall. All of the meteorologists warned us about the blizzard days in advance! Once again the Mayor is solely focused on Manhattan and Queens as always is the forgotten borough. Here in Glendale the block I live on has seen a plow/salt truck only once! The plow was barely touching the snow that was in the street and he didn't even put any salt down! We have massive piles of snow on our street corners and it is difficult to get around. The Mayor says that the reason why plows can't get down the side streets is because of abandoned cars, but that's a load of crap. We have no abandoned cars in Glendale so why haven't we seen any plows!? It's absolutely pathetic that we're always forgotten and that the Mayor says he cares about all of us. He continuously says that he tried to visit every area in Queens since he's been in office. I've never seen him around here and he's been in office for almost 9 years! The city definitely failed with this snow storm and they need to take responsibility for it instead of making excuses. Shame on you Mr. Mayor.


It sowed sun. today is wed and Bay parkway and 64th street is still not plowed. NYC Sanitation is PATHETIC


This is about NOT PAYING OVERTIME! HE save three days of overtime.Some one such look into this!



Michael M Kadish

They keep blaming abandoned vehicles for blocking the clean-up crews. Maybe if they cleaned the street in a timely manner, there would be no abandoned vehicles.


How would you like to be informed after finally getting to work day 3. That you are not getting paid for 2 days. Yes I work for a hospital but I am not an essential employee. I work in the business office (not near the hospital). They are not even allowing us to use vacation time. Well Bloomberg, are you going to help me pay my mortgage.

Caton Ave concern Resident

I live on Caton Ave which is a main street in brooklyn. There as been no plowing in any form on this MAIN street. Therefore the supermarket have no milk or bread, people in this area have small children and elderlys. Why is a main street not plowed, why are you not reporting that information. i think the news should be showing the main streets. can not call or report any of this with 311.


Still no side streets plowed in Bensonhurst/Boropark, south brooklyn. No B8, No B9, No N train. 16 blocks to a working F train. 10 blocks to a working D train. It took 3 hours to get to 42nd St. today. Guiliani would never have stood for this crap.


"UNACCEPTABLE", "OUTRAGEOUS", "REDICULOUS", "NEGLIGENT"; all of these terms apply to this "unthinkable"(one more) incapability of the Greatest city in the free world! but they are just words if we dont act on them. Write or call your city councilman.
we have seen this amount of snow before, why is it 4 days later that our side streets are Un-touched? Buses and mass transit JUST NOW getting back to normal ?!? this wasn't the biggest Blizzard of the century!! Why am i forced to use Sick-days for being unable to get my car out of my street?!? Why am unable to get thru to 311 to report my street, according to them : "311 Provides the public with quick, easy access to all New York City government services and information while maintaining the highest possible level of customer service." I have been calling them every hour since Tues. morning - No answer!!

You may not think it makes a difference, but write your councilman or Senator, un-like Bloomberg they work



Finally tomorrow is here. At 9:00 am I heard the beautiful sound of two plows and a salt spreader it on took three days. I might be able to catch a play now after all.


Mayor Bloomberg disgusts me on so many levels...he didn't call a state of emergency, he didnt want to pay weekend/ot to sanitation workers to clean up what was destined to be one of the wost blizzards in NYC ever...I guess he figured oh maybe no one will notice since its such a big blizzard NY'ers will be understanding when the streets aren't as clean maybe he thought he could snow us....well guess what he has crippled our city...Flatbush Avenue was a disaster...I have lived her all my life I was up and sick the whole day on Sunday and Sunday night I intentionally sat and watched as not ONE plow came through Flatbush Ave, NOT ONE salter for over seven hours Sunday night until AFTER midnight which was officially Monday a normal workweek....that is just unacceptable....get him to start shoveling and removing stuck buses...he's horrible for our city!



Jerome Hauer

The people of NY got what they wanted, a third term mayor who doesn't care anymore. Only twice that i can remember has the city requested EMS help from outside and never has the city altered CPR protocols to allow a patient to die. The Department of Justice should look at the deaths that resulted because the mayor only cares about thr PD and shortchanges the FD.


This is infuriating! Mr. Bloomberg is obviously out of touch. His statement about going to a Broadway show is so insensitive to the millions of New Yorkers who are literally breaking their backs shoveling their properties yet forcibly stuck at home because the streets have not been plowed. I always gave the mayor the benefit of the doubt because of the scope of his job. But his defensiveness is outrageous! The Sanitation Dept. and the other powers that be obviously did not plan properly and we the taxpayers are paying for it dearly! If the public schools were open this week, you can be assured that the plows would have been out in full force!! Everyone on my block has dug themselves out (and not into the street by the way) and our Avenue W in Gravesend has not been touched by a plow, nor have the surrrounding side streets. Avenue X had 4 abandoned buses yesterday afternoon! They have been moved but here on Avenue W there have been numeous cars stuck. Fortunately, the snow has brought out the best in my community, despite their disgust. Can someone help us? It doesn't look like I will be able to get my car onto the main road until the temperature reaches 60!


BROOKLYN: MTA STALLED BUS IN INTERSECTION SINCE SUNDAY!!!MTA has had a bus stalled since SUNDAY, YES SUNDAY in the middle of an intersection in BROOKLYN. ON NEW YORK AND TILDEN Avenues in Brooklyn, residents are stucked and annoyed because their street has not been plowed and this MTA bus has been in the intersection for 4 days! On top of that, MTA is raising fares tommorrow. MTA wants a whole lot for such poor service.
Concerned Taxpayer!

Richard Kiburis

Bloomburg is the first to take credit when everything goes good.When things fall apart where is he? Bloomburg is like a little boy with a train set,moving &changing things around to suit his whim at the time. Now he is sick of his toy after 10 years, and just doesn't care what happens anymore. Time to let someone else play with the train set!


So where are the plows if every "outer" borough is complaining! Mr. Bloomberg you failed!


I never in my life had a simple blizzard take down this city our mayor really let us down. And on another note when the plows finally came down our street they had there plows up trying to tell us something. Yeah there no gonna plow, people are going to die because of this. How are emergency vehicles going to get to anybody? Huh bloomberg one of top riches men in the world? wonder how he jump up 30 slots in Forbes after he became mayor. New York City made him rich and this is how he repays us.


im a resident of bensonhurst brooklyn and we finally saw just one snow plow last night at 10pm, it barely cleared the road and we've yet to see another one. The way the city handled this was disgusting the plows should have been out well before we had even 6 inches but mr mayor save money waited thinking the storm wouldnt be as bad as it is. Some streets are still blocked in and the people that are loosing days at work arent getting compensation for the mayors poor choices.


I live in the East New York section of Brooklyn, and absolutely NO plowing has been done. To make matters worse, there's an abandoned city snow plow in my neighborhood that's been blocking traffic for 3 DAYS. The snow plow is blocking access to Pitkin Avenue from along Van Siclen Avenue, and, while drivers would ordinarily be able to make a right onto Belmont Avenue, drive 2 blocks, and then turn left to get back onto Pitkin Avenue, Belmont Avenue is completely impassable because of deep snow. (Pitkin Avenue isn't any better, to be honest...) Dept. of Sanitation: COME GET YOUR TRUCK and actually start plowing East New York, PLEASE! (Oh, and Mayor Bloomberg, you're just as culpable as the Dept. of Sanitation is for this mess... Get it together - NOW.


Mr. Mayor: Everything for Manhattan, nothing for the rest of us, right? I hope life is good in Xanadu, Life is not going so well here in Woodside Queens, in case you haven't noticed.


I live on the Queens/Nassau Border -- and our streets have not been cleaned. I woke up this morning to see that our block had been plowed HOWEVER I found out that it was a private company that did it. The cross streets are STILL not plowed. Oh, I tried calling 311 and the number isn't working! Disgraceful!


I saw people walking on the Belt Parkway between Pennsylvania and Erskine yesterday. I guess they felt they had no other choice. Hopefully, whatever their usual means of transportation is up and running today. This has been unbelievable

Barry Stein

There is definitely a work action going on in New York City by the Dept. of Sanitation. Where I live the street has still not been plowed. This morning I saw a sanitation truck go down the block with its plow raised not pushing any snow.

One has to wonder why this isn't being addressed. It seems criminal to me in the terms that workers are getting paid to not do their job. Racking up overtime and not earning the pay.


2 sanitation trucks just came through our block for the first time - plow blades up. They drove through!!! A lot of the cars are off the block, which would have been a good opportunity to get it properly cleared. I've been on hold with 311 for 45 minutes and then 35 minutes. I give up. I got stuck trying to drive yesterday when I found out the trains I needed to use were not in service. What exactly is the problem??? I've never seen a response like this. The Mayor is being his matter-of-fact defensive self. We don't all live in Manhattan

Ramona D.

What happened to plowing during the night hours? Last few major storms, that's what they did... This one? Not a plow in sight until mid-morning on Monday to take care of the main street through my area of Middle Village. Not since I moved here has the City's response to a major snowstorm been so deplorable! And my street is a major turn around point in the grid for plows... If my street wasn't plowed until Monday night, that means someone wasn't doing their job! They only made ONE pass, too... It's now Wed. and the street is still a slushy mess! Unbelievable! People have every right to be outraged by the City's response and the arrogance of the mayor in saying they're "doing the best [they can]." If this is your best, Mr. Mayor, I don't want to be around to see your worst!

betty williams

This is the third day following the snow storm and while we have become accustomed to being treated as orphans to Manhattan with its favored status, we in the outer boroughs still have not seen a snow plow on our streets. If there are only a certain number of trucks available, should they not be evenly divide among the boroughs? Or divided by population? or land area? Why must we suffer while the mayor holds press conferences on what a great job he is doing? The only thing he is good at is changing our wishes on term limits to suit himself.


Mr. Mayor -- perhaps we should use this opportunity to rate you as you would like to rate the teachers. Your excuse of "we're doing the best we can" doesn't seem to meet the criteria!!!! "Use your data" "be accountable" --- looks like what's good for the goose is for the gander! I believe you get an "F" and maybe you should lose tenure, or be removed from your job.


Dec. 29, 9:55AM....still no plow on Canton Court between Lois Ave and the water in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn. 311 is continuously busy and when I try to report it on the nyc.gov website, I get a message stating my request cannot be submitted due to technical difficulties. Everytime I hear the Vollie horn I pray it's going to a street that's been plowed (if there are any). My neighbors and I have dug out as much as we can, but there's only so much we can do with 2+ feet of snow and 5-6 foot drifts. No buses running so we haven't been able to get to work in 3 days. Mr. Mayor, I'm pretty sure our city is not doing exactly what I would want it to do.....

Omar ! Brooklyn

It's Wednesday, Day 3 and Coney Island Ave has not seen a plow or a B68 Bus, Ave J (no B6 Bus) , Foster Ave (no B8 bus), Ave H ,Ave I (no B11 Bus) Glenwood ave , albany ave has not been plowed out still no Q and B Trains. Mr. Mayor please take care of your tax paying citizens. Thank you.

Thomas Dembinski

The City has made every agency do more with less and this is the end result Uniformed agencies cannot be run on a shoe string budget.
The City has wasted billions on King Bloombergs pet projects and we the taxpayers have been paying ever since. high taxes and nothing to show for it. Stop wasting money on bike lanes and useless projects we don't need. The City has spent money like drunken sailors on everything but infrastructure, in typical liberal fashion. Its time to throw all the elected Officials out and start fresh.

Michal Benhaim

I live on 201st street in Bayside, Queens. STILL NOT PLOWED! This is absolutely ridiculous.

Idiots cleaning snow

watch this video and u will see exactly what is wrong with the city's cleanup
not my video, but it was filmed on December 27th, 2010


Aleksey Buynovskiy

We have to say Big Thanks to our Dear Mayor . While he making money we are united on the streets . Thank You , Mayor , for my days without paying and stop saying You doing big deal for the NY . You doing literally shit .


This is not difficult to figure out, you cannot cut essential services without these kind of results. This mess is not due to cars left in the street blocking the plows or the amount of snow we have. This breaks down to $$$$ and nothing more, it easy to bash the unions BUT this time they are correct.


I live in the Ridgewood area and 36 hours after the storm our street has yet to be plowed. We can't get anywhere unless we shovel ourselves. Food stores are inaccessible because of the snow and provisions for the small deli's are not happening due to the huge amount of snow. Why doesn't Mayor Bloomberg travel out here and see how far he can get! WHAT HAPPENS WHEN ALL THE FOOD, WATER ETC. RUNS OUT?

Just on Monday from the Mayor's mouth he stated that this was a regular day and thats how he's proceeding. Is he dillusional? This is insane to think that in 2010 the Mayor still can't get it right! God forbid if something should happen to someone with and emergency, because my street and the tertiary streets are are filled with snow, broken down buses, police cars abandoned in the snow!

georgianna galante

were are the plows we have been snowed in four days the mayor does not care and brooklyn and all outer boros!

Ed Safdie

Where is our leadership? Why are all kidding ourselves? Yesterday. When I sat in my corner office on the upper east side and watched (security cameras on building) in disbelief as rows of plow trucks went by doing nothing more than burning up gasoline and time(overtime) and accomplishing zilch, it made my blood boil over. I live in Brooklyn on a dead end street. we have seen plow trucks sitting idle, burning more gasoline and time(overtime). The confronted drivers claimed they are waiting for word from the mayor. What the heck is going on here? My wife who is handicapped is a prisoner in her own home. we have had no services for the third day, but Councilman Noah Dear, our neighbor one block over, has made sure that his block was cleared Monday morning. It must be nice to know someone in the sanitation department. Again, "what gives?" Thanks Mike, and thanks to all of the people in city government who have forgotten one important fact.
You are all supposed to be in the service of others, not yourselves. GET IT?
Have a nice day.

claudia ryan

Why are reporters misrepresenting the situation in the outer boroughs by saying that "some" side streets have not yet been plowed, when in Brooklyn NONE of the side streets have been plowed, and there are NO disabled vehicles of any unplowed streets that I've seen!


I have been trying to get to work all week. My road has not seen a plow or a bus(b61). the funny thing is the parks dept. is across the street from my house and the dept. of sanitation is maybe 5 blocks from here. I am a resident of Red Hook. The forgotten country. We haven't even gotten a mail delivery.

Michele P.

It's Wednesday, Day 3 and 78th Street between 10th Avenue and Ft. Hamilton Parkway has not been plowed out. There are no stuck cars and there are no excuses for this. The "N" is still not running and neither is the "D" train even if you could get to them. Ft. Hamilton Parkway has abus route that we haven't seen since Sunday (pre-snow). I hope the Mayor can come up with a logical and real excuse for this mess. Manhattan is clear, and the news shows photos of New Jersey streets that are clear. Mr. MAYOR YOU HAVE LET DYKER HEIGHTS and the surrounding areas down and apparently you don't care either.


Corona Queens is a mess. Side streets are not plowed at all and this was on Tuesday night. Bloomberg's job is to make sure ALL the boroughs have the basic resources they need, this is common sense. There is no reason for this to happen in New York of all places. This is UNACCEPTABLE.


Brighton Beach and Sheepshead--still no train or bus service and no mail pickup or delivery. Can't even get the cars out because most people have either been plowed in or blocked by douchebags double-parking or parking diagonally next to giant snow banks. Car service can't even get out either.

Some streets can't even be plowed because of idiots leaving their SUVs in the middle of the road. Try getting to work by walking 12 blocks to the F train in Coney Island that is if you can get through the snow banks and dog crap-filled ice.


By the way, there were three people on our streets all night last night and today as well who had to remain with their stuck vans and buses and were not allowed by their companies to abandon their vehicles all night until they somehow miraculously become unstuck or until the snow melts next week. Neighbors brought them food and drinks. How dare Bloomberg create conditions that caused people to have to do that in America?


I must say that being forced to miss one day of work because the city "forgot" to plow so many streets that the mta couldn't run properly, and because of that I will have to take the only subway that goes somewhat near my work area to work tomorrow, means that I have to walk many blocks in my boots which hurt my feet as there are no weatherproof boots that will not hurt my bad feet to get to work and back home again - if Bloomberg thinks of running for any other office he has lost before he starts. A coworker of mine had to walk one and half hours to work today, and my son had to walk three miles to work last night in the snow. Now I really have a lack of respect for Bloomberg, totally. If he would pay for the plowing himself he would still have $999,000,000 dollars left to himself, and people would have loved him! And if it is true that the mta is having a slowdown, then fire the workers and hire new ones. It is a dangerous situation and they should not be allowed to have a slowdown during dangerous conditions. There are so many people out there who need jobs and would be glad to for a chance to work. And now, by the way, we see that the sanitation workers really do an important job for society and they should receive the respect they deserve (when they do their job as they should).


I am so outraged and disgusted with this city. I live in Staten Island and a plow has yet to come and clean my street. The best part is that today I saw a sanitation plow trucked parked at the corner of my street, the driver was texting and having a good time. He stayed there for an hour and a half, and drove away without plowing anything. I'm glad that our tax money goes to these guys who aren't doing any work! I guess us New Yorkers are going to have to dig these streets ourselves!!

eric warren

It is like a number of readers commented, Mayor Bloomberg is a rich man who happens to be mayor and he just like other politicians could care less about ordinary people. He only took care of the borough which makes the city and brings them money which is manhattan. He plowed the borough with the most wealth, it is called selective plowing


It is midnight the streets of Jamaica Queens have not seen a plow but we have tomorrow,the sun will come out tomorrow so we'll have to hang on till tomorrow our street might get plowed one day.
Thanks for the advice Mr. Bloomberg but I was snowed in and could not take in a broadway play. It was not at the top of my list.


I live in Whitestone, Queens and a plow came down our street with his plow up! Now Con Ed is here digging up the street because of a gas leak.

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