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Election Day Thoughts

It's Election Day across the country.   There's been a lot of talk about anger and need for change driving the vote this year.   What drove your vote today?  You don't need to tell us for whom you voted, but tell us why did you vote as you did.  If you chose not to vote, why did you sit on the sidelines?  Please click on comment below to leave your response.   All comments are subject to approval and may be used on Eyewitness News in addition to posted here.

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The new voting system in New York City is HORRIBLE, I was not asked for any kind of ID at all before signing in. The fact after you sign in, then move to an area to hand fill in these bubbles which you can barely see because the lighting is not sufficient and the print is at a font size of perhaps 5. How is one supposed to see what they are doing? What a joke (not laughing) printing so small and magnifier provided worhtless only know for sure who I voted for governor. After all of this you have stand yet again on another line in order to insert your sheet of paper into a machine. Also there was not a police officer insight at all. I stayed around for over a half hour and he/she was no were to be seen.

A. Murray

The new voting process is extremely problematic. Thank goodness we're not in a presidential election year. The type on the 'ballots' is very small, the ballot table lighting does not work, making it difficult to read the small type, the poll volunteers are inconsistent with the information they dispense (my mother didn't realize there were two proposals on the other side of the form and I only learned of it because I heard a poll worker explaining it to someone else. She submitted her form without voting of those proposals), and the closely positioned tables mean little privacy and bumping into eachother while trying to complete the ballot or receiving help from a poll worker. I am a relatively young person and had trouble figuring out the process. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for much older people for whom it's difficult to read the fine print. Every ballot table should have lighting that works so that voters can actually SEE what they're circling or at least read the legalese used to describe proposals. The poll workers need a script to read from so that they dispense the same information to every voter, and the overall design of the ballot needs to be revamped so that all information is presented in a larger more legible format. And if there's anyway that voting can actually be anonymous, that would be a breath of fresh air. Yeah, right, whatever.


id just like to agree with diane above i had issues with the small print on the ballot n the magnify thing was useless . the other problem i see that needs to be looked at is the worker at the scanner , they need to teach them to step away after the card is given to them because they can actually see your ballot n tell the canidates poll watchers exactly how people are voting there . these are the only issues i seen around my are today as i always go around n visit a few polling sites to visit ppl i werked with on the polls yrs before to see how they are doing ect in they lifes today .

Kathy Lee

I just want to see Nancy Pelosi sent back to California and Harry Reed get defeated!!!

Diane Gorey

What a joke (not laughing) printing so small and magnifier provided worhtless only know for sure who I voted for governor. Thank god it isn't a presidental election.

T. Smyth

I voted today not so much because I believe it will make a change but because I hope it will make a change. To not vote says, "I give up" but to vote says I have hope that we can find someone to restore the basic values we once had, to rebuild our country to what it was and can be again, to give hope to those who for so long believed in their country, their town, their government and who now are depressed and believe that there is no greater threat than we ourselves to this once great nation. We need to find politicians that will work for the good of the people, nothing more and nothing less. It was and always should be, "We The People" not what can I do for me, myself. We have many good people with good ideas who run for office but not many seem to be able to stem the tide and put "the people" first. I don't want to go to the extreme but I certainly can see why people are getting more radical, more cynical and clearly more out for themselves. There has to be a better way and hopefully we'll find it soon and begin to turn this country around. Thank you for the opportunity to speak out and voice my humble opinion.

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