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The View and Bill O'Reilly

After guest Bill O'Reilly declared "Muslims killed us on 9/11," Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, co-hosts of the ABC daytime talk show, stormed off the set.

It happened as O'Reilly was discussing President Obama's stance on Park51, the Muslim community center that is slated to be built two blocks from ground zero in Manhattan.

Watch the video, and then weigh in by clicking on comment below.  Who's right?  Who's wrong?  Tell Eyewitness News what you think. 

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Cleidi Orenzo

I aplaud Bill, and tired that of those liberal people saying that muslim is a peaceful religion. To me, it is an insult to any intelligent person. About the mosque, lets build a gay bar named "Turban Cowboy" across the street; and next to it a strip club " U meca me hot" and next, a pork restaurant " Iraque my ribs".

lynn johnson

Most of the people that are making such a fuss about the mosque either lack the ability for rational thought or is just like B. O'Reilly.. racist religious bigots.

These people don't want to hear that there were also Muslim Americans killed in those towers. They don't want to hear that the 'other' 911 site...the Pentagon..has a Muslim worship area. They don't want to hear that there is over 3000 Muslims servings oversees in our armed forces fighting for the right for their dumb butts to call them terrorists.

There is hundreds of years of accumulated blood on the hands of people who murdered in the name of Christianity. If we were "fair and balanced" by their logic there should be a lot of Christian churches being burned to the ground and demolished all over the world.

By the way...who killed all those millions of Jews? Hare Krishnas?

Besides...I suspect that if half these people making all the noise about the mosque and the Muslim threat to Christianity entered church...they would immediately go into convulsions and start spitting out green pea soup.

Stephen Smutek

I think that Joy and Whoopi should be either suspended or fired for what they did. I did not like the comments that he made but they are his VIEW! Why is it that they are allowed to say what they want, even when it offends people and when they hear something that they don't like, they walk off of the set.There are people in all religions that think that if you are not of that religion, you should be attacked and eliminated? This feeling has been around since the beginning of religions and will always be there.This is why our country separates religion from government, as it should be.I just hope that in the future that something stupid doesn't happen because of his remarks.

CarolAnne Grande

Well, today, 10/15/10 is a show that was recorded earlier. Did the View decide yesterday's show was too hot to handle?
Joy Behar should tape her mouth shut - Whoppy was just a puppet yesterday for Joy.

Bill O'Reilly speaks the truth and tells both sides of the story - Everyone knows that Bill did not mean all Muslims - Joy always gets rouled up and figgity when Bill comes on - she does not know what to do and gets flustered.
Hooray for Bill - I watched his show last night and he handled and explained it very well with humor and was not disrespectful to the ladies of The View - although he could have been. Maybe it's time to change the channel at 11:00 a.m. everyday.


Both Goldberg and Behar cannot understand anyones point of view except there own and instead of a intelligent debate they walk off, just shows how immature and closed minded they are. Most Americans do not want the Mosque built down there, we are supposedly in a country where majority rules. Does not seem like the case--the media and this administration are off the beaten path when it comes to what the majority of Americans feel and that is why not only the present politicians but also these entertainers are losing public support. Good for O'Reilly we were attacke in the name of Allah--not Jehovah or Abraham or Vishnu, and until we move from being politically correct in expressing that the moderates of this religion will sit by until the extremists eventually take over.


Joy Behar is a loud mouth who is always out of line. She is rude and at times menacing. That show needs some balance.


I'm glad that Joy and Whoopi walked off, but it's also good that Barbara called him on his comment about "Muslims killed us on 9/11." That type of broad, all encompassing statement in uncalled for. Not ALL Muslims are responsible for what happened on 9/11 -- just a very radical minority. I was also pleasantl surprised that Bill O'Reilly actually apologized. Good for him.

Stephen Grande

Bill O'Reilly is Awesome!!! Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg should be ashamed of themselves...their not tough enough to hear someone else's opinion or thoughts. Isn't that what "The View" is all about. Their only happy when liberal guests are on the show. We all know that Bill didn't mean all Muslims....enough with this political correct talk ...Bill told it the way it is.

James B.

Why can't anybody talk about other groups than the Muslims,


Yes, O' Riley NEEDED to be corrected. No, Joy and Whoppie shouldn't have walked of but it did cool off all the yelling so that the show could continue. I'm sure this will never happen again because Barbara made it very clear it was wrong. Even Elizabeth felt the need to correct O'Riley. He does not need to go on the show to bash Obama. He has his own show to do it on, and does it everyday. I would have respected him more if it dealt with other political issues. As for the ladies, they stood up for what they believe in and did not allow themselves to be disrespected.


Liberal always walk away when they cannot defend their position. O'rielly, your the man.

liberty for all

We love you Joy,WE love you Whoopi, don't listen to the haters. 60 muslims died in that center next to all the others. The mousque is not on Ground Zero, it is 2 and a half blocks away.


I think Whoopi and Joy's behavior was a disgrace and very unprofessional. If Joy doesn't want to sit on that couch and listen to someone else's view that might be different from hers, then someone at ABC should fire her. There are millions of unemployed people in this country who would kill for that job. I really hope Barbara Walters reprimands them for their rude behavior. They should not be hosts on a show that is suppose to respect different views.


I agree with Mare. I do not watch The View because of Whoopi and Joy. I only watched this clip because of the piece on the news regarding this. I believe that the Mosque can be anywhere but near 'ground zero'. If the Muslims are such respectful and peace loving people, they would agree and move it elsewhere. I am not condeming all Muslims, but it is what it is. I enjoy listening to O'Reilly's comments because he says what he feels, and we can choose to agree or disagree with them, but he has the right to give his opinion. I think Whoopi and Joy were just showing their true colors to the viewers. They seem to think that no opinion but theirs is relevant. Kudos to Barbara for handling things as she did.


BIll O'reilly and Fox is the Waterboy for the Republican Party.Does he think JOY And Whoopi Are fools like those he spread that kind of hate to on his daily shows. We love you Joy,WE love you Whoopi, Good on you. Bill,you are a jerk.


With regard to the ladies on the view who walked off - firstly, they are no ladies, never were and secondly, the biggest problem with them is their mouths. Bottom line, if you are ugly and have no talent, I guess you have to do something to get attention. Walking off was unprofessional and rude. Why do they think their opinion is the only one that matters? Their mouths are constantly going, interrupting and talking over everyone on the the show. They are a poor excuse for Americans and should hang their head in shame. I don't watch the view anymore and those two are the reason I no longer do.

bobby b

Joy is & always has been a liberal. Everyone I know just can't stand her or any of her view's..Its about time ch 7 got rid of her once & for all................

Patty Slack

I was really surprised that Joy and Whoopie walked off the set. I thought that the name of the show "The View" was suppose to be about different points of view. So many times I feel Elizabeth is ganged up on and I always admire her stamina to sit there and take it. I love the show because you get many opinions but I must say when it comes to politics it is offset. I try to be fair when listening to all opinions and take from it what I believe to be my truth. Maybe now Joy and Whoopie can understand how difficult it must be for Elizabeth to do her job.

A. Gerard

O'Reilly is a rabble rouser. He enjoys being divisive. Plus he knows how to make lots of money by being that way. He doesn't believe anything he says. He just want's to cause a commotion because he knows people like watching a train wreck which means ratings.


Good for Bill! Everyone knows that our lives changed forever on 9/11 and it was the Muslims who caused it.No,it wasn't every Muslim, but it was not blue eyes blondes either. If the Muslims really cared, they would not want a mosque built so close to Ground Zero.Instead of trying to show true compassion, I believe they are laughing at all Americans! I also believe all the politicans, yes our President too, always yields to "political correctness" and are afraid to speak from their hearts. When is the time we stand up for America?

B. Carter

Joy and Whoopi, how dare you be so insensitive to the families that have lost their loved ones on 9/11. The mosque should not be built near Ground Zero even if Obama thinks it's okay. You both will agree with whatever Obama says as you are totally biased. We all know that O'Reilly did not mean all Muslims. Why don't you both face reality, Muslim terrorists have been trying to kill Americans for years. One More thing Joy, I am really getting tired of your views and I will never watch your show again.

Gil DeOliveira

Those that have evil/malicious thoughts and plan on them to hurt others are no less than TERRORIST and should not have trails. Laws and court should be for people to sattles on dificult dicissions that will benefit society and not to those that are harmful to the world...there should not be a musque near ground zero. People will have resent toward it so it should be to their benefit not to have it there.


Bill O'Reilly is a horse's ass.


I think the "melting pot" is boiling over! and it is truly sickening! Joy kept screaming how "un-American" Bill's views were... WAKE UP JOY AND WHOOPI... ITS NOT "UN-AMERICAN", ITS "UN-POLITICAL"! NOBODY is saying that they don't have a RIGHT to put the mosque there!--there are TONS of mosques in the surrounding area! It's a matter of sensitivity to the families of the lost (and yes, I mean lost... my husband and brother vanished into thin air because of terrorists leaving 7 children behind--1 of which never got to meet her father!!) All this talk over the "economic crisis" that we are in ... I could definitely think of much better ways to spend billions of dollars for AMERICA (and i'm not talking putting it into political campaigns!)Do we really NEED another Islamic center??!!?? There are way too many hungry, illiterate AMERICANS that need a place to survive! I am very happy for those who have escaped the "darkness" of "their country" for freedom in America... but please don't try to change my country and values for yours!


I think Whoopie and Joy don't understand that not everyone in the US is a liberal and that everyone has the right to express an opinion even if it's not theirs. Because someone has a different opinion is no excuse to exhibit RUDE BEHAVIOR. I actually enjoyed watching the View until I saw how terribly John McCain was treated. I stopped watching after seeing that exhibition of bad manners. What would the "ladies" of the View had said if someone on Fox News had treated candidate Obama as they had treated John McCain or Mr.O'Reilly. Lately, I began to watch again periodically. Today's fiasco was the final straw. I will no longer watch the View. Mr. O'Reilly was a GUEST of the show. These two "ladies" were not there for any civil discussion. They were there to ATTACK, which they certainly did. Who needs to watch this kind of behavior. I don't!

Kathleen Runyan

Why do the 5 of you all talk at the same time i can't understand or know what is being said . You should talk one at a time .

Whoopi and Joy fan

O'Reilly always thinks he is right. He can never admit he is wrong. I give the ladies credit for coming back. He does not engage his mouth with his brain. He said it wrong the first time and then after the fact , that is when he said it the right way. "THANK GOD HE IS NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT" can you imagine. "YOU GO GIRLS" Barbara, I am sorry ,the girls walked off so they would not say anything they would be sorry for. "THEY DID THEIR COOL DOWN"

J. C. Duque

Bill has always been a racist who does not think before he speaks out. He is an extremist himself but he does not accept it. He does not like latinos, afroamericans, muslems, etc. He only likes himself and he believes that he is always 100% right. He believes that he is the final word and he is the wisest guy on earth. To me is just an ignorant person who never takes any advise from anybody. He should not be on TV at all.

John Masterson

With the exception of one individual, The View's host panel is loaded with Liberals. If the hosts cannot have an intelligent conversation with guests without walking off the set when someone disagrees with their Liberal, socialist views, the show should shut down.

Theresa Van Hise

When someone is over the limit of truthfulness and is totally disrespectful to hosts, they have a right to walk off a set. Bill o Reilly was not civil from the moment he walked out and I shut him off the minute I got tired of his condescending manner. I am a daily viewer of the show and I have seen "Barbara" appease him once too often. Hurray for Whoopie and Joy. The audience was right to applaud them. Shame on you Barbara for not sticking up for your collegues


Bill O'Reilly made a statement that was the foundation underneath his character. Bill keeps no secret that he does not care for President Obama, thus he makes statements/comments and remarks that continue to shine a light on the dark, sick, warped mind of his. Bill did you forget that when Obama won the election that this country was in the WORST financial, economical and emotional state EVERY, who did that Bill, who??? the Bushes.

Joy and Whoopi were ladies not to stay, to remove themselves, before they slapped Bill face, or called him some god forsaken name. Furthermore, to start an apologize with "if" indicates you really did not to apologize. Once again Bill's character SPOKE what his mouth omitted.

So Mr. Bill O'Rielly, I will cover you in prayer tonight and here after, may God deal more gentle with you, than you deal with others.

Be Blessed


I can't even believe this is a conversation we as American's are having! NO, it should not be built near ground zero! It is extremely insensitive & uncalled for! Build it somewhere else!

B. Carter

Joy and Whoopi, how dare you be so insensitive to the families that have lost loved ones in 9/11. You are for the Mosque only because Obama says it should be built and anything he says, right or wrong, you both are for it. We all know that O'Reilly did not mean all Muslims, but remember one thing it's Muslims that have been trying to attack Americans for years. When are you going to wake up and face reality. One more thing Joy, I will never watch your show again!

delia catapano

I agree with Bill O'reilly they were muslins bottom line...I cant stand whoopi & Joy hate them never watch the show caught the clip on line...why because he didnt agree with them to bad & they are pissed because the president they voted for is taking this country down the tubes...we need more americans like bill & Joy & whoopi should go live with those bastards that killed our people get out of this country if you dont LOVE IT...LEAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Catanzaro

I agree with Whoopi and Joy's actions on today's show. Bill O'Rielly is a bully and therefore tries to do all the talking and yells to make his point. Just before this outburst, Bill O'Rielly was very condescending to Joy telling her to be quiet that she might learn something! He is a racist and Whoopi and Joy stood up to him. That's what we all should do. I think Barbara should have said something to Elisabeth for blaming President Obama for this too. She would blame him for rainy days if she could.

P Ellison

Bill O'Reilly is a pompous ass, who thinks he is an expert on all things in the universe.
Where did he get the 70% survey of all Americans against the Mosque? He is rude and crude--who in their right minds listens to him?

Barbara Walters was very condescending to Joy and Whoopi. You noticed she did not interject while O'Reilly was after Joy and Whoppi and would not let them speak.

What's her name Basselhack? How did she get on your show and better yet how is she still on it? A bigger twit I have yet to see. She is one track only---Republican---put her on a show with Glenn Beck. They are 2 of a kind.

The only criticism I have of Joy and Whoopi is that they came back to the set. They should have stayed off until BILL left.---He is bad Karma.

Bad show


General Colin Powell was on the View recently and supported the Islamic center being built near to ground zero. As the general reminded everyone that there is a Mosque and prayer center at the Pentagon in Washington DC for many years and no one seemed to have a problem with a Mosque at the Pentagon where a number of people also died on 9/11. I will support the General any day over a loud mouthed, attention grabbing talk show host.I think Barbara Walters grossly disrespected her co-hosts almost similar to the disrepect O'Reilly showed to Joy Behar.

Barbara Heinrichs

Nobody should have walked off the set. Shame on Whoopie and Joy.And I'm sick of audiences who cheer/whistle as if they are in the Forum.There weren't any Irish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese extremists involved in 9/11 or the bombing of the WTC earlier. No matter what our President does or says, there are a hard-core group of people who won't believe he can do or say anything wrong. The Muslum community should show a little compassion and sensitivity. And nobody has ever polled me but count me in the 70% also.


I agree with Bill O'Reilly's sentiments that the Mosque should NOT be erected near Ground Zero. It freightens me to think how many Muslim terrorists are living in our country now and how people are more concerned with protecting their rights than they are with respecting the grief of the many American families who suffered losses at the hands of Muslim Terrorists. As it is now there are many mosques in the city where Muslims are permitted to block traffic in Manhattan for prayer services througout the day! I like both Joy Behar and Whoopie and usually find their comments entertaining and amusing however in this instance they were wrong to storm off the stage. It is very annoying and childish that all of the current hosts on the View interrupt and talk over each other.
ABC executives should deal with this problem before the show loses more viewers.


Good for Bill O'Rielly! Thank God we still have someone who loves our country so much. Shame on Whoppie and Joy that they don't feel the same.


Whoopi and Joy are so predictable,and many of us are getting tired of them.
Childish behavior to walk off because you do not agree. Why does the left seem deaf to others ideas. O'Reilly was stateing facts, but semantics got in the way of reason.I cannot picture Elizabeth or Sherri walking off because they don't agree with a guest..I would watch The View more often if they employed more intelligent and mature co-hosts. I know many who agree. Please give us more common sense oriented and tangible hosts.PLEASE...or we just can't take that show. We're also tired of Joys' slutty talk and Whoopis' eye-rolling. Ugh.


It has been said that one of the 9/11 terrorists chanted "God is great"in Arabic just before the plane he hijacked hit the twin towers.It's obvious religion is used to justify extremist actions all over the globe. What we need to realize is we are at war here and abroad, & we cannot let our guard down.And what happened to common courtesy in letting someone say what they have to say.
I think Joy and Whoopi were totally wrong how they reacted.

Linda Paladino

I am angry because Bill is a reporter. Each of his words should be considered. He stated "Muslims". To me that means all Muslims. After the women left the stage then he said properly, "Muslim Terrorist". If not for Joy and Whoopi leaving that stage it would never have been reported as it should. He is a reporter and commentarian. His words are vital to what he brings to the public. Unfortunately alot of people believe everything they hear on television. If that information is not going out correctly, then the viewers are getting wrong information and voting upon that information. I am tired of these politicians and news show
twisting the truth for the people to only hear there view. If Bill is saying 70% this is a large group of people thinking the moronic thoughts this bigot puts out there


Whoppie and Joy are poor examples of Americans. They are total liberals and have no idea of how biased and bigoted they are. Shame on Ch 7 for polluting the world with their "views". You should find more intelligent and interesting people for your show.


Liberals like Whoopie and Joy Behar have to face the fact that the World Trade Center was destroyed, the Pentagon heavily damaged, and more than three thousand people of many nationalities and religions killed, by the actions of Muslim Extremists in the name of Allah. I agree that the hijackers were Extremists and many Muslims don't agree with their actions. However, I also recall seeing millions of Muslims on the news shows, worldwide, celebrating in the streets after we were attacked . It appears that a large number, possibly a majority, of Muslims have become extremists. Yet we, as Americans, continue to provide aid to other nations. The most recent example is the American experts and technology, including the NASA designed rescue capsule, that were primarily responsible for the rescue of the miners in Chile. We will continue to come to the aid of other peoples around the world, because that is what Americans have always done. I am a law enforcement officer who worked at the World Trade Center during the rescue and recovery operation, and I will never forget, or forgive. The U.S. Constitution does guarantee FREEDOM OF RELIGION, it does not guarantee the right to build a Mosque, Temple, or Church anywhere in particular. NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO, it is insensitive!!

Alton Williams

Bill O'Reilly got just what he was looking for, an arousel out of the Ladies of the View, so that he could take it back to his show for ratings purpose. Whoopie and Joy, he's not worthy. I could care less about being Politcally correct or incorrect. This is about a Black Man being President and nothing else. The man can can cure Cancer and it will NEVER be enough.

Jerome Nasoff

I never watch the view, but I heard about today's edition and watched it on-line. It appears that your hostess knows how to listen, but unfortuinately the 2 walkers don't.

The bottom line, we all( including and most importantly the members of our 3 branches of our federal government better learn how to listen and communicate with each other if we want a future. Other civilizations and governments have come and gone!

Dave Jones

We should have more Whoopi and Joy, and less Walters and O'Reilly! lol

Hugh C. Daly

I am a native New Yorker and I own a film/video production studio. I think that Whoppi & Joy should have kept walking until their hairpieces began to float. Glad Barbara scolded them for their actions. I have always been a Whoppi fan but as for Bayer...She is a no talent liberal loudmouth with a typical left wing political mindset. She continues to blame poor George Bush for every problem from 9/11 to bedbug infestation.

Dave Jones

Maybe a hockey game will break out on the next View, now we can't miss it!


Out of respect for the people that were murdered on 9/11 and there familys,the mosque should not be built on there grave!!!!!! This would show a little senseativity on the part of muslim!

Elizabeth Bartoletti

I think Whopie and Joy were wrong to walk off the set. Thank you Barbara for your words of wisdom . I believe both Joy and Whopie are so wrapped up in what they think and anyone with other views are not worth listening to. Itshows they have no class. I am in that 70% who are against it being built right there.

Theresa Malles

There should be more Bill O'Reillys, who tell it like it is! If he ran the country the country would not be in the shape it's in. As for Joy she should find another job and Whoopie is Whoopie. Barbara is a class act. Perhaps if they listened they could have learned something from Bill. Bottom line, NO Mosque anywhere near Ground Zero. This country of ours was formed on conservative thoughts and actions not on the Liberal ideas that are currently affecting and infecting our great country.


O'Reilly was right on the money - and every clear thinking person knows he meant Muslim EXTREMISTS. Plus - he clarified that. Come on people - no matter how you want to slice and dice Bill's comments, the monsters that committed MURDER on 9/11 at the WTC weren't Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, or.... Leprechauns!!! Call them "terrorists" if it helps you sleep better, it doesn't alter the truth of O'Reilly's message.

As far as Joy and Whoopi are concerned - bad form ladies. Very bad form.

Dolores LaVerde

I agree with Bill O'Reilly. How soon we forget the horror of September 11, 2001. My daughter was killed that day at the World Trade Center. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but it certainly seems as though most terrorists in recent years have been Muslim. Each Muslim seems to have their own interpretation of what the Koran says. Building another mosque near Ground Zero is insensitive and not necessary.

Dave Jones

I'm not one to watch the View or Bill O'Reilly, but I believe that Whoopi and Joy had every right to walk off the stage. I think Bill O'Reilly is a bit of a loudmouth and has little to no respect for many of his guests on his own show. O'Reilly should have more patience for the opinions of others. What I disprect the most however is how Barbara Walters made disrespectful comments about her co-hosts.


the arguement was not about the mosque but rather the misinterpreation by whoppi and joy that bill meant all muslims terroized america on 9/11. elisabeth has a point that will clear this up, we are not allowed to say terrorists, so now we say muslim extremests....does that mean all muslims are "bad" no!!!! BUT that was not the question posed to bill. the question was "what things do you think have obama's ratings so low?
he answered "the economy" and all agreed that whoever the president is - ratings are releated to the economy. Bill then said the people feel a distance from obama, his quote was "the people feel there is a gulf between themselves and the predsident because of
his stand on certain issues, for example the mosque." joy, who already was already visibley uncomfortable was waiting to pounce. muslims did attack, innocent muslims were also killed on 9/11. i still go back to if we oould call those who attacked on 9/11 terrorists, the ignorant will not be confused when the terrorists are referred to as muslims........the more educated person can distinguish the muslim extremist from the average muslim person.


I wish someone would repeatedly, address the fact that this President inherited "THE WHITE HOUSE" FILLED with mess a whole of it. However he is expected to clean it fast. You know, before another MASSA comes back to the house. But this President cannot do BLACK MAGIC, that's done by the other race. 8 yrs of mess cannot be cleaned-up in less than 18 months. They've been complaining ever since he was inaugurated. BE FAIR, GIVE THE GUY A FAIR CHANCE. STOP THE RACISM. SHAME ON YOU...ALL.

Leslie Grandberry

Joy and Whoopi should have walked off. O'Reilly was wrong. He is an airhead. But Elizabeth is just as bad. She trie to use any reason to blame the President. Now since she's banding together with this clown. He gave a poor ass sorry.


Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are always speaking out with the popular LIBRERAL line. This time, it was no different, they are very uninformed on most subjects, yet never hesitate to opine to the point of extreme annoyance.

Professionalism would dictate that at times, the host should listen thoughtfully and direct the line of questioning rather than storm off in a manner that appeared so ludicrous, it almost seemed staged. With all of the talented women in media, Barbara Walters should be able to secure a much brighter, more interesting panel.

Maybe this event will open her eyes !!

Sheila, Fresh Meadows NY

Whoopie and Joy were completely wrong to have walked off the set today. For that alone, they should both be fired. You don’t invite a guest onto your show and then when they say something you don’t like get up and walk off stage. That is outrageous. If the ladies of the View would stop talking over each other and over their guests, maybe people would be able to appropriately express their opinions. If it wasn’t for Barbara Walters, trying to keep these ladies in line, I don’t believe the View would still be on TV. Good Luck Barbara, once again we all can see that you are the only true professional on that show.

John Benitez

The shamefull part of this is how Presiden Obama is always place at fault for things that happened on someone elses watch by people on the right, It all boils down to the fact that we have a black Democratic President in control of the country, people right, Bill O'Reilly and his followers still cant handle that.
Woopie and Joy deserve a huge pat on the back for standing up to that BULLY!

Barbara Leonardi

The events that occurred were very unfortunate. The emphasis should have been on the fact that Mr. O'Reilly, Mr. "Fair and Balanced" himself, was totally out of line in saying that Muslims caused 9-11. He should have known better. We all abhor stereotyping, and he knows that this is the root cause of many of our problems today. I think that Joy and Whoopi should not have acted so hastily. But, then again, we all know Mr. O'Reilly. No one gets a chance to speak. He must always have the first and last word on everything.

Sheera Sobin

I do not believe Whoopi or Joy should have walked off the program. Let them state their views without walking off. They can disagree without leaving! I'm confident they have had people on their show before with whom they have disagreed and they have not walked off. It is immature and unprofessional.

Eddie Gould

O'Reilly was right! Regardless what they call them,extremists, radicals or whatever they are still Muslim

Punk Guy

I think that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar did the right thing by walking off! Bill O'Reilly and his cronies over on Fox "News" are tools of the Republican Party and the crazies who would take this country back to the Land Before Time with their views!

Ed Albano

Wake up Whoppi & Joy and take a good look at what's happening to your country. No one is saying the muslims don't have a right to build a mosque; we're just saying how totally insensitive it is to even consider building it so near the WTC site where thousands of innocent people were killed. The lack of sensitivity, I believe, has enraged people and have turned them against the Muslims. God bless America cause we sure need it now more than ever!

Baldwin Bernard Jr

Bill is not an air head as stated by some comments here. What you saw is someone in a bubble of conservative atmosphere stepping outside. He is also the type of person who is fed up with political correctness until his or his ilk are affected then he wants consideration! This country is not run on polls. If it were slavery/segregation would still be here because when "our" leaders made the decision to remove such institutions the most people were for them continuing. Be aware of conditional apologies that begin with "if" they are not sincere in nature. Bill you are definitely a "pinhead" om this one!!!

Donna Sabatino

I think that Behar and Goldberg were very immature and unprofessional by not allowing their guest to express his views and then ultimately walking off because his views did not agree with theirs. After all, isn't the name of the show "The View"? They should be severely reprimanded. I will no longer be a fan of that program. I'm sad for Barbara, the only one with class.


I find it very common among liberals to walk off when they are faced with a debate they can't win. Face the facts. The 9/11 murderers were Muslim. This was not the first Muslim attack. They were part of Jihad, they want to kill Americans. This has been going on for 30+ years.
They are killing for their religion and are hero's for it.
Any religion that condones killing does not deserve to worship here.

Semper Infidelis

If Behar and Goldberg walk of their own show then they are pinheads. If O'Reilly said "muslim extremists" or "terrorists"
instead of just saying "muslims" killed us then they shouldn't have gotten bent out of shape but to walk off because of that is just stupid. Putting a blanket statement that implies all muslims
killed us is wrong on O'Reilly's part.

Marolyn Lucy Gentles

I am a big fan of the view and love all the ladies, Whoopie and Joy my favourites. I am not a fan at all of Bill O'Reilly. That said, the episode today was a bad take. The ladies should have stood thier ground. Bill has said worse and this was not warrant a walk out. So congrats to Barbara for taking control. Glad they came back and hope they apologise to the viewers for poor judgement. Still love you all ladies. It surely won't hurt your show - you are all good at what you do.


How can Bill O'Rielly & others select what they wish from the President's comment. I distinctly remember him saying that he was commenting on their constitutional rights, however, he went on to say " it was not a wise thing to do". How could Bill and the other little "know-it-all", miss that part of the statement. I'LL TELL YOU WHY... NEVER BEFORE HAVE I EVER SEEN SO MUCH BLATANT RACISM IN THIS COUNTRY. BY THE WAY, I'M ALSO IRISH, Mr. O'Rielly.

For O' Reilly


Cee  Cee Domino


Judy Zimmer

Bill likes to rile people up. Joy and Whoopi had every right to walk off.

mary ann sandwall

Bill O'reilly often comes off as arrogant and condescending. He steamrolls over others in conversation in attempts to "win" the debate. He got off on the wrong foot by beginning with "Just listen, you might learn something" Has any other guest been so rude on the view? This man is obnoxious and I would have walked off after the above comment, never mind the rest of it. But Bill knows how to work the system. He knows how to "entertain" by being obnoxious and makes lots of money doing so. He's probably laughing all the way to the bank. I believe he is very bad for the morale of our country.

Helen K

Why does the view give O'Reilly the opportunity to be a gueston the show? He is a bully, who won't listen to any one else's opinion. Barbara should not have chastised Whoppi & Joy. They have a right to show their distaste for what was being said. If he would think before he goes off on these tirades he wouldn't have to apologize for what he says.



A Muslim

im a muslim, and although i think that Mr. O'Reilly is wrong, i still think that what Joy and Whoopi did was the wrong as well...
My religion teaches me that all people have a voice that is worth being listened to, even if i dont agree with it.
Its not fair to walk away just because you don't believe in anothers opinion... Everyone deserves to be listened to. But still, i would have like it that Mr. O'reilly got some of his facts straight BEFORE Embarrassing himself on national TV.
Also, most people dont understand that Al-Qaeda has killed more MUSLIMS than it has killed any other group... ever. Yeah, no body thinks about it that way, and most Muslims know this, apparently O'Reilly doesn't.
Im just a 17 year old teenager, so people probably wont even care about my opinion, but that doesnt mean that i dont have one... Same with Mr. O'Reilly.

PS, people who believe in no mosque...
If you have a good arguement that is BETTER than the 1st amendment of the Constitution, please speak up, if you dont, stop grouping radicalists with pacifists...
Peace in the world, and peace to you all.


Muslim leadership should stand up and say out of respect for all, muslims included, there will be no mosque built there. That would certainly go alot further toward healing the wounds and opening a favorable line of discussion. Whoopi and Joy should really get in touch, or was it all for publicity. They sure came back fast.

barbara schettler

Bill O'Reilly just confirmed why I stopped buying into his "no spin zone" crap long ago!Barbara Walters never takes a stand on anything.I have a feeling that the powers that be insisted whoopie and Joy return to the set!


What truth Mr O'Reilly is very much mistaken with his statement and Mrs Walter's was very wrong in saying that the lady's was wrong by leaving the set when they did well Mr O'Reilly very often is Mistaken in what he talk's about and I only wish he would just Think before he make's He needs to go back to brining the News then making News with His Misinformation He was Much better at brining the News then Making the New's. Please Mr O'Reilly think before you make yourself look like a --------.

kathryn mcnear

Bill O'reilly is wrong for blaming a religion for what happened on 9/11. He is an idiot and I don't know why anyone would respect his opinions. All he is a radical talking head who spouts off without thinking. He should start coming up with some solutions to problems rather than casting stones at our president. What have you done for the good of america Bill O'REilly????? In your own vile words you are a PINHEAD!!

Carol Anne Grande

All I can say is "Hooray" for Bill O'Reilly - Thank God for his honesty. Everyone I know feels that the mosque should not be built near Ground Zero. Joy Behar should be ashamed of herself - I am sick of her "liberal" talk on the show and when I accidentally tune in to her show, I get disgusted and turn her off. I am aslo very surprised at Whoppie Goldberg - I thought she was her own person, but I guess Joy and her are buddies and she felt that she had to walk off too. I am so happy that Barbara chastized both of them on the air. Shame on Joy and Whoppy and O'Reilly is the best.

Gregory Reid

I'm so glad Whoopi and Joy walked off after listening to that big mouth asshole sprewing his stupidity for all to see.Good job girls!

leroy burgess

A gleaming example which suggests the old adage, "Watch what you say". Mr. O'Reilly is more a "leap before you look" personality, whose initial comment wrongly generalized and appeared to suggest all Muslims or the faith itself was responsible for 9/11, knew what he was doing when he said it. But once it's out there, you can't take it back.. even after an apology. The damage is done.


People need to listen prior to jumping off the deep end, or in this instance, off the couch. Very few, if any, sensible Americans believe that the Mosque supporters do not have the RIGHT to build in the vicinity of Ground Zero. The sensitive thing to do would be to NOT build that Mosque in the chosen location. Bill O'Rielly has been totally consistent in his agreeing with the legality of building the Mosque as he has been consistent with supporting the Wisdom of not building it. The ladies should start listening and in doing so may realize that their viewpoint on this issue is in the minority.


Joy and Whoopie did wrong in storming off the set .. they should have kept their cool. After all,like Bill O said, a poll shows the 70% of Americans feel that Muslims were responsible for thousands of lives being lost in the destruction of the Twin Towers. And, as Elizabeth had commented, the president did not want the word terrorist used and so here we are ..using the word Muslims as a trade off for terrorists. Calm yourselves down Whoopie and Joy, if you can't handle difference of opinion, then stay home. Don’t think you know it all, you don’t.

Jay Groman

Despite the fact that Bill O'Reily generalized all too much about Muslims and 911/WTC, his point is well taken. That is, Obama's never addressed the question about whether it is right or wrong to build out BEYOND the what is said in the constitution. He certainly has an opinion but is more interested in playing politics than answering the hard questions. he certainly has an pinion on the matter - everyone....he should quit appeasing people and become the president he said he would be...Now that's change you can believe in!

Lori N. Lewkowitz

Bill is a pin headed bully. He was condescending to Joy because of her political opinions, but not as blatant towards Whoopi because of her race. He's a real coward.

suzanne russell

the people that attacked our country on 9/11 were peoople that were full of hate and for bill oreilly to say that muslims as a whole attacked us is irresponsible and totally ignorant i cannot beliee that people actually listen to him on a daily basis whos next that is my question

Coty J

Well I'm 13 and if they have the right to do so let them build the mosque, It's ridiculous to fight over a Muslim place,just so they can worship there god!.

Lorena Fitzpatrick

Thank God for people like Bill O'Reilly. Whoopi and Joy walked off because they did not like to hear the truth - reality!!! Yes, let them learn! And yes, NO MOSQUE!!

kate mc

Fact: Who were the terrorists? Muslims. Thanks Bill!

Denise Spinelli

Very disturbing... The "View" who's view just Whoopi's & Joy's shame on you. He was a guest on your show and you were unable to stand center stage and agree to disagree. He has every right to voice his opinion and for the record I too think it's inappropriate to build a Mosque there. Your behavior was very unprofessional. It should have been handled exactly as Barbara did although she disagreed she was still able to have a civilized disagreement, that it the point of the "View" ladies!


The View is just that. There is no justification for Joy or Whoppi to raise their voices in disagreeing with their guest. Terrorists do not practice religion, their warped sense of righteousness propels them and some of them are Muslims. There is no way that a mosque stands for terrorisim. It seems like a dose of self-esteem is need for Americans.

Barry S

I would love to see the good Muslim community come out and finally condemn the terrorists, until that happens I cannot and will not give the Muslims a break.

Alma Aviles

I'm confused. I understand that the Pentagon, which was also attacked on 9/11, has a Mosque on it's premises. Why hasn't anyone raised an argument about that??? I personally feel that a religious house of worship has the right to be built anywhere. I feel awful about 9/11 but with this argument your are biting your nose off to spite your face.

Lisa Parker

Joy Behar was insulted by Bill's comments about muslims and expected him to appologize. Now she knows how I feel every time she insults the Catholic Religion on her show. I'm still waiting for her apology. Why is it OK to bash the Catholic Church?

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