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Oprah's final season

Oprah Winfrey kicks off the final season of her long-running talk show today at 4:00 p.m. on Channel 7.  Share some of your favorite memories of the Oprah show or your thoughts about Oprah by clicking on comment.  We may share your comment here on our Interaction blog or during Eyewitness News.  Read more about Oprah's final season by clicking here.


Linda Davis

My favorite Oprah moment was when she visited me and my friends in our home in May of 1993. We were on channel 7 news. It was the first time she visited anyone in their home.
My friend Audrey had written to Oprah about our lifelong friendship(7 of us) and instead of having us on her show she came to Audrey's home. Steve Hartman was the interviewer. It was priceless and surreal as we didn't know she was coming. They told us it was just an interview for the May sweeps.

Michele Bartolett

My very favorite clip of all time was after Hurricane Katrina, when Nate was in New Orleans. He met a young man who had a 12 year old large dog. He and the dog had saved an older gentleman from the roof of his flooded home. The three of them were not able to evacuate because the authorities wouldn't let them take the dog on the bus, and neither of them would leave without him. Nate said, you know what? I am not doing this for the cameras. &%^$ the cameras. We will take your dog, take care of him and make sure you get him back when you are situated somewhere safe. The sobs of relief coming from that young man are something I will never ever forget, and really symbolized to me, the incredible pain and suffering going on after the Hurricane.


Love "Lady O" and her show. There are many shows that moved me to tears, but one especially. It was the show where a young man shed over, i believe close to 200 lbs and Oprah gifted him a small sports car. He thought he would never, ever in his life be able to fit into one because of his size, but he did...

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