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Burning the Quran?

A Christian minister plans to burn copies of the Quran this weekend to protest the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks despite a warning from the top U.S. general in Afghanistan that doing so would endanger American troops. (FULL STORY)


Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center said he understands Gen. David Petraeus' concerns, but plans to go forward with the burning this Saturday, the ninth anniversary of the attacks.


The Quran, according to Jones, is "evil" because it espouses something other than the Christian biblical truth and incites radical, violent behavior among Muslims.


He left the door open to change his mind, however, saying that he is still praying about his decision.


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A Mosque in ground zero is just wrong. All for the obvious reasons and none of them being religion. So stop the religion rederick as it was never about that. It was about respecting sacred ground.


I am a very big fan of the Yankees and Derek Jeter, but what he did at the plate last night was so wrong. Being an honest person is more important than getting on base in a GAME!!!! The Yankees deserved to lose that game, based on a lie.


I think burning a holy book and building the Mosque near Ground zero are both wrong, because both are sacred. However, I just wish the Muslims had a bit more sensitivity towards being tolerant with our causes. I find Americans are the only ones being told to be tolerant and sensitive. Burning the holy book would be our right but we choose to be sensitive to what the muslims hold sacred. I think they need to be told by their leaders to learn to compromise if they truly want to live with us in peace and harmony.


If this is a Christian, I remain agnostic. I hear he stole money from his last "church". He is a sicko who wants publicity. This is the most anti Christ thing I've ever seen. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all Priests are pedophiles. Not all Christians are insane like this moron. I'm sure your Jesus would think this disgusting.

Julie Pichardo

This Pastor Jones is truly crazy. I believe he is no christian at all because what he is creating is chaos and war among people and religion. Why create more chaos where other countries will be hating us even more? Why not let us live in peace? We just got back our troops. And now pastor jones is sitting here trying to create another war and trying to get publicity. What a moron!


He has as much rights to burn Koran as the Muslims to insist on building a Mosque 2 blocks away from ground zero. Both are good examples of why this world has no peace. Everybody is obsessed with their rights, but few have courtesy, much less compassion. On the highway, when people tries to merge in, many drivers won't adjust speed or change lane to make it easier for others. Legally, they have the rights. But morally, they are not nice. Those who insist on building the mosque have demonstrated the lack of courtesy and compassion in the Muslims. Look at how they protest the rigts of burning Koran. They are slapping on their own faces!


I think this man has every right to burn the Quran as Muslims have done the same with our American flag and effigies of our political figures. In addition, they have done it so many countless times and yet we don't go off committing violent acts in retalliation.

Why should we back down to an increasingly over-sensitive muslim community? Sounds like they are winning the battle with the infidel by forcing a superpower to bow to its will.

Joe C

Sadly, the first amendment gives him the right to be an idiot. Step back for a moment away from the risks to our soldiers, and ask what exactly is he trying to accomplish? I just don't see it.

George E. Crawford

Is this minister insane. If we are to be intolerant, why? not burn all the Bibles on the same day. Why? not burn all the books of learning. Reverting back the the stupidity of the past.

We all live on the same planet and deserve the right to worship as we please, with out harming or defaming other.

In the end we will all face eternity, God, or what ever we believe in.

Bunny Music

Why is this sick person getting so much coverage on the news???? He doesn't deserve the coverage. What is he looking for, World War III????


Obviously terry jones is a goat because if he is sheep he is suppose to introduce light not a lighter. In boxing if you fight angry then you will find yourself tko. such a plan is no help & brainer at all. a loser!


Burn that book of hate. This pastor can do whatever he wants to do, if you don't agree then too bad. Don't do it yourself then. I guess you people never saw the tons of muslims saying other countries 9/11 is coming and tons of videos of them burning the flag. Get out of this country you discraces.


NO BURNING!!!!!Pastor, you are not a Christian....Do not let EVIL take you over..


Why does the news media give this so much coverage? It's what this idiot wants. The best think the media could do is not cover this madness in stead of reporting it on every news broadcast. The best thing the networks could do is to impose a blackout on all coverage of this matter.


Absolutely Not!. This Pastor does not deserve to be a Pastor. If he believes in the Bible and in God, how can he even think of doing something so hateful?. Terrorism is not taught in the Quran, it is taught by radical lunatics that have perverted the teachings of the Quran to suit their maniacal ideas. I am a Catholic, not a devout one, but I do believe in the Bible and in God, and believe everyone should respect the religions of others.

Geri Kraft

I think it's a disgrace. What gives this Pastor the right to burn the Quran? For the evil acts of a few is it right to judge a whole religion? What makes this guy superior over all? This is why we are surounded by hate and bigotry. We as a country are hated by so many countries, and we wonder why! What a disgrace you are Pastor Jones...

Kingston, NY

I think this guy is tring the wrong way in getting popluar!! Just look at how much contraversy he has already flamed up. And then when he gets ready for it, the whole world will go up in choas!!This guys really does not know his religion, because if he did then there would not be so much hatred in him, And actually he's doesnt even sound like a real pastor. He must of made his own church and promoted hiself to be the pastor, without anyone looking at his background!!!


I am a christian, and do not believe that is right to burn the koran. So, those who think it is ok to burn the koran because you donot agree with it, what would happen if the muslims came to the U.S. and burned the torahs, holy bibles...etc.? Would that make it right? nope... Ignorance is contagious, ARM YOURSELF AGAINST IT... I DO NOT condone hate of other people... GOD IS LOVE, he said to love our enemies, and pray for them, not to go and burn up their stuff...SMH


This is totally non sense and heartbreaking. How can a man of god teach and preach hate. This is bigotry to the max. There is radicals in every race, creed and religion. All this hate and dislike of muslims is the media's fault! This divides the people not bring them together. Amazing how we can embrace the moroccan food, belly dancing, travel to egypt to look at pyramids, eat falafel but not embrace the people. I remember my grandfather telling me a story about how a white man broke his nose for using a white only bathroom. Did my grandfather protest and burn bibles..did he continue to hate white people..of course not. Enough!


Does anyone remember the MGM Cartoon "Peace on Earth". I believe it won an Oscar and it is a very deep cartoon and thought-provoking but I never thought that it would ever come true. That ending is what this situation is leading to. Pastor Terry Jones has every right to do whatever he wants because it is what makes this country great but what he is doing can cause more hatred among people than ever before. Christians, Jews & Muslims do not promote hatred and the world is apparently not learning from past history. It's a "do it all over again" repeat of history. The media should stop promoting his story. The less publicity the better. Let the man do whatever he wants to do in his own privacy. Start promoting "Peace on Earth"!!

johnnie D

I the Christian Bible is the only salvation, then the Koran is not and it should be burned to draw attention to true salvation


We've gone plain nuts. NO he should not burn the Koran. There's a limit to what makes sense as free speech, and what is incitement. Moderate Muslims will be offended. Extremists will just attack. Just paint a bullseye on Florida. Any chance of support from moderates in Afghanistan will be lost. Every single faith has history they are ashamed of, we should try to move past attacking the faiths of others. Religion has become a weapon of mass destruction.


I still hink their are nice people in this world..by reading some of these comments i am soo amazed. Burning the Quran is not the way to be justified. He claims to be a pastor but how..if he haas no respect for any other religion...he disgustss me...thanks to all who are so openminded and the ones who are with him god help you!


Is pastor Jones a christian or antichristian? How can you call yourself a follower of Christ if you are practising against His teachings.
I am not saying that we should just sit quietly and suffer. But don't lower yourself to a level of these muslim extremists who do not know what their religion really teaches.
You do not have to pray too much to get an answer. Just think WWJD. Pastor, please practice what you preach.

Marcia DeAngelis

It easy for you people that dont have a child over in Afganistan to support Jones I dont want anything that could bring harm to my child or other troops over there !! if most people had common sence they would realize nothing good can come out of this!! if you consider a horay after burning books over the chance of them targeting our troops because of it!! thats not right and thats not the way we were raised and I am outrage that Bloomerg supports this I live in New York and my son just deployed this week to afganistan for the first time!! so thanks to this added stress


How can Pastor Jones call himself a Christian? Did he ever read a Bible? What did Jesus teach? To love your neighbour or hate him?
Ofcourse we should react. But not this way. This will lower us too to a level of lower dignity like the muslim extremists. You don't have to pray too much to get an answer. Just think WWJD.

Yasmaine Ismail

Part of the muslim faith, believe it or not, is to respect other religions. True people of faith and a pure heart would never do such a thing of ignorance. How can Pastor Jones be considered a religious leader of "peace with God" when he is really provoking more hatred? He may be protesting, but really he is just disrespecting all the muslims in the world and blaming them. He will be an extremist just like all the others of ALL religions




This guys an idiot. Not only is he putting our troops in harms way by flaming the fire but if he does go through with this knowing this very fact I would say he is guilty of aiding the enemy by giving them fuel for their anger.

People need to get a clue there are always gonna be those in EVERY religion that are radical but that does not make the entire religion bad. I mean Christianity has had it's own bad history should we go after every christian because of the things that some in the religion have done in the name of the religion in the past.

NO that would be ridiculous.

And the same right you have to build your church where you wish is the same right every Muslim has. You don't like the right feel free to leave this FREE country. That is your right to do so.

Gerald Cajuste

I am a christian and believe that Burning the Quran is wrong. How would we feel if the muslims say "let's burn the bible"? This will simply give extremists more excuse to attack and hurt Americans abroad.


I stand by Pastor Jones right to free speech. Should we become a nation that is afraid of a religious group? That is what the muslim religion builds on - terror! I lost my sister on 9/11 and feel the muslim religion teaches hatred and intolerance. They did not care that they burned 3000 people. But god forbid we say we will burn their bible. They don't care if they cut off an American's head and put it on youtube, but god forbid we say anything against them, they riot in the streets and threaten us and our troops. Doesn't anyone see how they want control by terror?? If they are such a wonderful peaceful people why will they not change the location of the mosque out of respect for the loss of life by their own people. They want to show power and figure the Americans will be afraid to insult them.
It is time we take our country back. If you do not like that we have freedoms here then go to a country where you can practice your hatred freely. We will not stand for it in America.

Yasmaine Ismail

I am and I'm sure many others are not only outraged, but also very disapointed at this type of behavoir. I never heard of anyone burning the Bible or any other religious book. There is so much hatred against muslims as if we all are evil. Terrorists can come from anywhere. Why aren't the people who burn our Quran considered terrorists? That is very extreme and causes more hatred and problems. Some people, which happen to be muslim, decided to crash a plane in america and suddenly all muslims are terrorists. Innocent muslims living in america that have nothing to do with the attacks have to suffer now. How can people call him Pastor Jones a religious leader when he is just leading people into hatred and ignorance. Shouldn't he be leading people to peace with god?


This will attract unneeded attention. When u think things are getting better their goes that one attention wanting individual with a selfish act to gain recognition of the bad kind. What does he or anybody gain from this,... every action has a reaction. who is this guy??

Elizabeth Vartanian

If terry jones goes through with his plan, any deaths caused by his suggestion will be on his head. How can use the word "Dove" in any association he is connected with? I am a Christian and as such condemn any act that would jeopardize any of our troops or citizens. If radical islan is stupid, we should show are strength through. What he is suggesting is close to encouraging violence towards American troops and citizens. If this is considered freedon of speech, then so is yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater.


stand your ground pasture! remember 9 11! god bless you!

Ed Whelan

Pastor Jones is placing our troops and all Christians in Islamic countries in danger. Burning the Quran makes no more sense than Muslems burning the bible.
His plans are both anti American and un-Christian.
He is an embarrassment to all Christians and Americans alike.


burn all of them! they will burn our flag in a minute!go pasture! you are only doin what most americans think of doing!

Trina Cosme

What is wrong with people? Is this pastor going to ever understand that his radical interpretation of the Bible is the same kind of idealism that lead to the twin towers being taken out by airplanes driven by radical muslims??
This is such a bad idea, regardless of what anyone's religion we should all be mindful of it, accept it and move one. Turn the other cheek. This kind of behavior will only beget violence which will again beget violence and so the vicious circle will continue. And while Pastor Whatever His Name Is is home in Sunny Florida, tanning in his backyard our troops will be dying for his stupidity!


I would just like to ask this psuedo-religious man Paster Jones if he truly believes in God. How can offendeding god fearing people benefit those who mourned or suffered from 9/11?

How would Christians react to Muslims holding a "Burd the Bible Day"?? It would never happen because Muslims are taught BY the Quran to respect the holy books of all religions.

Pastor Jones is a disgrace to Christianity. If you are a public figure then you should use it to spread compassion, kindness, and awareness not hatred.


It's shocking that there are still people like this in the world. I just saw the story in the 5pm news and I'm fuming. It's people like this that are sparking more hatred in the world. The fact that he calls himself a Pastor and man of religion disgusts me. We shouldn't be burning a sacred document of another persons beliefs and I think this man needs to learn a little bit of respect.


The Pastor says he does it because he is tired of Islam, how does this make Islam go away? Or he is just an ignorant old man that hates other people and reigions.

K Anderson, New Jersey

Pastor Terry Jones attempts to destroy a Holy symbol towards a different religion other than his own is blatantly unethical and insensitive. Burning the Quran just displays his innate hatred. I do not practice a religion actively but would never undermine anyone's sacred values by condemning it in such a malicious way. The attacks on Sept. 11th were NOT based on the Quran. It was simply based on a group of people whose ideology mirrors that of Pastor Jones intended action. HATE!! Pastor Jones will only reignite a flame that so deeply burns and hurts the very core of the American people. Sept 11th should not be used as a resource for selfish ignorance...but yet more of Remembrance and Reverence of those who paid a great sacrifice.

Brooklyn Mommyofthree

This type of behaviour only amplifies this pastor Tom Jones' ignorance as well as how he is truly infecting his followers with this disease of hatred and ignorance. Firstly - he knows NOTHING of Islam. Secondly - how can you stand up against a violent act with more hatred? Thirdly - he is just trying to catch some attention.

It is very funny how people who are "teaching God's love" do it by putting down and disrespecting others' beliefs. People who are like this man (ie on the same boat as the Taliban and other cult-like people) have no faith. You can not be a person of faith and disrespect other faiths. REAL RELIGIOUS PEOPLE (whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish) would not do that. It is only the fanatics (whether Christian, Muslim or Jewish) that would do something like that.

J.D. Kings Park, NY

Pastor Jones is being incredibly narrow minded. Those who perpetrated the events of 9/11 were extremists. The overwhleming majority of Muslims want the same thing most people of faith want, to be able to practice their faith in peace. The pastor needs to reflect on all the terrible deeds that have been done by extremists of all faiths (including Christianity) in the name of God. By burning and encouraging the burning of Qurans, the pastor is himself becoming an extremist and further inciting hatred on both sides.

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