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Is America Growing Islamaphobic?

Tuesday's attack on a Muslim cab driver has added to the increasing concerns that America is becoming Islamaphobic.

Governor Paterson said on WOR-AM this morning that the cabby attack and the increasing heated debate of the proposed mosque and Islamic Center near ground zero is just what the terrorists wanted when they attacked on 9/11.

"An incident like this, where a taxi driver almost lost his life should certainly compel us to remembering," Paterson said  "This is what the terrorists really want. This is the terrorists getting a yield on their investment when they attacked this country and blew up the World Trade Center, that we're now fighting each other. This is making their day."

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IF America had even a tiny bit of the truth about islam they would surely be ISLAMAPHOBIC.
Here is a learning center for those who want to examine islam, mohamad and his lunacy;
What needs to be considered is whether islam is a religion or fanaticism. islam can not be practiced in America without approving crimes against children such as rape and sodomy;
Why would anyone equate anything sacred about Islam is my question? If you have a young daughter; would you want to be a devout Muslim or offer your child to one? Consider the teaching of;
Ayatollah Khomeini's Religious Teachings on Marriage, Divorce and Relationships; "A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual act such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed.”
1. (Al Hadis, Vol. 1, p. 215) Omar reported from the Holy Prophet who said, "No man shall be questioned for beating his wife."
In the very next Hadith a woman complained to Mohammed that her husband beat her while she prayed. Mohammed told her to change her time of prayer or pray shorter prayers so that her husband could get on with the joy of beating her.
MohaMAD was not a prophet but a mentally sick child rapist and pervert , also a
epileptic. His writings and words of wisdom were written down by others after his epileptic fits. In his own word he says; (he was illiterate) that the Qu.ran can not contain contradictions or it would be proof it is not from God. WELL GUESS WHAT? Here is a whole list showing if anything this is MohaMAD was not a prophet but a mentally sick child rapist and pervert and an demonic.

Christine Allen

this is sick...no one should be afraid of their religion! How can you stab someone for being muslim...now isnt that racist?? Not every muslim is a terrorist WAKE UP!




definetly yes...and it always has been...it just takes lil instances like this for people to show there true colors...just cause our president is black doesnt mean this country isnt still racist...if anything it made race relations worse....also i have a bone to pic with channels 2,4,5,7,9 & 11...when omar thorton killed those 8 people in (conneticut not the city by the way)It lead your newscast every day for a week.. this guy who almost killed the cabbie is getting hardly any airtime... not to mention he's getting all these reasons what might of lead to this....the funniest one yet is that he spent time in iraq with soldiers and possibly comeback affected....NEWS MEDIA STOP PUTTIN IDEAS IN PEOPLE HEADS WITH YOUR RACIST MISLEADING STORIES AND CONTENT


I feel truly sad that so many people are so intolerant of people of other religions. I was raised a Sikh (combinations of Muslim & Hindu - which originated in India). I have since become a Buddhist. But my father was raised Christian and my mom was raised Jewish. I feel that with my background being so diverse, I can connect with people from all faiths, religions & backgrounds. Believe me I know that it is easy to get into an argument over points of view and dialogue is soo important in these matters but I have realized over the years that it really doesn't matter what religion you follow as long as we care and respect one another. We all come from the Human race and we all deserve the same respect. Treat others as you want to be treated and try to put yourself in other peoples shoes. If you don't want someone being prejudice against you & your religion or anything else about you - don't do it to someone else. I'm tired of hearing about the conflicts between the world religions - we all want the same thing - to become truly happy - instead of arguing with one another we need to get together and help each other and respect one another just as we are. Otherwise the human race is destined to be wiped like the dinasours - only it will be by our own hand. Stop the violence, arguements, and prejudice. This is our moment to truly create peace in this world - it is up to our generation. Thanks for listening.



alfred loving

Yes America is homophobic. Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama should be applauded 10 times for taking the right stand against racism and fear.


More targets will happen against these muslims who claim they are good American citizens. prove it to us by speaking out and doing something about all the terrorism in Islam against us?They are your people. Do something.

alfred loving

Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama should be applauded 10 times for taking the right stand. The cabbie stabbing is a horrible wake up call to show that America's racism and fear can breed terrorism. How can we boast to being the best in the world while allowing politicians, and media ignorance to use what's popular to get votes and headline news. We must realize that the United States is vastly changing to become the words created and read in the Consstitution. And we will be one nation under God indivisible! Al Loving (Community Activist Manhattan, N.Y.)


Yes America has become Islamaphobic, and unfortunately because Americans don't educate themselves we will continue to see this pattern of people placing blame on those who have nothing to do with terrorism. We all were apart of 9/11 and I can recall being in high school at the time and it is very unfortunate that because of the acts that were committed by a few bad seeds who claimed to follow Islam , that people who follow this particular faith have come under fire since then. Because it was “yesterdays news” nobody talks about the harassment that Muslim people face on a daily basis, which is something that comes close to a modern day Jim Crow treatment of people of color. This negative view of Muslim people will only be fixed once Americans began to educate themselves because it's sad to see that 1 in 4 Americans believe that Obama is Muslim, that statement alone shows that education is lacking in our nation in large numbers. I feel for the families of 9/11, but everyone has the right to the real-estate here in New York and I wonder would they still react negatively if it was a Catholic church or if they were told no memorial was going to be built for 9/11 victims? Let them build it, it will show that America really is a place where people can practice their religion and that we have overcome one of the many racial issues in this country.


This is a clear example of citizens trying to pressure our government into violating the first amendment rights of all Muslims because of the actions of an extremist group. We need to stop stereotyping entire groups of people for the actions of a few. There is only one way to describe the reaction the mosque, racist. This is completely unacceptable behavior. Our laws do not apply to some and who we choose, but to all. This is one of the founding principals that separates this great nation from the places around the globe so many of us fled from to escape religious persecution. When you limit one persons freedom, you limit all peoples freedom.


Yes,there are some who think wrongly that anyone who is of the Muslim faith must think like terrorists.I am a Christian and have wonderful friends of all different religous beliefs.One of them an American born Japanese who had to spend childhood in a detention camp during WW11 with her family who lost their business and home.
Shall we send all good Muslims to a camp just because there are a few bad apples in the barrel? I think not.


Yes. We are too soft on these people and their beliefs. We are the infedil. Isn't that enough to warrant our defensive actions against them. How would they like this supposedly new mosque to be bombed?


The Muslims are the new "blacks". History is repeating it self. What happened to diversity? Don't judge a whole religon by a few sociopaths that are responsible for not only killing americans, but also killing their own people.

Mike Ortega

Ever since September 11, America has changed the way they look at Islam. They look at all muslims as terrorists/extremists and it is sad. Before September 11, islam was not really on the news. Everyone did not care who is who or religion they practiced. Now if you are muslim, they look at you a bad way.


America is not becoming Islamaphobic, saying so is foolish. If any other group had bombed the twin towers, then tried to build a cultural center or whatever its scheduled to be, people would be just as mad at that group. It just happens to be that Muslims did it.

William Holahan

America is Islamophobic. Moving the Mosque is not the solution, hate and fear will still exist. Saying "not here" is like saying "back of the bus". I respect all people who died in the attacks, and I know that Muslims were also killed there. The Islamic faith itself suffered a critical wound. People in Gainsville, FL are planning to burn Korans on September 11th. Muslim people are being attacked. When a bridge is built in honor of faith and peace, who will walk on it?

Marge & Bill

President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg's support of the Mosque near ground Zero is unbelieveably naive and an insult to the families that lost relatives and friends on 9/11. Do they truly believe that they chose that site without an ulterior motive. The Islamic religion is not compatible with any other religion or American values. They have proven that time and time again. They do not want to follow our laws, only their own. The reported 1500 mosques in this country are not going to "blend in". You have to ask yourself why if they find our way of life so abhorent do they want to live here. As their numbers grow, they will become more and more of a challenge to our way of life. Obama and Bloomberg Wake up!


Why don't we just give these people the key to the city and get it over with? All of the politians do is given them everything they want. People including the Politians forget to remember the 3,000 men and women that were needless killed on 9/11 not to mention all the soldiers in the middle east who are being killed by these "peaceful" people. That is a lot of crap they hate Americans and Americans hate them! We should just pull all our men and women out of their country like they want and send all these immigrants that are here back to their home and be a happy peaceful nation again.

Michele Hassan

September 11th was NOT about God/spirituality nor religion. It was about sociopaths/psychopaths who were determined to spread the virus of ignorance and bigotry. From the news, we see that many have caught that virus. "All muslims are terrorists". Therefore, a house of prayer will remind us of that. I live in a Muslim household; even my friends and neighbors are sending me hate mail/e-mails now.


Yes, so many people in the U.S. are growing more and more Islamaphobic. It's even more than that. It's irrational hatred run amuck. Saying that a Mosque shouldn't be so close to Ground Zero is saying that the Islamic religion and people are responsible for those terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. That is insane. They are no more responsible than all Catholics are for the Crusades,the Inquisition, all priests are for any boys who have been sexually abused, all Japanese are for Pearl Harbor, etc. Allowing this obvious prejudice against Muslims to matasticize as it has goes against everything this country stands for, everything that makes our democracy something special. Freedom of religion means freedom of religion, not freedom of whatever is the most popular at the moment. I am Jewish. I can't help but see the similarities between the distortions, the cartoons, the fear, the hatred toward all Muslims, and that which was directed against Jews in Nazi Germany. It is horrifying, and all Americans should be standing up, loudly, against the ignorance.

Estrella Huerta

I think the muslim driver getting attack is terrible but is just the beginning, because the american will start to see the these people are taking over our freedom and they're the only religious group the post a threat to Americans and they have no Love for life who's their God? what god tells you to destroy a life that you're rewarded after you're die I stay cautious everybody should beacause we never now when they going to strike where I live they're all over and seriously they could be good people but I don't trust them and only the men pray Why?


More and more I see and hear our country becoming divided... by party, by race, sexual orientation and religion... The list goes on. It's hard to believe that in 2010 people can be so fueled by hate on issues they most likely know nothing about. Chuck, unfortunately seems to be incredibly misinformed.

This stabbing is an odd case because apparently the suspect has a history with Islamic faith. We can only presume he is mentally unstable. It is disturbing how many attacks are happening. America is a country with many faiths, races, etc., and no ONE group in particular has more rights than the next. And there are bad people in every group of people. All people of Islamic faith are not terrorists, regardless of what wrong info people who are willing to listen have received.

George Hahn

How can we as a nation, who was founded on Religious Freedom for all, now decided who, what and where a person, a citizen of this country can worship as they see fit, as long as they do not pose a threat to the good of all the people. When does the placement of a building, any building, within the boundaries of New York City, specifically the lower part of Manhattan, become the business of anyone than of the citizens of New York City. The World Trade Center was a symbol of NYC, not of the country. The people who died there were from here, not somewhere in Kentucky. Father Mykal Judge, the firt to die at the World Trade Center, who be in the front of the pack pushing for the Islamic center to be built. Keep the politics out, the people, many of my friends, were not Islamaphobes, and I doubt they would agree with this debate. This center could help bridge the gap between the third of the three great religions and open the eyes who walk with them wide shut to the truth of Islam, which is peace, beauty, tolerance and a beautiful book of verses that is as holy to Muslim as is the Torah and Bible to us. My question to all Christians would be "What would Jesus do"...in your hearts you know....Leave the center where it is and help to make it a success by reaching out and finally welcoming the Islamic community to the rest of the country....That's what Jesus would do...Thank You!

P Jack

I did not lose anyone on 9/11 but I can see how hurt the people who did feel. If your God believe in peace and love you can also understand and try to be more sympathetic to their plight. Moving just a few block away does not mean we don't want you here it just mean we as a nation are still trying to heal.


Yes America is becoming a country of Islamaphobics. I am not saying that all Americans are. The uninformed, uneducated are the ones that are susceptible to the ranting of those who fear change or learning something new. New York is suppose to be this great state of true cultural melting pot, but lately is has turned in to a city of hate, misinformation, and rush to judgment. When is it so wrong for a religious group to want to place to worship,stop blaming a religion of millions on what a few insane, unbalance idiots have done. If that is the case should we condemn the catholic religion on what priest and nuns have done to innocent people for years. No we have not but yet to make Islam the focus of so much hate for the doing of idiots who did not know the meaning or the true values of Islam.

Yes I know what happen 9 years ago was a tragedy. But holding on this hate has not improves on your lives. It has turned you in to bitter, hateful people. Who have not lived a true Christian value of peace and love.

When you act like this all you are doing is giving the extreme radicals the power they want. They live to see us as a country divided amongst ourselves. Stop giving them the power over your memories the happy memories. Go on with your lives, lives your lives to the fullest show them that have not beaten you down with their hate.

The best way to show them they have no power is to rise among the hatred and bigotry. Go on and live a happy productive life. Not a life filled with turmoil and hatred.


no americans are fed up with the crap like abc cnn cbs nbc stand for report like an american news team like abc used to be now more like islam

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