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Dr. Laura N-Word

Talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger has issued an apology for saying the N-word several times in an on-air conversation with a caller that she said was "hypersensitive" to racism.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Is the apology enough? Should action be taken against Dr. Laura?  Tell us your thoughts, and they could end up on Eyewitness News.

Submit your comments below, and don't forget to include your name and location.



Why should there be any commentary regarding the use of the N word? Blacks use it every day. It is used by them as just plain N, FN, or MFN. To much is made of this.

Tobias Lanzo

Hi i am a person of color and i agree it is a double standard! Although i think what the caller was looking for was to answer did she (Laura) think it was right for the callers husband to allow his friends to use racial slurs towards her in her home! Laura should have just stayed in those lines and answered that specific question and Not sound like she was condoning it! Not saying she was but one could take it that way. She could have been more empathetic Especially knowing how some are more sensitive than others when it comes to race topic! The N word is commonly used in the world today amongst young people and older as slang. But I agree with Laura why can people of color say it then when someone else not of color say it depending on how they say it is a racist! So it shouldn't be used at all then! SO long story short she should have gave her objective opinion on the matter not subjective! It would have been safer and would not have lead to this situation! DO I think she's a racist as Al Sharpton said no i can't say she's a racist because i don't know her!

m royko



The reality is: somewhere, somebody, right now, today, is uttering the “N” word.
The irony is, when its used in the African American community among ourselves it is used to poke fun – sometimes to poke ignorance even, but never in a disparaging way.

Shame on Dr. Laura, for the woman called for sympathy advice on how to deal with the remarks, not a brow-beat-down because of her sensitivity.
Dr. Laura had No right to say the caller should have “never married outside her race!”
That statement alone was more racist than the use of the “N” word itself.


Dr. Laura is not sorry. Not after she kept using the 'n' word numerous times and sounded like a bitter woman with an axe to grind.
What is scary is that she has a doctorate, but I guess she's one of the ones who get an education but remain ignorant.
I cringed when she told the caller she should not have married out of her race. In 2010, in America someone thinks that way. How sad is that?


Some people are just hypocrites when it comes to the 'N' word. I cannot understand how it is okay for blacks to call each other the 'N' word, but it is not okay for others. I am black, and I do not want anyone to call me 'N' word. Wrong is wrong, and it does not matter who is at fault. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.


I think her apology is more than enough. With all of the separation that the Black community causes with BET and other exclusionary groups that they have formed!!! Would the Black community stand for a WET (White Entertainment Television)network!! Absolutely NOT! They would be OUTRAGED. What about a National Association for the Advancement of White People? I think they would object to that also. Well America should object that segregation as well. You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want respect you have to give it. If you don't want the "N" word used, then STOP using it. You mean to say that only a white person has to apologize when they use the word! If you want to stop racism then stop with the racist groups These separate groups are racist, but white people are not allowed to speak up. They should apologize when they use a word that the majority of the black community uses on a daily basis. America has elected a Black President. America has spoken. We elected, by majority, the most qualified person( Not the White candidate) Dr. Laura's commentary was right on the mark but no one listened to her very good point. They just want to focus on the word not the topic she was dealing with. Listen to the whole story not just the Sensationalized "N" word the media has HYPED up. Quiet Down AL Sharpton. Why don't you ever speak out on a positive note? Black or White!


How dare Dr.Laura tell someone else that what THEY find offensive isn't truly offensive to them and that they should get a sense of humor and get rid of the chip on their shoulder.
Dr. Laura is the one who sounds like she has a chip on her shoulder; disregarding the caller's feelings and repeatedly using a word that a majority of people still find abhorrent and offensive.
I see her wearing a Star of David around her neck and if I was to call her a number of choice jewish slang words and she became highly insulted who would I be to tell her that she should feel otherwise?
The N word has obviously come to mean different things to different generations of african americans but one things remains the same as stupid as it sounds-that that word spoken as much as it may be by young african american men and women it should NEVER EVER be uttered by any other race.
I dare anybody else to prove when and how it should be different.
And just because we finally have an african american president doesn't mean that all of a sudden every race problem becomes a moot issue, quite the contrary it makes it almost mandatory that these issues be discussed and worked out.
And as for the poor lady who called in to her show to hopefully get an unbiased and PROFESSIONAL answer to her problem of being disrespected by her husband and his friends with their use of the N word- you know the answer to your query.
NO ONE should be disrespected in their own home; it should be your sanctuary and your hubby is supposed to be your protectant and shield against the cruelties of the world.
If he doesn't have your back then you need to leave that situation and go somewhere where you and your feelings are put first before a spouse's friends.
Imagine children growing up to fear and resent half of their heritage.
Dr. Laura should be ashamed of how she is-as Maya Angelou says ..."when people show you who they are, believe them..."
Well given the barely veiled animosity that she showed to that caller we ALL now know who Dr. Laura really is.

Angelica Bella Lopez

It seemed very immature the way "Dr." Laura Schlessinger handled the situation. Even a five year old kid knows not to say the N word because it can offend people no matter what color you are. She doesn't deserve her job if she can't give a respectable and decent response. To the woman who sought her advice,I would say she was born into a world of all kinds of races and ethnicities...color doesn't exist. Stand strong in your relationship, and don't let shallow ignorant remarks like that of "Dr." Laura Schlessinger and others ruin what you and your husband have.

Harold Graham

It's amazing how so many diploma-ed people in important positions don't get the simple dynamics of language and intimacy.Simply put,your relationship to a person determines what conversational license you can take.Collectively,AfricanAmericans have taken a word that,since its birth,was used as a precursor to mindless violence,and removed,( amongst OURSELVES)the hate associated with it.Very akin to making lingiusitc lemonade out of racist lemons.
Imagine how she would feel if someone walked up to her she never saw before,and said"Hey sweet Lips".While that may be proper from her husband,from a stranger,not so welcome.Now imagine that You Knew this stranger could hate you,and they used a word that was fine from"family"but ominous coming from a "not family "mouth.Ultimately,the distinction is subtle,but for someone who has the ear of a great many troubled people,that lapse of knowledge of social dynamics is scary.

Kathy Fitz

Dr. Laura was trying to say that there is a double-standard now, and she's right. White people are made fun of and called names in every black sit-com and movie that comes out, and black people are even allowed to dress in "white face". But white people can't say a damned word anymore without being called racist. Well, racism works both ways. White people would never be allowed to have a "National Association for the Advancment of Caucasian People", but black people are allowed to have the NAACP. How about if white people start a "United White People's College Fund"? Oh boy, Al Sharpton would be up on his soap box faster than you can say, well, never mind, I'm white so I'm not allowed to say it! And would black people have been allright with the notion of a white president making most of his charitable donations to a "white only" charity? No, but no one can say a word about the fact that our black president, who is supposed to be "of the people" - ALL THE PEOPLE, gave the largest chunk of his charitable donations to the United Negro College Fund. I'm with Dr. Laura. Get over it! Black people are still moaning and groaning and trying to hold us responsible for something that was done a lifetime ago by people that we didn't even know. We all agree that it was wrong, but how long do the white folk have to walk around in sack cloth and ashes? And when are white people going to stop buying into the "poor oppressed black person" crap? You see, the difference is that all these years white people have been thinking that we've been working towards equality, but black people no longer want just equality, they want superiority. Now they want to try and "stick it" to the white folk. Granted, I know, I know, it's not all black people, and some of my best friends are black, blah, blah, blah. The point is that the white people are just sitting around with their bleeding hearts, pounding their chests and saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry when the fact is that now, the black people segregate themselves! They constantly separate themselves from the rest of society now, and then they blame white people for it.

Denise Kirkland

As a 58 year old black woman not only do I take offense to that word I also take offense to anyone that uses it whether young or old black or white in jest or in "song" What people don't realize that there are so many people of color here in america now and young people that didn't live doing that time who don't really understand the " unofficial" meaning the word has to it. For information that word means a low life,and I know some both black and white We need to teach the world its not a word to use in no context period
That so called Doctor lived during those times shame on her for trying to make light of her apology Truth be told SHE"S the N

Brian Brady

Miss Schlessinger's repeated use of the "N" word is worthy of a reprimand and a fine. A simple on air apology will not ensure that such instances will not occur in the future. She has a responsibility to her listening public not to offend or use racially explosive terms. Her apology was not adequate. A fine will have a punitive effect and serve as a deterrent and ensure that such behavior will not recur.

Michele O.

I am an educator who teaches in the South Bronx. Although young teens (and not only black teens because I live in the suburbs and hear white teens use the N-word as I shop in the mall) have adapted the N-word as a saluatation, I remind them of the origin of the word which makes it so repulsive. Why use such a word as a greeting? Those of us who know better have the responsibility to EDUCATE our young people, and OTHERS, who see no harm in using racial slurs.

As for Dr. Schlessinger's comment to the caller that she should not have married outside of her race, I suggest that she read the New York Times Bestseller, The Color of Water by James McBride. It tells the story of a Jewish woman, who married a black man in the 1940's, and raised 12 bi-racial children who are successful professionals, most with graduate degrees. Ruth taught her children that no matter a person's ethnicity, they are a reflection of God, as water reflects the color of the light shone upon it.

Finally, having a president, who happens to be a person of color does not mean that America's racial problems have been resolved. From Dr. Gates, to Shirley Sherrod, we see that all though positive strides have been made, there is still much more to be done to resolve this problem.


Considering Dr. Laura Schlessinger ethic and religious background one would have expected a bit more sensitivity regarding stereotypical remarks. Maybe this will help her ratings among a certain audience. She apologized to the gay community now the black community, who is next? These are thoughts of an African American citizen. EM NYC


PEOPLE.... Dr Laura is NOT a doctor - it's a "stage" name


I don't get it! Black men and women and young children can say the "n" word. Text the "n" word and facebook it to one another and that is okay.
Dr.Laura was stating that when she spoke regarding comedians.
There is a double standard in this country based on race just ask some white parents about scholarships for college.
If we are all created equal then why has it taken us this long to believe it and apply it in our lives. Like many have stated no one wether black or white
should use such a derogatory word.
Wether in jest or not. Will we as a nation ever grow up and consider others before ourselves!?!


Imus this woman....that's right fire her articulate butt...Dr Laura, indeed what a phoney. Finally she hit a cord that offended universaly.


How dare anyone tell a group of people who were so oppressed and as a result still are affected by the severe racism in this country how they should or should not deal with the feelings and pain stemming from what their people have gone through.
White people are still trying to wield control by saying that black people should not use the n word. How dare they! If black people feel empowered by taking that word and changing into something else then we should not have a problem with that. White people just don’t want to acknowledge what Black Americans have gone through in this country and I am so sick of it. As a white man, I advise all Black Americans to stand up and honor what you have experienced in this country and to continue to call out racism every time you experience it, and never let white people or any other people forget what happened to your people in America. Because, I know my people and they will try to cover up that bad history and it will repeat itself!!!!!!


While the reality is, everyone, somewhere, today, is guilty of uttering the "N" word, there should be "No Confusion" as to what's "Tolerable" use. Ironically, in the Africian American Community, the use of the "N" word among ourselves is mostly poked fun at - but not in a Disparaging way.
The problem here is, the woman called for sympathy because she's married to a White man - Not expecting a brow-beat-down on the condradiction of the "N" word and its' use!
How dare Dr. Laura say she shouldn't have "married outside her race!" That alone, was more racist than the entire discussion of a word - that when used in Any context is Derragoratory - because of what it represents!

Ann Solomon

I'm amazed that there are still people who use that derisive term. If black people use it, shame on them. If white people use it, it's an insult. For someone prominent on national television to use it is inexcusable.


while i agree the "n" word is offensive, there are many offensive words used daily. many times by people who would find the "n" word offensive. we should all learn to curb our language to be appropriate. having said that, i didn't find her comments inappropriate, she was trying to make a point. she was not randomly calling someone the "n" word. what i find most amazing is the news networks who dont mention that the United States of America has a thing called FREEDOM of Speach. i have to wonder, if that only applies to some, and not others.


The "N" word is always used by black people as an acceptable term to be said towards each other. When a white person even mentions the word no matter the context it is used in, they are immediately branded as a racist. One of my closest friends is black and he does not like the word being used period. Basically the point is if you are black, white, hispanic, asian, or any other background you should not use the word period. And it is just plain stupid that black people think it is acceptable for them to use it with each other but if a white person says it it is wrong.

Rose McMahan

What i took offense with is Dr. Laura's comment saying " don't marry out of your race, if you're that sensitive." It is the underlying connotation that peeps her hold card.


I am a African American female and I DO NOT use the n word to my friends of color or to others not of color. The n word should be bannished from being used. The n word was used by slave owners. It was bad then and it is bad now!!!! Stop using the n word. Again I DO NOT USE THE N WORD!!!!!!!


Dr. Laura of course may have been guilty of poor judgement in her analysis,I don't see why it would be considered racist in any way shape or form.
It is interesting however,her solution to the callers dilemma may be the same solution to hers.
Try not to be overly sensitive as there will always be mistakes made as we cannot be in the minds of those who are offended,although we must not blow out of proportion what the situation implies.No one is perfect and one has to wonder whether those who condemn her here have an alternate cause reason for their ire??


I have to say even though she is not carried on New York airways. Her total commentary with her listening was vulgar and unaccepted. Her apology was even more dribble to keep her hate fill rant on the air. I as a black woman get offended by the use of the N word so to say that it is accepted by all in the black community is not true. So would it be fair to say that if a black person called a white person the C word. Some or most would not see it as being disrespectful. All I say is think before you speak,one more thing I have heard white people use the N word when addressing each other. Is that being raciest or trying to be hip.


She didn't need to apologize for using the n-word, because she wasn't addressing anyone as an n; she was pointing out how often it was used amonst the hip-hop & black comedians. It's appauling and she was tring to get her point across. what she was wrong for, was dismissing the womans being offended by her husbands pass at racially offesive comments. she is supposed to be giving advice, and she reminded me of the Geiko commercial of the drill seargant being a shrink - no sensitivity. she should have #1-inquired first to say if the call ever uses the n-word even as a term of affection; #2 inquired of the type of comments that were being made by others. if the caller uses the n-word like the commedians and the rappers do, then the caller has a double standard. but I would hardly believe that someone in an interacial marraige would even think of using the n-word. the caller sounded articulate enough that she came across as someone who wouldn't use that kind of talk, and if I as a lay person can sense that, then surely "Dr" Laura should have had the ability to do so also


Dr. Laura Schlessinger your supposed to be a professional not an idiot.


She didn't call anyone the "N" word, didn't go out of her way to insult. She made a comment that black people call each the "N" word and that's ok with everyone but if a white person uses it, look out. Get on the subway, kids (black and latino) use it constantly. It's a shame and it's ghetto. If Black people truly find this offensive then stop STOP reffering to urselves that way!


All people should avoid using the 'n' word; however, oftimes the concept of political correctedness is taken to extremes. Acknowledge the blunder and move on quickly without making such issues headline news.

Jessica E

I feel that she didn't even truly apologize, she basically commented on what she said. She spoke as if it was no big deal and she should be taken off the air. The "n" word should never be used in any form.


SHE SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The "N" word WILL not be TOLERATED by any group , just as spic , honky ,kike and many other racial name callings SHOULD not be tolerated . End of story .


I am looking for America. I would like somebody to tell me where to find America. I am living in false country. This America took out the most important Vocabulary words from the Dictionary. “Honest” and “listen”. My wishes are Day and Night to find the real America that will listen and be honest because I need to talk to somebody in the true America. Will someone hear my plea and please respond.


I dont understand why people use this word, espceically us black people...we as black people dont like to be called by the N but at the same time we called each other niggar....As a race we need to stop calling each other the N word...As a matter of fact the other day im in the movie theater and there were at least 5 teenagers next to me and they were calling each other niggar now there were two blacks two spanish and a white boy...none of seem to have a problem with it....we should stop using the word among each other and maybe this situation wont happen again...but i doubt it...so lets not be surprise how this Dr. answer the caller...

FLO from Texas

U R your son mother, and how would you like someone to call him out of this name (white boy or chacker or anything bad. U R a mother U R suppose to NO better.


so freakin what i am puerto rican been called a spic 1000 times so what,,,,listen racist words will be around forever i went to the supermarket and asked the manager why in the goya aisle does it read mexican food? and he clearly asked me whats wrong with that i said nothing but there is food from all latin countries including japanese food in that aisle so he changed the name of the aisle to hispanic and ethnic foods....i said if there were chicken wings there would it be called black people food or if there were gator tail would it be called white people food? the world is filled with ignorant people as long as your secure about who u are dont worry about words,,,,,,they are gonna be here forever.only ignorance can make you mad.


no the apology should be fine everyone uses that word even in regards to homies friends boyfriends for example he is my nigga could mean he is my friend my man etc...so what stop getting mad over a word that black people made a racist word themselves its ok to call eachother that but when one other uses it its clearly racists? i dont think so i am from new york and live in the south now in nyc its normal to use this word......in the south people take it personal .....but it is ignorance that gets people angered at a word

J. Tirado

Actually surprised that a Doctor, more so than a radio host wouldn't be more empathetic to her listener's plight. Remember, the discussion is of racism, not a subject matter to address so cavalier. There's a distinct difference between personal and professional advice...which was she giving? There seem to be distain, maybe even frustration from Dr. Laura - Was having an Obama in office suppose to suppress almost 200 years of slavery & prejudice from the minds of an evolving generation. If giving no nonsense advice is in the job description, where do I apply? I applaud the listener for being attentive and challenging the poor advice she was given, maybe one day Dr. Laura will share this mishap with her own therapist.


I heard about this last night on CNN's program, Anderson Cooper 360. From what she said on her program, I think she's a ignorant person who needs to admit to her own prejudice. No one I know thinks using the word nigger is ever ok. Even rappers use it primarily because of the shock value. Any other uses reveals that the speaker is not only ignorant, but low-class, (or should I say no-class?) individual who deserves to be ignored and condescended to by one and all. The minute Dr. Schlessinger said what she said, it made me believe any money spent on her education or in any way supporting her was money wasted. She, like all black or white rappers, comics or anyone who utters the word, is merely waste product in search of a sewer with no self-respect to accommodate her.

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