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Bedbugs on the Rise

A recent survey of pest control companies found about 40 percent of bedbug problems now occur not in
homes, but in commercial businesses such as clothing stores, hotels or theaters.

So do you have any personal experiences with bedbugs? In your home or in a store? Does the thought of bedbugs make you nervous to shop? Or do you have thoughts on the spreading infestations and how to stop them? Let us know your story, and you may see your comments on Eyewitness News!



I put in "Jet Blue and Bed Bugs" into the google and found K.B.'s comment--I flew flight 359 from JFK.NYC to Burbank on July 24, 2011 and have bed bug bites only behind my knees, right where the seat is. Hoping they didn't make it into my clothing!

Bed Bug Bites Guide

One solution to prevent the infestation to get in your own household can be fixing all the cracks within the house windows and the wall surfaces and even doorways. And also it's a great plan to abolish all the furniture which is too old to become utilised.

Bed Bug Bites

There are many ways on how bed bugs are acquired. Knowing them is important so that you can make ways to avoid getting these unwanted guests inside your home. Once you know some information on how these blood suckers are acquired, you will have bigger chances of keeping your house free from bed bugs.

K. B.

My family and I traveled from JFK, NY to Burbank, CA on August 22, 2010 on JetBlue flight #359 and were bitten over two dozen times by bedbugs! I contacted JetBlue as soon as I realized what happened and they are saying they aren't responsible!!! I even sent 16 photos!

Pest Control Newbury

In my experience, traveller are bringing lots of unwanted guests home with them. I recently did a major job in Swindon, where the home-owners had been all around Thailand and when they got home, the first thing they did was to dump the cases and washing on the bed!

Guess what, 3 weeks later they are everywhere!

Travel tip is to spray cases in and outside with DEET based insect repellent at every stop - this wont kill them but they hate DEET.

Also, take precautions, get a protecta cover on your bed as it stops them finding a home http://www.rapid-pest-control.co.uk/Bed+Bug+Protection+Newbury+Berkshire.


i spent almost two years in a residence for the displaced and was repeatedly bitten by bed bugs. so appalled I slapt fully dressed. the bites are an ugly bright red and itch like crazy eeeeekkkkk!!!!!

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