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Share your memories of Bob Sheppard

Yankees announcer Bob Sheppard died at the age of 99 at his home in Baldwin, NY on Sunday.  We invite you to share your memories and thoughts about the man with the legendary voice right here.  Click on comment below, and don't forget to give your name and location.  Your comments may appear on Eyewitness News.



Mary Anne

A great loss for the team and the fans to lose these two great Yankee icons so close together, but somehow easier to think of them both being together for the rest of time watching over the stadium. Rest in peace Bob and George...

Sherri Mc Dermott

Bob Sheppard was another icon of baseball. I enjoyed listening to him when I went to Yankee Stadium to see the
games. My condolences go out to Mr.Sheppard's family.
Rest in Peace,Mr.Sheppard.

Pyllis Casale

Bob Shepard arrived in heaven first so he could be there to announce the arrival of Mr. Steinbrenner. God bless them both. An era has passed

Kathy Rose Moroney

I CAN STILL HEAR YOUR VOICE....... Bob Shepard has called George home to be with him. THE VOICE & THE BOSS will always be remembered fondly, in the eyes of all whose lives they've touched.... RIP GENTLEMEN!!!!

Matthew Chesterton

Bob Sheppard and Yankee Stadium were an unseparable duo. I had the privilage to hear Bob announce the starting lineup at the Metrodome when the Yankees visited the Twins and I also heard him when I visited Yankee Stadium.


This is not a good week for the Yankee's. First Bob Shepard, then George.

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