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What do you want to hear from President Obama?

President Barack Obama is poised to deliver his first address to the nation from the Oval Office tonight.   He has been under a lot of criticism over the handling of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  

Obama is along the coast today surveying the damage before heading back to Washington for tonight's address.  His chief spokesman said Tuesday the president will seek to reassure people he's up to the enormous challenge of helping them recover from the environmental disaster. He will outline his specific plans and expectations in the speech. 

So we want to know what you want to hear from the president tonight?  Click on the comment link below to send us your thoughts.  We may publish the comment here or use it on Eyewitness News. 

By the way, you can watch the address on Channel 7 or here on 7online.com at 8:00 p.m.  Our Kemberly Richardson is also in Pensacola this week to get a first-hand look at the crisis.  You can see all of our reports from the Gulf by clicking here.



I can't even believe that in 2010, with Oil Drilling Worldwide, Millions of gallons of oil drilled and used daily worldwide that there has never been an Emergency Plan in the event that such an horrific occurence should take place. Not to mention, shame on BP and the US government for disregarding the loss of 11 families due to this tragedy. Shame on our Presidential Office for not being more aggressive in this tragic event. Talk is CHEAP...Action is what speaks volumes...DO SOMETHING!!! 57 days are you kidding me?


I don't want to "hear" anything from Obama.. I want to SEE ACTION!! Obama our president simply another puppet being used by the government like the rest of them!! The oil spill could be repaired but the governm$ent doesn't want it repaired! Its all part of their plan kill us by poisoning our food supply. Wake up people! Obama is in on it. You mean to tell me Nasa can build space shuttles and put people on the moon but we can't fix an oil spill?? We need to be aware of the bigger picture.. Had I known what I do now, I wouldve never voted for him!! Open your eyes


I have been meeting with experts and since ___date, we are going to get paid by BP, but only if they remain solvent, I am calm and cool as you elected me to be but I am getting an ulcer holding in the anger. I CAN talk and chew gum at the same time, this is NOT Katrina or 911 this is an unprecedented oil spill that we will fix and learn from. Government can do somethings, States can do somethings and BP can do somethings we just need to all work together. If you have a suggestion I want to hear it, if you have a critism it has to come with a suggestion the same internet network I used to get elected can be used to get me your suggestions, we have hired (helping the unemployment situation) people to read your suggestions, people help clean up the ocean, the beaches and the wildlife, thereby making unemployment in this region at an alltime low

Bill Palladino

I agree with the first comment

"Effective noon tomorrow I hereby resign the Office of President of the United States"

except I want him to resign effective 5 PM today! Gives Diana and Sade some good news to report at 5


Effective noon tomorrow I hereby resign the Office of President of the United States

Dan Sheola

The President needs to not look towards greedy businessmen and engineers looking to be the savior, but the average man or child who has an idea come into their head in the middle of the night on how to stop the tremendous oil leak. How can I submit my personal idea to him? BP is going about this all wrong. I am a recent college graduate that has been brainstorming how to stop the leak and truly believe I am on to something.


Dan Sheola

Julie Pichardo

How difficult is it to correct this situation? When will this major problem will be corrected?

Leslie Timothe

Who is going to pay for this mess?

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