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Share your energy saving tips for the summer

The long, hot days of summer are already here!  Break a few records on a hot summer day and you can break the power system.That's what happened Tuesday morning with Con Ed reducing power in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Power also went out in parts of Queens. And summer is only just beginning!

Con Ed wants customers to conserve power during this scorching days of summer.  You can find some of their tips at www.coned.org

We would like to know what types of things you do to save on electricity while staying cool.  Your idea could help someone else!  Please click on the comment link, and we may post your tip here or present it on 7online.com. 


Valerie   DeLingua

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when the car is sitting in the sun either it be the mall,beach or driveway .roll all the windows down let the brezze purge the heat gain from the sun for a couple of blocks...then roll the windows up then turn the AC on.MAX cool setting is no outside air which is always colder air then switch it to regular circulation on the dash.


I put a box fan on the basement stairs and draw the cool air upstairs.


Hey guys...the key to staying cool on these hot days is to keep yourself hydrated all day ..this way you cook off your core..limit activities and just don't think how hot it is...MIND OVER MATTER....


I have a lot of trees around my home. I keep the blinds drawn for a good part of the day especially if I'm not home. I do leave the house closed up for a good part of the day if it's hot and/or humid. The house stays pretty cool until later in the day.

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