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New York State Government Shutdown

It appears that lawmakers have enough votes to pass the budget extender and prevent a government shutdown, at least for one more week. But with a budget already two months late, can Governor Paterson prevent one moving forward? Also, do ANY of these lawmakers deserve to be re-elected? Share your thoughts with us and you may see your comments on Eyewitness News!  Just click on COMMENT under this post to write your opinion on the topic. Be sure to include your name and location.



To do a government shutdown is only hurting the people that already are struggling to make ends meet. Instead of shutting down all the politians in NY should take a 2% cut in salary and not get any bonuses for at least the next 2 years. We voted these politians into the government and why shouldn't we be able to get more of a vote how things get handled.

donna bonanno

the governor should not take a salaray,he should take 1dollar like the mayor does,both my sons dont have jobs if they lose there unemployment checks,they cannot paid there rent and both of there familes will be homeless,the governor is only thinking about himself.there are a million people in nyc and nys,who need there unemployment checks,they should go after the rich people and what are they doing with the lottery money

B Michael L

I think it's really horrible that whenever I watch the news and hear of budget cuts, the communities suffer the most. I NEVER hear anything about government officials' paychecks being cut in any kind of way. I'm willing to bet some pay cuts on their end would improve the budget. If ANY of those government officials were forced to live in the projects or any type of community-based public housing, I bet the budget would be fixed by now!


All these state officials should be sequetered till they come up with a budget or put in jail for not complying with their duties.


Let all the State Legislators take a 20% cut in their salaries, then maybe we could make the budget!!! Stop taxing and raising revenue on the common people of New York.


Shut em' down.....how much spending we going to do. Enough taxing, This state is sucking everyone dry. Remember; eventually you run out of other peoples money !


My husband is one of the 153,000 state workers who would not be paid if the government shuts down. We depend on his salary to keep us afloat. I think the politicians in Albany need to stop thinking about themselves and start doing what WE elected them to do... Work in the best interest of the people of NY state. Millions of people would suffer needlessly if there is a shut down. Tax cigarettes, tax alcohol, tax the rich. You can't negotiate a budget without creating extra revenue. They need to get it together and get it done.


i know if the goverment shut's down were would that leave the city people r already struggling 2 keep there heads above water i say come up with a budget and stop supporting things that are not imporant 2 the people.

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