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BP's Hayward attends yacht race as oil spews into Gulf

BP chief executive Tony Hayward took time off Saturday to attend a glitzy yacht race off England's Isle of Wight.  His spokeswoman Sheila Williams says Hayward took a break from overseeing the BP efforts to stop the undersea gusher in the Gulf of Mexico to watch his boat "Bob" participate in the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.

What do you think?  Does BP's cheif executive deserve a break?  Post a comment by clicking on the link below and we may share it online or on Eyewitness News.




I think a lot of people have forgotten that BP was part owner of the Exxon Valdez and 22 years later the people are still in court fighting for compensation. I would love to hear what the folks in Alaska went through these past 22 years and what is going on with their court case. With everything BP has done in the past why are they still allowed to drill in the US?

Mimi Barile

This is just another manifestation of the arrogance of BP. This man, who leads an enormous multinational: could he not find a way to spend time with his family in a way that does not flaunt the fact that he could not care less about the hoorific and irreversible damage his company caused? This is just another example of the flagrant sociopathology of these gigantic multinational organizations.


He has been involved 24/7 from the start. Taking a day off could clear his head and allow him to speak with others who may have an out-of-the-box solution. As others have said, he is only one person who is taking the heat for every other, unamed person's mistake. BP wants to preserve their company, and I am sure they are trying everything possible to stop the leak. Everyone is entitled to a day off.

MIchele from Bloomfield,N.J.

Oh! Come on! President Obama was out golfing the other day! He should be as engaged in this catastrophe as anyone. Give Hayward a break!

Dave M

Its outrageous that he went boating... BUT even more unbelieveable is that the Presidnet went to a baseball game AND golfing the past two days...

Even George Bush didnt golf during Katrina!!

joseph coppola

So what! Come on complainers, get a life!

Cliff Mosco

Maybe we need to look at our President first. In the same three months, Obama took at least ten breaks. Obama's staff should not comment until their boss starts putting in more time into our disasters.


It was a bigger disgrace seeing Obame having a big party the John Lennon singing "Michelle" to his wife while oil was pouring into the gulf.


In this day and age, there is definitely way too much media time to fill. Yes there was a tragic accident and yes BP owns the well that is spewing oil from the accident and yes it is a tragic environmental disaster and yes BP needs to own up to it, fix it, pay for it and make it right. But I think people need to pipe down on Tony Hayward. I think everyone deserves a day off. And people, try looking at our own government as to why the management of this disaster is such a mess! The answer is that Obama is good at speeches and that is where it ends. Obama is not a leader. He does not know how to manage the cleanup and he does not know how to lead this country...that is why this country and economy is in the dumps. His first and only priority in his first year of Presidency was Healthcare reform when everyone need jobs. Jobs that he could be trying to create with incentives to companies. Instead, Obama and all the Congressmen give off are anti-business sentiments and changes.


Why don't Tony Heyward stop with his ego. I would like to see him stop talking and start helping the poor people on the Gulf Coast, let's see him get his hands dirty


Tony is once again another one of those wealthy CEO's who only cares about his paycheck. If he wants to continue to get a paycheck, he should do his job. Southern fisherman in the gulf are suffering and so are businesses who purchase seafood for the summer season from them. His check is getting bigger as business owners and consumers are paying out more for his wrong doing. It's an absolute disgrace!!!!!! He should be fully responsible, and not deserve a time off until this problem is SOLVED!!!!!!!!

Ann Oppel

Well all need to get away for a bit. However I think his timing was less to be desired.

Raymond Babcock

We are talking about a very wealthy man. What should he pitch a tent on the beach? No. I, for one, do not want the federal government to be in charge of the clean up. This 20 billion dollars, how much of it will for other things? Nancy Pelosi wants a plane to take her home with out stopping for fuel.


What's the big deal? Obama and Biden went on a golf outing...Tony Hayward is from England and sailed his yacht. He is not the operations manager, does anyone know what a CEO does? Stop all this crap judgmentalism and leave this man alone. Why is everyone hounding him?? Obama refused help from the Netherlands to siphon up the oil....why aren't you hounding him?


His company is dealing with the problem. It is up to him to provide the resources. CEO's don't manage the front line. No one bothes to mention the progress to date. There are many dedicated B/P employees working hard to resolve this. The glass is always empty.

Mike J

Tony Hayward is under immense pressure and has a lot to deal with. He is dealing with the largest oil disaster in the U.S. Yet all the media and others can do is criticize his every move and saying. If I were him, I likewise would of taken a vacation. Get off his back and let him do his job. By the way, that hearing in front of congress was a complete and total sham. A waste of time. In fact, if I were Hayward, I simply would of excuse myself from that hearing letting them know I have work to get to. This is all a joke, a real joke.

Charles Giles

I have two words for Him "YOUR FIRED"


I don't care if he is yachtiing. What can he, personally, do to solve the problem?


I don't know how he could go to an event to enjoy himself, when he knows his company is jeopardy. If he cared, he would try to find some solution to stop the leak, but obviously he don't.

Bill Degnan

I think he and the rest of the Board of Directors should be on the gulf shoreline to help with the cleanup. You helped put it there you should help with the clean up.

Fern Cohen

I don't know why this should surprise anyone. It's typical corporate behavior. It's no different from bank execs collecting their huge bonuses for excellent performance while the very people they laid off by their "money-saving" savvy are losing their homes and applying for food stamps. Hayward is giving a big sigh of relief that he "doesn't have to deal with the bs anymore".CARRY ON .....

Christie L.

The people in the Gulf dont get a break so why should he?? He's as cowardly as Bruce Ismay when he got on a lifeboat from the Titanic...if not worse. Be a MAN! And stop being selfish Mr. Hayward! We know his apologies mean nothing to us. Thats just PR putting on a good face for him. He makes me sick.

Jacqui Odell

No break for anyone until the oil stops spewing, the animals are cleaned and returned to a clean habitat, and the sea and land have no traces of oil. The oil hasn't stopped flowing... why should he stop working?

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