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Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Death

It has been one year since Michael Jackson's tragic death. Eyewitness News wants to know, will you be doing anything to honor the King of Pop today? And do you remember what you were doing when you heard of his passing? CLICK HERE to read more about the anniversary of his death.  Let us know what you think by clicking the comment link below, and you might see your comments on Eyewitness News. 


Crissy Ortiz

I was 4 months pregnant & I was sitting in my kitchen. Me & my husband were on our way to do Laundry & my sister called me. She was upset & she told me to turn on the Television because Michael Jackson is dead. I was so hurt. I turned on the radio & blasted the music because every station was playing his music.


I had just got home from work to hear the breaking news about Michael's death. I was, and still am a big fan of his music. Like so many others i'm sure, i grew up with the Jackson 5 music, cartoons etc. Then there was Michael. No one else like him. I watched his music videos in awe of him. My kids 28 and 26 also big fans because of me listening to his music and watching his videos on MTV when they showed music videos. No one else like him, ever. RIP MJ....


I may watch some of his programs that he was in when he was alive. I was using my computer when he died. I remember my dad coming in to the house and he said that Michael Jackson died. I was like that it is not possible that he could have died. Then from the time that I heard that Michael Jacson died till I went to bed that night I watched coverage on TV. I will always remember the moment that I heard that Michael Jackson died. He is going to be missed. Everybody should remember his life esspicaly his music. RIP Michael Jackson!

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