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Rare Tornado Touchdowns in NYC

*View from the Belt Parkway on Sept. 8th 2012

It's unusal but it's not unheard of... tornados can happen anywhere, anytime!  The squall line that moved through on September 8th was typical for late Summer, early Autumn in the Tri-state.  The cold front was well forecasted allowing plenty of time to prepare for the storms.  But ahead of the front, a strong southerly flow over a humid airmass spawned two tornadoes in Brooklyn and Queens. One happened in Canarsie Brooklyn: EF1 with 110 mph winds and the other in Breezy Point Queens: EF0 with 75 mph winds.  No one was hurt in the storm, but the damage ranged from structural home damage and trees down.


Early warnings make all the difference.  And even though it's not common.  A tornado can happen during any thunderstorm, anywhere, and anytime.  It has happened before this storm outbreak, and it will happen again.

Just two years ago, (2010) a September storm system produced two tornados in Brooklyn and Queens as well.  However, there were in juries in those storms.

The strongest NYC tornado in recent history happened August 8, 2007 in Brooklyn,it was rated an EF2.


*Dr.Forbes Tornado Frequency Chart NYC 

Peak tornado month:
Total tornadoes since 1950:
Strongest tornado:
August 8, 2007 (Brooklyn), and 2 others


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Vickie Frantz

Please go back to journalism school. There are numerous poorly written sentences in this article. One example, "No one was hurt in the storm, but the damage ranged from structural home damage and trees down." The use of the phrase "ranged from", indicates that something happened like damage ranged from structural home damage TO trees down. Range from must include to in the sentence.

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