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Winter Wimp Out... the Results!

Almost 70 on March 8th in NYC will make it feel more like May than March... which follows the pattern we've had all winter long...WARM WINTER
"February was the warmest New York February since people started keeping track back in 1870. At a balmy average of 40.9 degrees, this February ties the 1984 record and caps off a remarkably warm three months, the "second warmest climatological winter on record, trailing only 2001-02," according to Gothamist. By contrast, the coldest February occurred in 1934, when temperatures averaged only 19.9 degrees, a staggering 21 degree difference."
The Jet Stream position which is affected by large ocean patterns is the reason NYC and much of the country had a mild winter!  Here's what goes down in the history books posted by Meteorologist Amy Freeze
NOAA: WINTER 2011-2012: 4th Warmest, running almost 4 degrees F warmer than average
4th WARMEST: Warmer-than-average temperatures dominated the northern and eastern regions of the country in December, January and February, leading to the fourth warmest winter on record for the contiguous United States. 
The winter season was also drier-than-average for the Lower 48, with dry conditions experienced across the West and the Southeast but wetter-than-average conditions in the Central and Southern Plains and parts of the Ohio Valley.
The average contiguous U.S. temperature during the December-February period was 36.8 degrees F, 3.9 degrees F above the 1901-2000 long-term average — the warmest since 2000.
The precipitation averaged across the nation was 5.70 inches, 0.78 inch below the long-term average.
SNOW:  3rd smallest snowcover 
According to data from the Rutgers Global Snow Lab, snow cover extent during winter was approximately 237,000 square miles below the 1981-2010 average — the third smallest winter snow cover footprint in the 46-year satellite record. 
Snowpack was particularly limited across parts of the West, where parts of California, Nevada, and Arizona had snowpack less than half of average.Snowpic
Meteorologist Amy Freeze
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