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Surging Seas: NYC

Search Sea Level Rise by Zip Code  http://www.climatechange.org/

Here's a Link to the Story that aired on WABC-TV with Meteorologist Amy Freeze

New science says it’s not only getting worse, and you should expect severe flooding will happen more often.  Serious floods have increased with unprecendented  damage and loss of life. The Increased storm intensity is even surprising scientists.

Future flooding could be so serious that more people in NJ who live along the rivers would be forced to abandon their homes.  both Storm intensity and sea level rise are to blame.   Just released:  Climate Central maps that show the flooding odds increased around tristate – their  forecast so exact, it can be searched by ZIP code.  

Risk factors in our area don’t help ---the funnel shape of New York Harbor magnifies storm surge… Long Island’s  low and flat geography makes it highly vulnerable….  Sensitive areas stretch far up the Hudson River.   Impact cities with exposed populations include: Hoboken, Jersey City, Toms River, Secaucus.  the Bottom line is NY metro area has the nation’s highest-density population  vulnerable to sea level rise…. Even if you don’t live on the waterfront… researchers say this affects everyone.  


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