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Where is that Meteoroid: NASA puts Asteroids in an App

While meteorologists don't specialize in meteorids... this is still pretty fascinating because it has to do with things falling from the sky!  Meteorologist Joe Witte from NASA's Goddard Earth Science Outreach  sent me the scoop:

Every day, on average, more than 40 tons of meteoroids strike our planet. Most are tiny specks of comet dust that disintegrate harmlessly high up in Earth's atmosphere, producing a slow drizzle of meteors in the night sky. Bigger chunks of asteroid and comet debris yield dozens of nightly fireballs around the globe. Some are large enough to pepper the ground with actual meteorites. With so much "stuff" zeroing in on our planet, NASA could use some help keeping track of it all.  There is a new iphone app to track it all.


A new iPhone app designed to harness the power of citizen scientists to keep track of meteoroids. "Using our app, people from all walks of life can contribute to authentic NASA research," says Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, which sponsored the project. "The data will help us discover new meteor showers, pinpoint comet debris streams, and map the distribution of meteoroids around Earth's orbit." A new app for iPhones and iPads harnesses the power of citizen scientists to help NASA track meteoroids hitting Earth. FULL STORY  WATCH VIDEO


The bottom line is this app is a great way to track the meteoroids... its a great talking point for people who like science.. and a fun way to spend time on your iphone!  

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