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It's the Bloom of the Tiger!

This time of year... the conditions must be just right to see color on the trees... let alone a blossuming flower!  But there is a rare blooming orchid in its prime right now at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.   It's called a tiger orchid (Grammatophyllum speciosum,) and this one is blooming for only the third time in 13 years!!Tigerorchid

The Botanic Garden's website reports that the current bloom is quite stunning! The orchid, which weighs 300 pounds, is "producing a magnificent display of 17 flower spikes and hundreds of yellow-and-brown-spotted blossoms."

This year's tiger orchid bloom is forecasted to have bewteen 850 and 1700 flowers in total, which could be almost doubl the two previous blooms of this plane.

The tiger orchid is expected to remain in bloom through mid December.  Interestingly, the rare tiger orchid — is  a native of the hot, humid forests of Malaysia, Sumatra, and New Guinea —  so the plant we have blooming in Brooklyn is delicately curated in a sheltered weather environment.

Brooklyn Daily Newspaper reports that a new fertilizer has improved the bloom.  According to Gothamist, the plant has gained 100 lbs since 2008, and measures 12 feet in diameter. Brooklyn Botanic Garden says that even in the wild in Southeast Asia, tiger orchids only bloom once every 4 years. 

Meteorologist Amy Freeze


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