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Sad News

You may have noticed a bit of delay between my first blog and this one.  That's because we received some sad news.  Our photographer Gus Alonso will not be traveling with us.  Gus is an experienced and well traveled photog, but as you may have read in my first blog, he was born in Cuba.  His passport says he was born in Cuba, and the Cuban government would not issue him a visa unless he applied for and received a Cuban passport.  Time became a factor, and other issues, but long story short, we have a new photographer, Mike Humphries, now going with us. Mike just came back from covering the Oscars with Sandy Kenyon, so he’s well prepared for the time crunch and the fast paced shooting and editing that a trip like this requires.  We all now have our visas, and while we are excited, we are also terribly disappointed that Gus won't be part of the team.   


This past week we have been doing some interviews in advance.  I spoke with Professor Meg Crahan with Columbia University, an expert on all things Cuban. 

The book case in her apartment is filled with books on Cuba and she has been there multiple times over the past 30 years.  Her expertise will be part of our reports and thanks to Meg we also have a list of restaurants to check out.


We will not be short on stories to tell, so I hope you will watch.  Our first report airs Sunday night at 11.    



Denisse Then

Hi Diana,

Thanks for filling in your readers through you blog posts. Its sad that Gus won't be joining you in Cuba. He's such a great photographer. I had to chance to meet and work with him while I was an Assignment Desk intern in WABC. Looking forward to read you post. Have a safe and pleasent trip.

Take care!!

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