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Where the Money Went in Haiti

One year after the catastrophic and deadly earthquake in Haiti a million people remain homeless.  Billions of dollars were pledged by countries and big hearted people.  So what happened to all of that money?  What’s gone wrong?  Eyewitness News anchor Diana Williams traveled to Port au Prince to follow the money trail.




How much of the donated money is being plundered by the IMF and World Bank?

It must always be noted that the IMF and World Bank are not friends of benefactors of the "third world."

It must always be noted that they are money lenders, not institutions that offer grants. Because they are money lenders, think of them as banks, and like banks they shall foreclose for failure to pay.
Now apply that to countries when countries are not able to pay, what happens? The natural resources become fair game for exploitation, like a house being foreclosed and put up for sale, foreign companies exploit the resources of the nation and the indigenous population are left to starve in dire poverty.

Thus are the affairs of the IMF and World Bank.

Lara Lynn Lane

Diana's reporting from Haiti is really important. Glad that ABC-7-NY told us about the blog. I wonder about cleaning up the rubble...are people allowed to clean it up? I know a lot of it is much bigger than what people can do by hand and I wonder if the government or any private agencies invested any of the money in equipment. I heard on a TV program the other day that Manhattan actually extended itself by putting rubble in areas off shore, I wonder if Haiti has any similar plans. I see those eager school children attending school and I worry about the world outside the classroom and coordination amongst the people, ability to dig out and build a new Haiti. I send my thanks to Diana and other reporters still paying attention!


where did all the money go cause i still wonder why a country in that shape still has no buildings up and all i see on tv is sad, hey we cant say that if it happen here we will be there to help but look what happen in the south it took days to help them. im not saying that were a bad country but the people in suits are thifs and steal when people need it the most that what they pray on the most when people need help and for all the other people in america has to pay by getting their butt taxed so much they cant even have a good life and has to work two or three jobs and then never be home to help raise a family and thats the reason why are the way we are couse we in america are depressed couse of the a-holes in suite who dont understand whats going on in the streets all they worry about is how to use the peoples money and save there own money

Lisa Staub

I watched Sunday Up Close program today and was not satisfied with the answers of those two guests that Diana Williams had on the show. They were just giving a line of bull----. Diana kept trying to ask the same question and they just would not give a satisfactory answer as to where the money went. The money trail on paper does not match what was actually done. Isn't there an agency that can do a comprehensive audit on how the money was spent? I believe it all went into the wrong hands and there is a lot of corruption there. I am sorry that I donated to that country. Oh! and how can that woman -- Caryl, I think her name was, eat in a nice restaurant and stay in a nice hotel in Haiti? Is that what she went there for? Is that where my money went -- to her meal and hotel stay? Also, why was she laughing everytime Diana asked her a question? I was simply stunned. Diana was so professional and wanted to get answers and it was simply dismissed!

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