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Tables, Chairs and Voodoo

I don't know much about Voodoo, but they certainly talk about it here in Haiti.  We heard tales outside the ruined Haitian Palace It's called the White House of the Caribbean and now sits in ruins. Eyewitness News producer Seung Suh, says it looks like it took a hit from an alien space ship.

Carlos lives in a tent camp across the street from the damaged palace.  He calls it the Devil's house and says it is haunted. In fact, the palace is now a burgeoning tourist site.  Vendors have set up their wares, selling paintings and handmade pocketbooks, and perhaps a few voodoo stories too.      

And then, there are the tables and chairs we saw on the side of the road.  Beautifully carved pieces left sitting out in the open at night…  I asked why no one was guarding them to prevent someone from stealing them.   As the story goes, the tables are guarded by empty bottles containing the souls of the dead.  Steal a table or chair and you risk becoming a zombie.  I don't know if that is keeping thieves away, or the ropes I saw tied around the furniture. 


Griffin Wright

Keep the reports coming Diana they are great.

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