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Return to Haiti


We have now been in Haiti for 24 hours and the devastation still overwhelms me. From the tent cities to the potholes, it's hard to fathom life here.  Some of the shelters are no bigger than a small bedroom in New York City and yet they house entire families.  During the day the streets are filled with people because it's too hot inside the shelters.  I know it is cold in New York, but remember the hottest day from last summer.  That's what it's like in Haiti right now.  

It has now been a year since the catastrophic earthquake and this is the third time Eyewitness News has sent a crew to cover Haiti.  Our job is to look at the recovery operation here as the one year anniversary approaches.  We will also try to follow the money trail.  So far we have seen little evidence of the relief effort, but it's only been a day. 

We are now getting ready for our 11 o'clock live shot from the roof of the police station next to the fallen Haitian capital.  It is hot here at night and there are lots of mosquitoes once the sun goes down.  Our satellite crew has just returned from South America, having covered the Chilean miner rescue. They are ready to feed video…


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