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Training talk

The emails and conversations between Schully, Michelle and I go like this:


…. hung in there for the whole 18 -- I’ll try again on Saturday to do 20 -- I’m not happy -- don't want to be walking the NYC marathon -- (Schully)

   ….I did 20,  my knee is hurting, my hips are hurting….it was a bad run….but it’s all in my head, I know it. (Michelle)


…awful about your toes -- I just get a lot of bad chafing -- I have egg whites on a roll with cheese which has been fine for me – (Schully)


   gnawing on raw ginger today…a friend says it helps with sore muscles and will give me some pep… …(Diana)


     Yes, this is how we talk to each other these days.  We discuss plans before the long weekend runs and whine or rejoice afterwards, and then re-examine what we did right, what we did wrong.  As the runs get longer, the number of "wrongs" grows.


    Schully and I ran the More Magazine Half Marathon two years ago.  So we know each other's running pace and style.  We trained together for the "Half" in Central Park for weeks ahead of time.  I like to talk while running and so we would chat pretty much the whole time.  And we adhere to rule, "What's said on the run, stays on the run."  That doesn’t mean we are gossiping about Regis or the folks at Eyewitness News.  We are usually talking about our running fears and phobias, and womanly issues.


We have not had a chance to train together for the NYC Marathon, our schedules have been too crazy.  And I haven't run with Michelle yet either.  But I think we are all around the same pace, slow.  And slow is fine with me.  Schully (the veteran) has informed us that none of us will win this race; we just have to finish it.  If you want to follow Schully on Twitter you can find her at @lschully   I'm @dianawilliamsny.  More to come        




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