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The Mirror Ball Trophy Winner and Champion of 'Dancing With the Stars' is...

It’s finally time to crown a new champion!  It started with 12 couples and Tuesday, it was down to three.  Still, only one would go home with the Mirror Ball Trophy.  Let’s recap the night.


The show kicked off with the pros dancing an energizing opening number. 

Then they reunited with their partners and did a little dance. Then the contestants still remaining came down the stairs and made their grand entrance.


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Rob Leads the Pack, Ricki and J.R. Tied for 2nd Going into Tuesday

Here we go!  Time for the finals on “Dancing With the Stars”!  Tonight, the stars had to dance one dance that they had yet to dance and then they performed the fan favorite Freestyle dance. 



Ricki and Derek were up first and they performed the Cha Cha.  During rehearsals, Carrie Ann helped them with their technique.  They were perfectly in sync with their movements, although you could see Ricki and Derek get their hands mixed up together in one of their holds.  Overall, they did a fanstastic job, but some parts looked a little bit clunky to me.  It wasn’t as smooth as they usually are.  Len liked their hips but he thought it could have been a little more fluid.  Bruno said she was running at full steam and that she has never been hotter, he agreed with Len that there was a lack of fluidity in some passes.  Carrie Ann said that tonight she lived the dance!  She added that their arms got a little confused but thought it was confidence at its best.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, and Bruno -9, for a total of 27 out of 30.  I would have probably given that an 8 I hate to say!  Also, notice, again Derek Hough has his bare chest showing!  He loves it!


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The Season Finale of 'Dancing With the Stars' Begins Monday!

After ten weeks of the most riveting performances, dramatic eliminations and shocking moments of the show's 13 seasons, Robert Kardashian and two-time champion Cheryl Burke, Ricki Lake and three time champion Derek Hough, and J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff will hit the dance floor for a chance to outshine the rest and be crowned "Dancing with the Stars" champions.


In the final one-hour performance show on Monday, November 21 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), all three couples will compete against one another with two dances.


The first number is a style the couples have not yet done. Then, all three contenders will perform the always popular and fan favorite Freestyle dances. 


Eyewitness News Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon will be there for all of the action!  You can watch his reports on Eyewitness News and on 7online. 


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The Final Three Have Been Chosen on 'Dancing With the Stars'

After a wild night last night, tonight, there was no telling which three couples would make it to the finals next week on “Dancing With the Stars.”


The judges chose Rob and Cheryl’s Samba to see again!  I loved it, the return of the rainbow and parade float!  This dance was fantastic and I was so glad they chose this one to see again.  There’s just so much joy exuding from Rob! 


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Kardashian Wows as J.R. Slips a Bit in the Semifinal Performances

It’s the Semifinals on “Dancing With the Stars”!  It was a tough night because the final four had to perform three dances a piece.


First up in the first round were Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  Poor Hope was having a lot of trouble with her shoulder and had to get some medicine injected just to make it through the rehearsals.  The danced their Paso Doble first.  It was full of fire and chains in the beginning and had a great but kind of slow start.  It seemed like a full minute almost went by before they started actually dancing.  Maks also danced around her quite a bit.  The parts that Hope did dance, she gave it her all and did very well.  There were a few little trouble spots in the middle to the end but she fought through it and gave a pretty solid performance.   Len said that he thought it was incredible that they all had to learn three dances.  He loved the attitude, but thought it was lacking in control and finesse.  Bruno thought she was unchained and untamed.  He added that it was lacking some artistry.  Carrie Ann said that she nailed the character of the dance, but thought that the hold was a little out of sync and she lost her shaping at some points.


Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 7, and Bruno – 7, for a total of 21 out of 30. Brooke said Maks you look unhappy and he said, “No I love it, thank you everybody for everything you ever said or ever did.”  Yikes!  I would have given them an 8, I think the 7’s were a teensy bit low.


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The Final Four Perform Tonight on 'Dancing With the Stars'

The semi-finals have arrived and the competition is nothing short of intense as the four remaining couples charm audiences with three routines.  That's a lot of memorizing which leaves a lot of room for error, let's hope our semifinalists are up to the task!

Dwts logo
Their first performance is an Argentine Tango, their second dance is either a Paso Doble or Samba -- one of which is a style dance they have not yet performed -- and their third dance will be the Cha Cha relay, in which all couples will dance to the same song.

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Predictable Elimination on 'Dancing With the Stars'

The first three couples were up to find out their fate first tonight on “Dancing With the Stars”.   Rob & Cheryl, J.R. & Karina, and Hope & Maks all had great performances last night.  The first couple into the semifinals is J.R. & Karina!  Hope & Maks also learned that they were in the semifinals!  Now, for the fate of Rob & Cheryl…they sadly found out they were in jeopardy.  That’s crazy! 



Andrea Bocelli graced the ballroom with a magical performance of "More" with Chris Botti off of his “Andrea Bocelli Concerto: One Night in Central Park” album.  It was truly amazing.  You felt like you were transported back in time to the days of “Casablanca” or something.  Needless to say, he got a standing ovation for such a great performance.


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Instant Dances were an Instant Hit on 'Dancing With the Stars'

This week on “Dancing With the Stars” the final five had to contend with the dreaded “Instant Dance”!  This time, they had to dance the Jive to an unknown song that they would find out on the show, and they also had to learn an individual dance, so they all had double duty!


First up this week were Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke with their Quick Step.  It had a weird awkward start I thought, but then Rob found his groove.  I love “Take on Me” what a great song with high energy.  Rob’s timing seemed slightly off.  It just didn’t seem to match the music at times, but he was good at keeping the energy up and making the dance fun to watch.  The crowd loved it though!  Rob really has improved over the weeks and I still see him making it to the final three.  Len said that he thought he had a bad start and thought the opening was terrible, he said once he got into the hold it was much better and his butt was much better.  He thought it was his best dance so far!  Bruno said he had the best lines that he’s danced so far; he thought it was an incredible improvement.  Carrie Ann said that he’s the ideal contestant because he’s really improved every week and found him elegant, smooth, and light on his feet.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, and Bruno – 9, for a total of 27 out of 30.  Their instant Jive will be to the song “Man-eater”.


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Week 7 Elimination: More of a Trick than a Treat

This week's show is sure to infuriate many.  But like they say, if you want your favorites to stay in, you've got to vote, vote, vote!


The results show kicked off with Justin Bieber performing the title song from his documentary/movie “Never Say Never”.  His hair looks so much better than it did as a mop top, I just have to say!  I wonder if we’ll be seeing the “Biebs” as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” once his teen pop career begins to slow down…kind of like when Aaron Carter was on.  There was a moment towards the end of the dance where he did a gross crotch grab move that probably made the 13-year-old’s squeal and made me nearly puke up my snack.  Still, the crowd went wild.  I think it’s probably hard not to catch a case of the “Bieber Fever” when watching him perform live.


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More Treats than Trick on 'Dancing With the Stars'!

The show started with showing the transformation of the stage and the transformation of the stars backstage for this week’s Halloween spectacular!


Tom Bergeron didn’t dress up, but Brooke Burke looked fabulous in a spider web dress with a black wig on.



David Arquette and Kym Johnson were up first with their Halloween Cha Cha Cha as he dressed up as a vampire and she was his victim.  I love spunk that David brought to this Abra Cadabra dance.  It had great energy the whole way though and I thought that he was able to hold his frame quite well too.  He even did a little magic at the end where he threw a spider web, but it landed right on top of him.  I’m not sure if that was how it was supposed to go.  Len said that it was full of tricks and treats.  He said he turned himself into a dancer there, but he could have had a little more rhythm but it was well done.  Bruno said that David was a natural at turning tricks!  Bruno called Carrie Ann a “Naughty little *****”. Carrie Ann said that he had polish and finesse, but thought his hold could be a little bit stronger.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, and Bruno – 8 for a total of 24 out of 30.  I would have given it a 9!


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