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Disappointing Eliminations on 'Dancing With the Stars'

This week’s double elimination started off with Kylie Minogue singing “The Locomotion”.  She looked fantastic, but sounded a little off…anyone else think so?


The two couples who scored the highest the past two weeks, Melissa & Tony and Shawn & Derek, were up first for their results.  Melissa & Tony were the first to learn that they were in the semi finals!  Shawn & Derek were also safe and in the semi finals despite that dismal 7 they earned from Len last night.



Then the cast of “Newsies” performed.  They performed their signature song “Seize the Day”.  It was fantastic of course!  If you haven’t seen it on Broadway yet, what are you waiting for?!  The crowd was so energized they were losing it by the end!  I never saw so much cheering!  After that, NeYo performed.



Once it was time for more results, Kelly & Val learned that they were safe and poor Kirstie & Maks learned that they were eliminated!  BOO!  I really enjoyed watching Kirstie and she was a big reason I was excited for the all-stars season.  She was very gracious in her exit though!



Then the couples had to pick the dances and themes for next week’s performances for each other!  Melissa & Tony got the “Caveman” Hustle.  Shawn & Derek got the “Knight Rider” Bhangra (Indian Folk Dance).  Gilles & Peta ended up with the “Mad Monk” Merengue.  Apolo & Karina got the “Big Top” Jazz.  Emmitt & Cheryl received the “Espionage” Lindy Hop.  Kelly & Val lastly got the “Surfer” Flamenco dance.  Well that should make for an interesting show next week!  One of these dances of course will not happen because there is still one couple going home.




Before the big elimination, there was a special performance from pro dancers Anna Trebunskaya and Valentin Chmerkovisky, alongside special guests Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild, principal dancers with the New York Ballet.  It was mesmerizing!



Time for the final results!  The next couple into the semi finals was Emmitt & Cheryl!  I have to say I am shocked!  I thought he might be going home tonight.  I didn’t think he did that great!  It was then between Apolo & Karina and Gilles & Peta.  Then, my worst nightmare happened.  Gilles & Peta were eliminated!  WHAT!?!?!?!  This is terrible!  Honestly, the only people really left for me to root for are Melissa and Tony I guess!  Wow, I am extremely disappointed! 



Next week, the couples will compete with the routines they picked on this show and they will also perform to  music from Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album.


guess who

Gilles & Peta should have never been eliminated. They were one of the best couples on the show. I used to really enjoy this show. The name of the show should be changed to Popular among the stars, because this is not judged on dancing it is judged on popularity.

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