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Two Former Champions Fall on 'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars'

The results show began with Len announcing that the judges would like to see Shawn and Derek’s Quick Step!  I was hoping they would do it again! 

I love the amount of energy and just bounciness that this routine has!  It was fantastic to see again.



Right off the bat, it was time for results.  Melissa & Tony and Gilles & Peta were safe!  Then Emmitt and Cheryl learned that they were safe.  Somehow, the stars did not align for Kirstie & Maks who learned that they were in jeopardy!  Oh no!  Don’t forget, it’s a double elimination and two couples have to go home.



Musician Frankie Moreno performed with a medley of "Tangerine Honey" and "Real Wild Child," accompanied by Lacey Schwimmer and Kyle Massey.  It was good to see the second place duo again!  They are so fabulous together.



Derek & Shawn and Apolo & Karina both learned they were safe.  Drew & Anna found out that they were in jeopardy.  They tried really hard!  I feel bad they are finding themselves in this position again!  Kelly & Val were fortunately safe.



Drew & Anna and Kirstie & Maks, the two couples that were in jeopardy so far came back out and one of them would be going home.  It was Drew & Anna!  Oh wow!  That is a big bummer, I really liked watching them but I think that viewers just couldn’t connect with him.



The dance styles were revealed, they are Bolero, Bollywood, Broadway, Charleston, Contemporary, Disco, Hip Hop, Jitterbug, Mambo, and Rock & Roll. Bristol picked Bollywood for Gilles.  Kirstie picked Disco for Sabrina. Helio picked Mambo for Shawn.  Kelly picked Bolero for Emmitt.  Melissa picked hip hop for Apolo.  Apolo picked Jitterbug for Melissa.  Emmitt picked Contemporary for Kelly.  Shawn picked Broadway for Helio.  Sabrina picked Charleston for Kirstie. Bristol & Mark got Rock & Roll because it was the only thing left.  Only nine of those dances will be performed because one more couple has yet to be eliminated!



The season's first "AT& T Spotlight Performance," featured Joshua Johnson of Harlem!  He got an acceptance letter from Penn State University, he realized he was never going to be able to afford it. His mother had lost her job years before and they had been living in shelters ever since. Josh decided he would raise the money he needed by tap dancing on the subway. He danced for hours, holding out his hat for donations. Eventually, he collected enough money to cover his freshman year of college. But to pay for future years, Josh would take a five-hour bus ride to New York every weekend and raise more money by tap dancing on the subway.  I’ll be honest, I find subway performers super annoying, but now I will take a second look thanks to this young man.


Currently in his junior year at Penn State, he still travels to New York every weekend with the hope of raising enough money to get him through to graduation.  Joshua and eight other danced in a powerful piece by renowned choreographer JT Horenstein. The performance was a beautiful tribute to the people of New York, because without the people’s generosity he wouldn’t be in college.  He is an amazing dancer!  He can tap like no other!  I hope he does something with that as well as with his academic studies in the future!



Karmin came out to perform "Hello" and their addictive single, "Brokenhearted," from their debut album "Hello".  It was a really energetic performance that had the whole crowd going.



But now to what you really want to know.  Who else is in jeopardy?  The next couple safe was Bristol & Mark.  O-M-G.  She is going to be getting even more death threats now!  That girl has a big fan base!  Now it was down to Sabrina & Louis and Helio & Chelsie. 

In the end, it was Helio & Chelsie that were sent home.  Wow.  I’m going to miss his fun loving attitude to dance!



Next week, it is going to be a lot of fun to watch everyone dance those different dance styles that they just chose for each other.  Also, don’t forget, Paula Abdul is going to be a guest judge!



It was a shock to see Drew and Helio go home tonight and Bristol to remain. You are on the mark with your comments "She is going to be getting even more death threats now!" and "That girl has a big fan base!" Must admit, that was the best dance Bristol has done in both seasons that she has been on, but still it was lacking something, or the judges would have scored higher. The Judge's scores should count for more than 50%. I thought this is a dance contest? It should not be a popularity contest.

ken scruggs

The couples who were sent home were not the worst dancers. Kriste and Bristal were so much worse than everybody else they should'nt have been on the show to begin with. Why can't the show change the way stupid people vote and get rid the the trash? We would like to see the best dancers move foward but I guess Lenn is right that won't happen as long as the public votes.Look at who we have for President.


Poorly judged last night.
Wish they would judge on performance and not who's in the spotlight!
Bristol should have been voted off.


I think the two star that were kicked off should've been kept! How cruel was that! Palin should be kicked off! She has no talent and stinks!

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