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Semi-Surprising Elimination on Week 2 of 'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars'

The results show kicked off with Sabrina and Louis’ Quick Step as the judges’ choice dance.  It was of course fabulous, just as it was Monday night.


Right off the bat, it was time for some results.  The first couple who was safe was Sabrina and Louis fresh off their encore performance.  Then Emmitt and Cheryl also found out that they were safe, no surprise there.  Drew and Anna were safe after being in the bottom two last week, and they were thrilled.  Joey and Kym sadly were in jeopardy!  What!  I loved his performance, I’m so sad that he didn’t get the votes apparently.



To make matters worse, Tom Bergeron announced that next week would be a DOUBLE elimination!  Why?!  There’s definitely going to be some surprises I bet.  There’s no second chance for that couple that is in the bottom two but narrowly escapes, they will be out right then and there!


British teen sensation Cher Lloyd sang “Want You Back”.  Catchy…we’ll see if this explodes in the US now. 


Macy’s Stars of Dance was up next and they performed a futuristic standoff that featured some of the world's most talented dancers as they battled for dance floor supremacy. The performance was choreographed by Shannon Mather, and spotlighted Blake McGrath, Ian Eastwood and Tyne Stecklein.


Then the ‘DWTS Dance Troupe’ performed with special guest dancers.  It was really good, but let’s be honest, it’s just filler until they give us what we want…results!


Speaking of, the next couple safe was Shawn and Derek.  They were really good so I agree with that.  Kirstie and Maks were also safe.  Kelly and Val sadly learned that they were in jeopardy!  Bristol and Mark were safe!  Wow, controversial!  Kelly was way better than Bristol in my opinion…I wonder if she’ll be able to make it as far as she did the last time!


A familiar face from last season, Katherine Jenkins, returned to perform “Come What May” with Placido Domingo.  It was beautiful! 


Time for more results.  Gilles and Peta were next to be safe!  Glad they are back another week.  Melissa and Tony were also safe after their spectacular Jive!  Apolo and Karina found out they were safe.  Helio and Chelsie found out they were in jeopardy!  Insanity!


So we have Joey & Kym, Helio & Chelsie, and Kelly & Val in the bottom three.  Kelly and Val were the first couple to breath a sigh of relief.  The all-star couple that was eliminated was Joey & Kym!  Phew, I’m glad Helio is sticking around but I have to say, I thought Joey would make it father than week two!  Oh well!  Next week, we will see the stars perform one of their signature routines from their prior seasons but with new choreography.  



It's called illegal voting.

On Bristol's Facebook they posted the way to do it.

She needs to be booted immediately and Joey needs to be brought back. It's unfair. And, a freaking shame.

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