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A Top Scoring Star Sent Home on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Tonight, another All-star couple was eliminated.  But, before that happened, the couples picked dance style fusions for each other.  They will perform those dances next week, assuming they were not the eliminated couple.



Also, just in case you haven’t heard enough of Taylor Swift’s new song, “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, she was on to sing it!  The crowd sure enjoyed it!  Then, Tom Bergeron made some small talk with Taylor in which he compared her to Sean Connery and really confused her.



Shockingly, the top scorers were in the bottom three but Melissa & Tony were the first to learn they were safe.  Then it was down to Sabrina & Louis and Apolo & Karina.  In the end, Sabrina & Louis were eliminated.  Everyone was really sad and shocked and they all compared it to Season 5 all over again.  The thing is, it’s an all-star season and almost everyone is amazing!  They all can’t be winners!  Sadly, as the show ended, you could see Louis have a really sad look on his face and Sabrina burst into tears as her fellow competitors hugged her.


Vanessa Hinton

Millions of folks couldn't watch DWTS
on Monday night nor could vote due to power loss
during Storm Sandy. Please reconsider the
results of Monday's show !!!


You could tell that everyone was shocked by the elimination, and I can’t imagine what went through the other competitors’ minds when they saw the top scorer of the week get eliminated. I was so sure that it would either be Kelly or Kirstie eliminated this week that I didn’t even tune in last night. Thankfully, I was able to watch the episode off of Primetime Anytime on my Hopper. Having it record everything on during primetime on the four major networks is such a lifesaver sometimes. I am glad that I caught it because I don’t think I would have believed my coworkers at DISH when they told me about it. I am glad that I caught Taylor Swift’s performance because she is so lovely and talented.

Nancy Ostrander

Maybe if the east coast had power, we would have seen different results. Sabrina and Louis deserved to go to the finals !!! I am one of the impacted areas which would have voted for Sabrina.

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