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Tough Elimination on 'Dancing With the Stars', Rules Change Next Week

The second star was eliminated tonight on “Dancing With the Stars” and if there’s one thing this elimination shows, the Mirror Ball Trophy is still up for grabs and it is anybody’s game.

Seal kicked off the show by singing “Lean on Me”.  He has such a smooth voice and it was a really great performance.  Who else is sad about his breakup with Heidi Klum?  Anyway, members from the dance troupe performed a rousing dance to the performance.



The four couples first to learn their fate were Roshon & Chelsie, Maria & Derek, Gavin & Karina, and Katherine & Mark.  The first couple safe was Katherine & Mark, no surprise there with their fabulous score of 29 last night.  Maria & Derek also were safe with their steamy performance.  Gavin & Karina however learned that they were in jeopardy.  Lastly, Roshon & Chelsie learned that they were safe.  He’s a fabulous dancer but I thought his story was a little lacking.  Maybe it’s because he’s so young and hasn’t had a whole lot of “life experience” yet.


The AT&T Spotlight Dance focused on Anna and her husband Jonathan and a dance they wanted to perform for their friend Julia Ivleva.  She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  Anna and Jonathan performed a beautiful and haunting dance to an instrumental in honor of their friend who is now too weak to dance herself.  She was in attendance with her husband though and was clearly touched by it.



Next, William & Cheryl, Jaleel & Kym, and Gladys & Tristan were to find out if they were safe or in jeopardy.  William & Cheryl were safe of course, but poor Gladys & Tristan found out they were in jeopardy.  Meantime, Jaleel & Kym also found out that they were safe.  I guess his Stefan Urquelle performance was a big hit!



Donald & Peta, Sherri & Val, Melissa & Maks, and Jack & Anna were back stage and they let Brooke reveal a couple that was safe.  Sherri & Val were told that they were safe and she was beyond thrilled.  I guess her fans came through for her, because I didn’t think that dance was that great!



Then, Tom Bergeron revealed a major twist in the show.  After tonight, the couples that are in the bottom two based on judges’ votes and viewer votes will dance one final time for the judges and the judges will decide which couple will stay.  I’m not totally sure how I feel about them taking it out of viewers’ hands for those decisions.  I hope the last show will still be scored the way it normally has been in the past.



Stars of dance
It was then time for the season’s first “Macy’s Stars of Dance” performance.  It was an all-star dance number with Hollywood’s most prominent and talented male dancers from film and TV, including Kenny Wormald ("Footloose"), Twitch ("Step Up 3D" and "Step Up 4"), Travis Wall and many others. The exciting performance was accompanied by one of the worlds most sought after horn trios, Grooveline Horns, who performed their composition "Copchase." This spectacular performance was choreographed by Misha Gabriel and Nick Bass who've shared the stage and screen with artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Britney Spears, Beyonce and many more.  How’s that for star power?



Country vocal group, Rascal Flatts, will released their eighth studio album "Changed" today, and they were there to perform the title track off of their new album.  Tony Dovolani (I missed him already!) and a member of the troupe did a gorgeous dance to the song.  If you are a fan of Rascal Flatts they are going on tour on April 15th!



Group of three
Back to the results, Sherri already found out she was safe, so Donald & Peta, Melissa & Maks, and Jack & Anna awaited their results.  Donald & Peta were safe with their emotional dance last night.  Melissa & Maks were safe too!  That’s a surprise!  Lastly, Jack & Anna sadly found out they were in jeopardy.



Gavin & Karina, Gladys & Tristan, and Jack & Anna were found to all be in jeopardy.  The safe couple was Gladys & Tristan.  It seemed to get a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd.  I hate this because I really like Jack and Gavin! 



In the end, Jack & Anna were eliminated!  I’m so sad!  I really liked his passion and his personality.  I’m kind of surprised that Gavin was able to survive being in the final two twice!



Next week is “Rock Week” on “Dancing With the Stars”!  “Kiss” will be there to perform.



I don't like the new idea AT ALL. America votes not the judges.

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