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April 2012


Classical Night Brings the First Perfect Score of the Season!

It’s Classical Night on “Dancing With the Stars” and this is the very week last year where we were first introduced to Katherine Jenkins.  Now, instead of just being a guest performer, she’s a contestant.

The show opened with a stunning performance by a world class violinist Joshua Bell.  It was just amazing, and the Dance Troupe did an amazing job dancing to it.  This genre of music is a lot harder to dance to because there’s no distinctive beat; you just have to go by the count in the music.



Up first with a Rumba, is Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas dancing to Cannon in D.  This is going to be interesting, it’s a sensuous dance that you normally wouldn’t think of doing to classical music.  Right off the bat, I think they took a little too long to get into the dance by Mark making a huge production of him taking off his shirt.  Len probably won’t like that.  However, it was really full of grace and beautiful lines from Katherine.  It was a slower Rumba, but it did have a lot of complicated holds, so we’ll see what the judges think about that.  The crowd sure loved it!  Len appreciated that they kept it elegant and he liked that Katherine stayed on time.  He did mention him taking his top off!  I knew it!  Bruno said that she was the embodiment of the power of beauty.  Bruno said that he would have liked to see the dance a little raunchier, but technically thought it was superb.  Carrie Ann said that she is unmatched in the competition.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, and Bruno – 9, for a total of 27 out of 30.

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Meet Katherine Jenkins

She was a virtual unknown when the season began, but thanks to Dancing With The Stars, Katherine Jenkins is slowly becoming a household name.   Each week, millions are rooting for the Welsh opera singer.  Eyewitness News Reporter Kemberly Richardson had a chance to talk to the woman who some are calling her America's new sweetheart.


Dancers square off on 'Classical Night'

Monday's "Dancing with the Stars," themed Classical Night, opens with a stunning live performance from classical music superstar Joshua Bell, who will be performing "Vivaldi's Summer," accompanied by the Troupe.

Other special musical artists joining the evening are soprano prodigy Jackie Evancho and world renowned Italian tenor Vittorio Grigolo, who will grace the stage, accompanying dance performances throughout the evening.

Evancho will be performing "Dark Waltz" during a pro dance performance with Tristan MacManus and Karina Smirnoff. The seven remaining couples will compete to famous pieces of classical music and return to the ballroom floor later in the night for their always entertaining Team Dances.

Team Paso's Melissa and Maks, William and Cheryl and Donald and Peta battle Team Tango's Katherine and Mark, Maria and Derek, Roshon and Chelsie and Jaleel and Kym during Monday night’s show.

Earlier this season, he charmed audiences as we watched him Samba and Foxtrot, but on Tuesday night, Gavin DeGraw returns to the ballroom as a special musical guest. He will be performing his new hit single "Sweeter," accompanied by Karina Smirnoff and Louis Van Amstel.

And the final Dance Duel will be held this week, with the bottom two couples performing the Rumba, to the same song at the same time as the judges decide who will be the next eliminated couple.

Tuesday night not only brings back DeGraw and eliminates one more couple, it also brings us "Dancing with the Stars: Ballroom Battle." This competition features six pro dancers who paired together and held auditions for amateur couples throughout America. One couple was selected to represent each pro-dancer team in a head-to-head Ballroom Battle. On Tuesday, the three winning couples with their coaches – Cheryl Burke, Tony Dovolani and Louis Van Amstel – will compete in a live finale on stage. Each couple will perform a no-holds-barred Jive and the judges will name the Ballroom Battle champions.

Also, during Tuesday night’s show, there will be an "AT&T's Spotlight" performance by Richard "Steelo" Vazquez, who will perform with the Groovaloos for a very exciting and uplifting performance. "Steelo" was one of the top B-boy dancers working in music, film and television and a member of the popular dance group The Groovaloos. Sadly, in 2011 he suffered a brain aneurysm which resulted in him losing his ability to speak and walk. He spent six months in the hospital and now goes to physical rehabilitation five days a week, seven hours a day. On Tuesday, Steelo will reunite with the Groovaloos for the first time since his aneurysm.

Although he isn't back to full strength, this performance will be a testament to the perseverance he, his family and friends have shown despite all odds being against them.

By Tuesday evening’s end, one couple will be eliminated, as determined by a combination of the judges’ scores and viewers’ votes on dances performed on Monday’s performance show. Who among the seven couples will be the next to leave the ballroom?


It Comes Down to Youth vs. Experience in Motown Week's 'Dance Duel'

The dance troupe kicked things off with a dance medley to some Motown hits.  I really liked how they used the whole ballroom and showed off Louis Van Amstel’s awesome choreography.


William & Cheryl, Maria & Derek, Jaleel & Kym, and Melissa & Maks were all up first to find out if they were safe or in jeopardy.  The first couple safe was Jaleel & Kym!  Yay!  I really like them.  The first couple in jeopardy was Maria & Derek, I am shocked!  William & Cheryl found out they were safe and Melissa & Maks also found out they were in jeopardy.  We’ll find out later if either of the couples in jeopardy are actually in the bottom two and if they will have to face off in the dance duel.

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Motown Dance Marathon Shakes Things Up on 'Dancing With the Stars'

The show started right off the bat this week with a performance by legend Smokey Robinson.  The Troupe members did a great job dancing to “Tracks of My Tears” and then out of nowhere, Martha Reeves started singing “Dancing in the Street”.  If that wasn’t enough, “The Temptations” come out with “Get Ready” and then the party was really started!  It’s Motown Week on “Dancing With the Stars”!


Something weird happened during the intro and they didn’t show Donald and Peta.  Instead they showed a trumpet player.  Where’s Donald?  After watching it back, they were there, and it looks like it was a camera mistake.  They were standing there in the lineup at the end of the stair walk downs so I guess it was just a mistake.  It is after all live TV!  Jaleel and Kym look like a prince and princess I must say!  Then they revealed the band and they will be accompanying the Motown legends all night long. 


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Motown Week on 'Dancing With the Stars'

On this week's "Dancing with the Stars", it's Motown Week!  It's going to be full of legends like Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and Martha Reeves.  The legends will actually kick off the show tonight, performing an unforgettable live Motown medley accompanied by the Dance Troupe.  For the first time ever, each artist will perform with the talented "DWTS" band and musical director Harold Wheeler before each of the remaining eight couples begin their competitive dance.

Dancing with the stars 2011

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First Ever Dance Duel Elimination on 'Dancing With the Stars'

This elimination was the first time that the bottom two would go head to head in a Cha Cha dance duel where the judges would decide who to save. 

The judges decided that they would like to see Maria and Derek’s sexy Salsa dance again.  Maria didn’t seem as into it this time as she did last night when they were getting judged on it, she was like, more relaxed or something.  So Derek took off his shirt again, but this time instead of kissing Maria, he ran over to Carrie Ann, the band stopped and he laid a big one on her (pretty sure it was just her cheek).  Then as they walked away, I’m pretty sure she had a little wardrobe malfunction and she had to put her chest back in her top.

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Latin Night Heats Up 'Dancing With the Stars'

Wow, really?! It’s already the half way point of the competition!  It’s Latin Night and all things are hot and spicy including the band!  They had a great opening number along with Carlos Santana.


Then it was time to greet the stars.  Was William Levy there?  That is what I was waiting to see.  And what do you know…there he was!  Hooray, he strutted down the stairs, shirt half open.  Do you know who also looked really good tonight, Melissa Gilbert!  Her hair looked great!

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Preview of Latin Night on 'Dancing With the Stars'

It's going to get hot, hot, hot out on the dance floor tonight on "Dancing With the Stars"!  That's because it's Latin Night!  


The remaining nine couples will dance either the Salsa, Argentine Tango, or the Samba!  Sounds muy caliente!


UPDATE: The contestant I was most excited to see dance tonight, might be out for the night!  William Levy injured his ankle during rehearsals.  He's getting an MRI to find out how bad he is hurt, let's hope he can still dance!


Also, Global Music Icon Carlos Santana is expected to perform this week!  It's going to be a great show that you won't want to miss.  The fun begins at 8 p.m. tonight on ABC!


Shocking Bottom Two on 'Dancing With the Stars' Elimination Show

“KISS” kicked off the show with another rockin’ performance of “Lick it Up”. 

The pros Mark Ballas, Chelsie Hightower, Henry Byalikov and Oksana Dmytrenko did a high energy ballroom dance and it was a great way to start the show and get the crowd pumped!



First up to learn their fate were Gavin & Karina and Melissa & Maks.  We all know that Melissa suffered a concussion and some whiplash.  They showed the clip again and you could see when Maks twirled her on the ground, she hit her head.

She was taken to the hospital and because of that she needs a rest day, so Maks took the stage without her and said that Melissa is already looking for next week.  The first couple saved was Melissa & Maks.  Gavin & Karina were also safe!  This is the first time he hasn’t ended up in the bottom two!


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