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First Ever Dance Duel Elimination on 'Dancing With the Stars'

This elimination was the first time that the bottom two would go head to head in a Cha Cha dance duel where the judges would decide who to save. 

The judges decided that they would like to see Maria and Derek’s sexy Salsa dance again.  Maria didn’t seem as into it this time as she did last night when they were getting judged on it, she was like, more relaxed or something.  So Derek took off his shirt again, but this time instead of kissing Maria, he ran over to Carrie Ann, the band stopped and he laid a big one on her (pretty sure it was just her cheek).  Then as they walked away, I’m pretty sure she had a little wardrobe malfunction and she had to put her chest back in her top.



First three
Gladys & Tristan, Melissa & Maks, and Maria & Derek were the first group up to learn if they would be in the dance duel or safe.  Maria & Derek were of course safe!  How could they not be after the heat between them last night?  Melissa & Maks were also safe!  Lastly, Gladys & Tristan were also safe; I’m thinking that’s bad news for Gavin.



Then the Grammy Award-winning band Train took to the stage with an awesome performance of "Drive By".  It’s their first single from their latest album, "California 37".  I thought it was pretty good; I’ve always liked Train though.  Louis Van Amstel and Cheryl Burke did a dance to the song and they looked great! 



The Macys Stars of Dance were up next with their performance called “Carnaval”.  It was a celebration of Latin dances.  It was really fun to watch!  Lots of flounce and attitude, these dancers went all out!  The dance featured acclaimed percussionist Sheila E.  She was really spectacular!  The performance was choreographed by the talented Liz Imperio, who has directed Gloria Estefan's last three world concert tours and choreographed for Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. 



Selena Gomez who is just cute as a button performed her new hit single “Hit the Lights”.  The dance troupe did a great job keeping up with this poppy song.  Overall, it was a fun performance.



Donald & Peta, Katherine & Mark, and William & Cheryl were the next group up to learn their fate.  William & Cheryl were the first couple safe.  Then, Katherine & Mark who got two 10’s as well also learned that they were safe.  Lastly, Donald & Peta found out they too were safe!  Oh my goodness, so far 6 couples are safe, that means two out of the remaining three will be taking part in the dance duel.



Jaleel & Kym, Gavin & Karina, and Roshon & Chelsie are in the last group.  I’d say that Gavin is in a world of trouble!  Both Jaleel and Roshon are great dancers.  It’s crazy that Roshon is even put in that group.  Roshon & Chelsie were told they were safe!  Wow!  I didn’t think he had the fan power, but maybe people are finally noticing what a fantastic dancer he is!



So that meant that Jaleel and Gavin were going head to head and facing off with a side by side Cha Cha.  This was exciting to watch, but I don’t know how I feel about the decision of who goes home being taken away from the viewers.  I was surprised because Gavin looked pretty good during this dance, but Jaleel was great and is consistently good.



Carrie Ann said that they both gave it their best shot but said that Jaleel had a very strong Cha Cha flavor but said that Gavin was good in hold.  Len said that Jaleel had great rhythm and movement and said that Gavin gave it 100%.  Bruno said he thought Gavin had some good movements and that Jaleel had some amazing shapes.  In the end Carrie Ann voted for Jaleel & Kym, Len voted to save Jaleel & Kym, and Bruno also said Jaleel & Kym.  So it was unanimous.  Gavin and Karina were eliminated!  So sad!  I really enjoyed watching him on the show.  I’m pretty much over Melissa and Gladys at this point so we’ll see if they are the next ones to go after this week. 



You can watch Gavin and Karina on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” tonight!  Next Monday, it’s Motown Night!  The stars will be dancing to live music performed by The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and others!  How cool is that?!  




mellisa im so voteing for you i love the show little house on the prarie hope you win laura inglles

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