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Classical Night Brings the First Perfect Score of the Season!

It’s Classical Night on “Dancing With the Stars” and this is the very week last year where we were first introduced to Katherine Jenkins.  Now, instead of just being a guest performer, she’s a contestant.

The show opened with a stunning performance by a world class violinist Joshua Bell.  It was just amazing, and the Dance Troupe did an amazing job dancing to it.  This genre of music is a lot harder to dance to because there’s no distinctive beat; you just have to go by the count in the music.



Up first with a Rumba, is Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas dancing to Cannon in D.  This is going to be interesting, it’s a sensuous dance that you normally wouldn’t think of doing to classical music.  Right off the bat, I think they took a little too long to get into the dance by Mark making a huge production of him taking off his shirt.  Len probably won’t like that.  However, it was really full of grace and beautiful lines from Katherine.  It was a slower Rumba, but it did have a lot of complicated holds, so we’ll see what the judges think about that.  The crowd sure loved it!  Len appreciated that they kept it elegant and he liked that Katherine stayed on time.  He did mention him taking his top off!  I knew it!  Bruno said that she was the embodiment of the power of beauty.  Bruno said that he would have liked to see the dance a little raunchier, but technically thought it was superb.  Carrie Ann said that she is unmatched in the competition.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, and Bruno – 9, for a total of 27 out of 30.



Melissa and Maks were up next and Maks has a cyst in his foot.  Val his brother, stepped in to help train Melissa with the Argentine Tango and if Maks can’t dance, then Val will step in.  Maks did do the dance though!  Her legs looked a little weak at times, but to her credit she did keep up.  She looked a little scared on the one lift!  She needed to hold her position a little better.  Bruno said that she was extremely brave and thought she really tried hard to keep up, but sometimes it looked like she was riding the cyclone at Coney Island and thought it wasn’t clean.  Carrie Ann said it was like Cirque du Soleil went terribly wrong and there were more quantity of lifts that weren’t quality.  Len liked that they did the lifts at the crescendos  of the music.  He said he thought it was full on but it lacked a little bit of dance quality.

Their Scores:  Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 7, and Bruno – 7, for a total of 21 out of 30.



William and Cheryl followed with their Viennese Waltz accompanied by 12-year-old soprano Jackie Evancho.  William is still recovering from his ankle injury.  They busted out the smoke machine for this performance.  The timing was just so beautiful!  Cheryl looked like she was floating across the dance floor.  William did a great job holding his frame and supporting Cheryl through the turns even with his injury.  They did a fabulous job, it was magical!  Carrie Ann said that is what she was looking for and said it was true content.  She loved how William found the story of romance and brought it to life.  Len said that he wasn’t exactly transported to Vienna but he was close he was in Austria ha-ha!  Bruno said that William captured the purity of the song and saw true vulnerability in the performance and followed the melodic line like a professional dancer.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, and Bruno – 9, for a total of 27 out of 30.



Roshon and Chelsie were fresh off their near elimination last week with their Argentine Tango.  It was interesting, they danced to the classical version of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga.  Their foot movements where they kick looked a little odd, but Roshon’s lessons on how to lead definitely paid off.  He looked a lot more confident out there.  Len liked the transitions into the lifts but said he wanted more tension in his legs.  Bruno also noticed the wobbly feet problem and wanted him to ground his legs, but added that they did a great job.  Carrie Ann said “Welcome back to the competition!”  At least someone was a fan.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 8, and Bruno – 8, for a total of 25 out of 30.  I’d say that’s fair.  Roshon is right when he said he’s just not connecting somehow. It’s true, I don’t think fans out there feel a connection to him and I don’t think he’s got a whole lot of time left on this show.  I mean, how many times will the judges choose to save him during a dance duel?



Vittorio Grigolo, a tenor, performed during Donald and Peta’s Viennese Waltz this week.  Donald did not disappoint!  He had the sweeping motions that you just love to see with a Waltz across the floor.  He really made Peta look beautiful out there and although it was fabulous, I don’t know if it had that special magical quality that will earn him the three 10’s that he wants.  Bruno said that he had the sweeping drive and the passion and he loved it!  Carrie Ann said that she wasn’t sure if there was a lift, so since she didn’t see it she wasn’t going to worry about it.  She said that she loved Donald’s intensity and regalness.  Len said that when he saw that coat he was worried but he thought the footwork was spot on and thought he did a great job overall.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, and Bruno – 9, for a total of 27 out of 30.



Maria and Derek danced the Paso Doble.  It was so fiery and full of passion!  Exactly what you would expect from them.  She’s a phenomenal dancer.  She’s also becoming an even better actress out there, her element of storytelling in this dance was fabulous.  You could really see the devilishness when she finally “killed the bull” in the end of the Paso Doble.  Carrie Ann said that it didn’t suck ha and said it was amazing and said that she is so on fire.  She also said that Katherine better watch her back!  Len said that you lived it and I loved it.  He also said it was crisp as a pringle!  Bruno said that the way they built the tension and the storytelling was just spellbinding. 

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, and Bruno – 10 for a total of 30 out of 30!  It’s the first perfect score of the season!  Sorry Donald, Maria beat you to it!



Last up for the individual round was Jaleel and Kym.  They danced the Viennese Waltz.  His arms seemed very strong right off the bat.   He did a great job of timing the sweeping motions with the lyrical lines in the song.  Their extensions were simply beautiful and I don’t know what they could say bad about it.  Len thought it had a great floaty feel to it, but thought that there was no footwork in the dance.  Yikes!  Bruno said that content wise he couldn’t ask for more but he thought at times that the dance wasn’t as perfect as it could be.  Carrie Ann said that he’s back in the game and it feels bigger and broader when he dances, but he needs to watch his hands because they get a little cringey.  I disagree!  I really enjoyed the dance!

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, and Bruno – 8, for a total of 24 out of 30.  That’s so disappointing for them!  Hopefully the upcoming team dance will help their score.



Jackie Evancho performed again and Karina along with a Dance Troupe member danced along.  It was a pretty performance, but I kind of hate other performances on  competition nights, they seem like time wasters. 



Team Tango consisted of team captain Katherine, Roshon, Maria and Jaleel.  The pros worked together to come up with a routine.  Their formations looked really good right off the bat, and Maria and Derek tore that tango up like nobody’s business.  Jaleel and Kym also had a very commanding individual portion of the team dance.  Katherine and Mark were in perfect time as usual.  Roshon and Chelsie also took to the floor and owned it!  Honestly, the other team has their work cut out for them!  I thought they did a great job all together.  Len thought that Maria and Roshon were the standout couples.  He thought it was good as a good, and thought that some of it technically was bad, and the lines were ugly.  Bruno said the choreography was outstanding, and thought that Roshon was outstanding.  Carrie Ann said it was incredible and said that Jaleel was nailing it and disagreed with Len.  She also pointed out that Roshon did a fabulous job.

Their Group Scores: Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 8, and Bruno – 9, for a total of 27 out of 30!  Those are pretty good scores!  Len was really tough on them!



Team Paso was made up of team captain William, Donald, and Melissa.   So the guys decided to wear open jackets, we’ll see if those get taken off or not.  Melissa and Maks were up first, they did an average job, and there’s no doubt they are the weakest link.  William and Cheryl followed and it was awesome!  There was a lot of passion and heat between them.  Then Donald and Peta tore up the floor with his strength.  Their group parts were pretty good and full of energy but not always together.  We’ll see what the judges thought of it though.  I’m being picky I think.  Bruno said that the boys were super heroes.  Carrie Ann said it was so much fun and ridiculous to watch, she loved the passion and the intensity.  Len said that it was like fire and ice, hot in the performance and cold in the execution.

Their Group Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 8, and Bruno – 9, for a 26 out of 30.  The crowd booed!  I agree with the scores though!



I think as far as Tuesday night’s elimination goes, Melissa is in definite trouble and Roshon might be too just because he always seems to have zero connection with the voters.  The big elimination starts at 9pm!  Gavin DeGraw will be back to perform!



What was the name of the song played for "Team Tango?"

Tyson Sieger

Oh I can see them dance gracefully, even just by looking at the picture. The tango really caught my attention. How I wish I could’ve joined the team to do the spin-bys and open reverse turn steps. How I missed my college days when I participated in dance sports, and now want to experience it once again!


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