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Quickstep and Jive Prove Challenging for Some Stars

My first thought tonight is that Brooke looks like Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” but while leaving a little less to the imagination.  She looks great, but maybe not quite PG rated.


Roshon Johnson and Chelsie were up first with their Quickstep.  They got right into their dance to “Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous”.  One thing I noticed right off the bat, was that he really seems to be trying to be the leader.  It’s great to see!  Also, their timing is great; they really know how to “punch” those poppy parts of the song.  He had a little trouble at the end getting a glitzy bracelet out of his coat pocket to put on Chelsie’s wrist.  Len said that he liked the dance and he thought it had good movement.  He saw that he took the slow parts on his heel mostly like he is supposed to and he said “good dancing!”  Bruno said that he had more spark than a bolt of lightning!  Carrie Ann said he turned his swagger into sophistication!  So Roshon got rave reviews from all of the judges.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len - 8, and Bruno - 9 for a 26 out of 30.



Sherri Shepherd and Val were up next with their Jive.  She brought such great character to their dance to “Proud Mary”.  I loved how she ripped off her black dress in the beginning to reveal a shimmer gold tassel dress!  She seemed to do OK stamina-wise to this very fast dance.  I would only say that she needs to attack the footwork a little more and really get those knees up.  Overall, it was a great dance and a lot of fun to watch!  Bruno said “Girl you know how to work that magnificent equipment” and said he loved it.  Carrie Ann said that she is in love with Sherri and thought it was a phenomenal routine.  She noticed a little mistake but said that she went with it and did great!  Len said he felt good watching it and said that he loved watching her and said his only criticism was he would have liked to see just a little more Jive content.

Their Scores:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 7, and Bruno – 8 for a total of 23 out of 30.  I think that’s pretty fair, but it might have been nice for Len to give her an 8!



Melissa Gilbert and Maks hit the floor this week with the Quickstep to Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself”.  Ironically, she dated Billy Idol back in the day!  He looks like he’s kind of pushing her around on the floor a little.  I think she needs to gain some confidence.  She should take notes from Sherri!  Melissa looked beautiful in her shimmery topped gown.  They also both look so serious and this should be a fun dance to watch!  Technically, it wasn’t bad.  I smell some 7’s.  Let’s see.  Carrie Ann said that she recovered well after a little slip and she liked how she finally let go in the dance after that.  She said that she needs to work on making her face look less nervous.  Len said that it started off well with posture and movement but as the dance went on she lost energy she lost her posture and it got a little hectic.  Bruno said that she coped well with a very difficult dance and overall it was a good performance.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 6, and Bruno – 7, for a total of 20 out of 30.  I hate to say it but that’s fair!



Jack Wager and Anna were up with their Jive.  They had a great start!  Jack really must have rehearsed hard for this.  I love how you can just see all of their time spent at rehearsals come together for a fabulous dance.  He also had some wonderful energy with Anna.  Toward the end of the dance it also seemed like he was able to take the lead and not depend on her so much either, so that was great!  Len said he liked the content and the energy but that he lost a little bit of control at some points but he expects him to go through to next week.  Bruno said that the kicks needed to be right on and he lost the beat a few times, but overall as a performer he did great.  Carrie Ann said that he’s a really good dancer but he may have over danced it at some parts and he needs to find a little bit of ease.  I liked it a lot!  I thought it was way better than Melissa’s dance!

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 7, and Bruno – 7, for a total of 21 out of 30.  I think they deserved at least one 8, because I just really liked their performance.



Gladys and Tristan performed a Quickstep this week.  She looked gorgeous again!  I loved her teal blue dress.  It was nice to see a slower quick step at times with them if that makes sense.  She was really paying attention to her foot work and it looked fabulous to me!  The crowd went wild, there’s no doubt that she is a crowd favorite.  Bruno said that he loves her natural feel for the music although he said that she has to be careful with her frame because she lost it sometimes.  Carrie Ann said that she agreed with Bruno because it looked a little casual and she was gazing into Tristan’s eyes the whole time.  Len also told her that she had to watch her frame but said that she did a good job but he didn’t 100% appreciate the dance tonight. Aw!  I liked it.  I would say at least a 7 as far as her score goes.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 5, and Bruno – 7, for a total of 19 out of 20.  Wow, the ballroom went wild when Len gave that 5.  In my mind, that was totally uncalled for!  Gladys took it all in stride though.



Katherine Jenkins and Mark tried to improve on their amazing performance last week with their Jive.  It was very sexy!  They started off playing craps and then took it totally Vegas style.  Now she is a good example of how to pick your knees up while dancing a Jive.  I’m not sure if Len will like this dance though because I sense that there is maybe not enough “classic” Jive in it for his liking.  This dance was smokin’!  The crowd loved it!  They got a standing ovation from the crowd!  Carrie Ann said that the tone and extension in her lives was great and she thought it was damn good choreography!  Len said that she can also do full on dancing as well as elegance although the middle wasn’t his cup of tea.  Bruno said “The blonde bombshell is released!”  Bruno said that’s how you do legs!  See, he agrees with me!

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 8, and Bruno – 9, for a total of 26 out of 30.



Jaleel White and Kym were up with their second dance of the competition with their Jive.  They were dressed like they were in an old-time ice cream soda shop. The start seemed a little slow, but then it really picked up!    I do feel like maybe Katherine and Mark’s was a little better though.  We’ll have to see what the judges say.  Len said that it lacked real attack and speed although it had its moment.  Bruno said that he loved the concept but that he has to work on the sharpness.  Carrie Ann said that it didn’t have the sparkle that it had last week and that he was a little flat footed.  I’m bummed, they are my favorites!

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 7, and Bruno – 8, for a total of 22 out of 30.  Yay Bruno!  Way to come through with an 8!



Maria Menounos and Derek did a Bonnie and Clyde style Quickstep.  It started with a bang!  I loved the energy and bounce she brought to this dance.  This was much better than last week I think!  Her footwork seemed pretty crisp and they looked like they were having a great time.  She seemed to lose her timing at one part towards the end but it didn’t faze her at all.  What a great job!  Bruno said that her frame was great and the dance was near perfection except where she lost a step.  Carrie Ann said that was what they are looking for with frame and hold.  She said they got out of sync in the middle a little but she thought it was a huge improvement over last week.  Len said that they had speed and control and he actually said he would like to see more body contact! 

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, and Bruno – 9, for a total of 25 out of 30.  That’s great that they got a 9!



Martina and Tony were up after that stunning performance with their Jive.  She started by rubbing all up on Len.  It was a slow Jive, but even thought the speed should have been faster, she still messed up a lot of the steps!  Oh goodness this was so hard to watch.  There were some good parts, but she just isn’t cut out for dancing.  She’s obviously a pro at tennis but choreography obviously makes her a little insecure.  I would give this a 5 at best.  Carrie Ann said it was sad because she loved the approach to the routine.  Len said that the start of the dance made him happy but that it was too neat and too precise and she was just too careful and it didn’t have enough attack.  Bruno said that she went on the wrong foot and didn’t keep up but there was a bright spot where she let go a little.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 6, Len – 5, and Bruno – 6, for a total of 17 out of 20.  I think that those 6’s were very generous.



Donald Driver and Peta followed with their Quickstep.  Hopefully they do a little better than last week.  They got all 7’s then.  He looked really suave out there in his suit and bowtie!  He did a great job leading and his frame looked very strong.  You could tell he really worked hard on his footwork and did a good job of cleaning it all up and not over extending his very long legs.  He danced really well with Peta!  They did a fabulous job!  Len said that performance was up there with the best tonight and he even said that he under marked Donald after he watched the video back!  Wow, that’s a first!  Bruno said that he had great lines and had a great delivery!  Carrie Ann said that all of his years of watching “DWTS” have paid off!

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, and Bruno – 8, for a total of 24 out of 30.  I thought they deserved a 9!



Gavin DeGraw and Karina danced the Jive.  After that disastrous rehearsal footage, I was shocked to see him do such a good job in his dance.  His legs were a little wild at times, but you could tell he worked on the footwork and wasn’t trying to fake anything.  It could use just a little more bounce, but other than that, this was a great performance.  Bruno said that leather does wonders for Gavin and for him!  He said he messed up some of the kicks and flips but he did have a good performance.  Carrie Ann said that his posture was a little funky and he had some strange kicks but he really did go for it and went past what he felt comfortable doing.  Len said he liked the attitude and energy and thought it was an improvement on last week.

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 7, and Bruno – 7, for a total of 21 out of 30.  That’s not bad at all!



Ladies, now this is what you have been waiting for.  William Levy and Cheryl!  You know they were saving him for last on purpose!  Wow, what can’t this guy do?!  He danced the Quickstep like no one’s business!  He was wearing a full tux which was a little disappointing!  When they went across the dance floor the first time, there was a little misstep, but overall this was a great, great job!  They got a standing ovation from the crowd.  Carrie Ann said that he knows how to turn up the heat in the ballroom and that as far as technique goes he’s the Harry Connick, Jr. of the ballroom.  Len said that he needed cleaner footwork and his frame started, but then it started to go, he called the dance good, not great.  Bruno said that he dazzled and that he reminds him of “The Artist”. 

Their Scores: Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 7, and Bruno – 9, for a total of 25 out of 30.  Len’s critique was really harsh on their score!  Let’s hope he gets another sexy Latin dance soon!


Don’t forget, tomorrow is the big elimination!  There’s a special on at 8, and then the actual elimination will begin at 9 p.m. on ABC.



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