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Let's Get Read To Rummmmmmmmmbleee!!!!

Here we go with another week of Dancing With The Stars.  Our normal blogger Jen Matarese has taken the day off, so I (Scott Curkin) have told her I will hold down the dance floor while she’s out.  Last time I complained because the Giants were on Monday Night Football.  I guess I can’t complain that there’s plenty of baseball, hockey and football to watch tonight too :)

This week’s theme is Broadway, and I’d assume that excites most of the DWTS audience.   I have watched over the last couple of weeks, and although I’m  a little surprised Nancy Grace is still in the competition, I think the race for the mirror ball will come down to J.R. and Ricki Lake.

The show kicked off with a performance by the cast of Sister Act.  It’s just not the same without Whoopi, but a good performance.

So apparently there are two dances for the ‘stars’ tonight, including the group dance.

First up Rob Kardashian and have I mentioned she’s my favorite Cheryl Burke.  They are dancing the Cha-Cha to a Jersey Boys song.  Oh excellent, Rob’s mom Kris Jenner came to check in on him.  I just love this Kardashian family and how they hate to be in front of TV cameras at all times.  Where’s Kim? 

As for the dance, the song “Walk Like a Man” is now going to be in my head all night.  They seemed a little off and not completely in sync in the beginning, but seemed to rebound in the end.  OH THERE’S KIM!!!!  How exciting! OH AND KHLOE AND LAMAR, give me a break! 

I wonder if this competition is like in boxing where it looks a lot different in person than it does on TV.  The crowd seems upset with the judges saying they were ‘off’, when that’s what I saw on the tube.  I’d give them a 7, but as for the judges scores (OH Kim again!), 8, 7, 7, for a 22 out of 30. 

Next up Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus.  They are dancing a Foxtrot to a Monty Python number.  Nancy was her feisty self in the pre-dance piece.  She says they are stepping up the chorography and are going to try and please all the judges. I think Nancy just dropped an F-bomb, but she is determined and says she’s going to nail this dance.

As for the dance, I’m just giving Tristan props for dressing like that.  This is the most in sync these two have looked in weeks.  Nancy had a big smile on her face and seemed to be keeping her footwork throughout the dance. They really seemed to be having fun out there.  Based on how she’s looked over the past weeks, I thought this was by far her best dance.  I’d actually give her a 9 on this one.  Judges scores, 9, 7, 8, for a total of 24 out of 30.  This really was like boxing with the way the judge’s scores were.

Next up David Arquette and Kym Johnson dancing the Quick Step to a Grease song.  Arquette is coming off his best week, and he says he’s in it to win it.

Now I’m not sure these two were like Danny Zucko and Sandra D out there on the floor, but Arquette definitely got away with wearing blue socks like nobody else could.  They were a little out of sync if you asked me, but overall they seemed to enjoy the performance and had a ton of energy.  I think I’d give them an 8.  The judges gave 8, 7, 8, for a total of 23 out of 30.  I could totally be a judge!

Next up Ricki Lake and Derek Hough.  Now I’ve grown to like Ricki Lake but in full disclosure Derek Hough just bothers me.  He seems to think he’s the ‘star’ and is always butting in on questions and conversations, but the guy can dance. 

These two were also dancing the Quick Step and Ricki seems to be a little nervous out on the floor.  I wonder how long she had to sit there to get her hair to be done like that?  These two finished strong and had the audience and the judges on their feet.  Pretty impressive, I think I’d give a 9, but wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one 10.    Judges scores, 10, 9, 10 for a 29 out of 30 AND Derek didn’t get a word in during the interview, although he tried. 

Next up Chaz and Lacey.  I have no idea how Chaz is still in this competition and if I were a betting man, I would say Chaz is in trouble this week.  Tons of heart and courage, but the dancing skills just aren’t there.

These two are dancing the Tango to Phantom of the Opera.  Chaz seemed uncomfortable throughout the dance and I’m guessing his knees were hurting him based on the way he was moving out there.  Overall not a bad performance, but I still think he’s the one in trouble this week.  I’d give a 6.  Judges scores, 7, 6, 6, for a 19 out of 20.  Chaz seems to be upset with his scores, but I’m sorry dude, it just wasn’t that good.

Next up Maks and Hope.  The judges really don’t seem to like Hope, but I think she’s been doing a pretty good job.  She’s definitely taking things personally, and hopefully she uses their criticism to motivate herself this week.

Maks and Hope dancing the Ramba this week to music from RENT.  I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  Was kind of a boring dance to me.  I didn’t see any major mistakes to the average eye but overall it was just blah to me.  I’m thinking Hope could also be in trouble.  I’m thinking a 6 here.  Wow, Maks really went after the judges here and the host had to jump in to break things up.  Maks said he was sticking up for his partner, but there was some anger there.  Judges give 7, 6, 7, for a total of 20 out of 30.  Maks goes off on the show a little bit there, saying this is “His show”.  Ummmmm Maks, if memory serves me, you’ve never won one of those trophies at the end of the season, and it’s called Dancing With the STARS. I'm pretty sure you can't disrespect a judge (no matter how annoying he might be), when you have NOTHING to back it up with. This is going to be VERY interesting what comes out of this.   This really is like a boxing match tonight.

Next up someone that could possibly win this season J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff.  So it seems J.R. is worried about Ricki, and Ricki is worried about J.R.  It’s like Yankees Red Sox all over again.  I wonder which one will miss the playoffs.  J.R. is a crowd favorite and quite frankly how can you cheer against this guy?

 As for the dance, J.R. always seems to be having a good time out there.  The footwork was outstanding, and there is no way this dance doesn’t receive 10’s across the board.  Judges?  10, 9, 10, for a 29 out of 30.  C’mon Len, what was wrong there?

 Now comes the group dance.  I’m not sure what happens in this one, but I’m wondering if Maks regains his focus here.  He’s the talk of the newsroom at the moment.

So it seems the DWTS staff brought Carson back after being voted off last week to help lead the group dance.

 Must’ve been a tough week to be a competitor on this show.  Learn your main dance and this group dance.  Thumbs up to them!

So overall an interesting week.  I think Hope and Chaz are going to be in the bottom two and the question is going to be do the viewers think the judges were ganging up on Hope or did they think Maks’ comments were uncalled for? 

Jen’s back for the results show.  Last time I got a banana pudding for filling in, so Jen if you’re reading this, this was a chocolate chip cookie kind of performance. 









Loved reading your DWTS commentary, Scott. I took an important phone call during the show and really appreciated your re-cap and catching the scores. Love your sense of humor -- definitely warrants a big chocolate chip cookie! Thank you!


Kim Kardashian tried to cheat for her brother by telling her over ten million followers on twitter she had Justin Biebers # and to call him within the next hour. She gave the DWTS #. I've included a screen cap. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/27/kimcheat.jpg/

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