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UPDATE: Erik Estrada will be dancing, but on the Spanish DWTS

Earlier today, "CHiPs" star Erik Estrada was a rumoured contestant for Season 13 of "Dancing With the Stars"! 

The actor is taking part in a campaign for "National Safe Driving Month" and the publicity people said that he'll be talking about his new gig on "DWTS" next Tuesday.  ABC would not confirm or deny the report.

Turns out,the p-r firm was incorrect.   They issued a statment this afternoon:

"Our sincere apologies.    Mr. Estrada is signed up as a contestant for a Spanish Network "Dancing" Stars  contest, which is NOT related to the Dancing with the Stars is on ABC.  We apologize for this error, and for the confusion.    Again, please accept our apologies for this error.Chuck E."

Who would you like to see as a "Dancing With the Stars" contestant next season?  Click COMMENT to share your thoughts!


Sandy's 'Dancing with the Stars' wrap from Hollywood

The audience for “Dancing with the Stars” has grown this season, and the crush of the media at the final night seems to have grown along with the size of the crowd watching. Reporters perch on small folding chairs during the show in a small area just outside the doors of the studio with the crowd spilling over into the lane the stage hands use to push the sets into and out of the huge room. We watch on TV monitors and hear the muffled roar of the crowd applauding from time to time in the studio.

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And the Mirror Ball Trophy Goes To...Hines Ward and Kym Johnson!

Hines Ward and his dance partner Kym Johnson have won the Mirror Ball Trophy on the 12th Season of "Dancing With the Stars"!

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were the runners up, and Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas came in third place.



Let’s recap the night.  After a rousing performance by the professional dancing ladies and the dance troop, the eliminated contestants took to the stage and were rejoined by their dance partners.  It’s amazing how it seems like forever since we’ve seen some of them!


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Here's another blog entry by our Eyewitness News Entertainment Reporter, Sandy Kenyon who is in Hollywood for the finale!



I am not a cynical man by nature, and 30 years of covering Hollywood has not hardened me. made me skeptical, but I like to think that’s healthy. I do love the excitement of showbiz, and though I am not a special fan of “Dancing with the Stars,” and don’t make it a habit to watch the show in its entirety (I see excerpts each week), there’s no doubt that I do look forward to covering the finals in Hollywood.

The essence of shows like this is contained not so much in the dancing as in the humandrama. On the floor, the emotions of the moment are very human and very real. So-called “reality” TV is famous for amping up the drama which is why those quotation marks go around the word! But, what’s genuine is the effort required to transform stars from other fields into believable dancers, and the joy they feel when, with the help of their professional dance partners, they pull that off.


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Who Should Win the Mirror Ball Trophy?

After watching last night, who should win The Mirror Ball Trophy on "Dancing With the Stars"?



Stellar Dances in 'Dancing With the Stars' Finals

If you want your favorite to win, you’ve got to vote!  It will be a close call Tuesday with the competitors bringing their A-game on Monday night.



Chelsea and Mark kicked off the night with their judge’s choice dance by Carrie Ann Inaba which was the Samba.  It was sexy and full of flounce and flair.  Last time they performed this dance, it was full of pop.  Carrie Ann wanted them to dance it more sensually.  Boy, did they ever!  It was pretty close to perfect.  Len said that with every step they take, he’ll be watching, and tonight he liked what he saw!  He said he didn’t care for their flailing arm part.  Bruno said that Chelsea is an ultra sexy bombshell, and that she had great rhythm and flowing motion.  Carrie Ann said their dance was hot, hot, hot!  She said that they got down, dirty and sensual.

Their Scores:  Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 9, Bruno – 10, for a total of 29 out of 30.


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Eyewitness News at the 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale!

This blog post is by Eyewitness News reporter Sandy Kenyon who is live at the finale in Hollywood!


I wish every fan of “Dancing with the Stars” could attend a taping just once. It’s old school razz-a-ma-tazz BIG TIME show business, and I love it. It’s the only stage I have ever been in that looks larger in reality than it does on TV. The physics of TV almost inevitably mean you will cry out, “it’s so small” after entering the studio of your favorite show. That’s not true here in this huge building that houses “Dancing With the Stars” in one half (an ABC show) and “American Idol” (Fox) in the other, and it’s all in one place at “Television City” owned entirely by CBS!


Producer Andy Savas and I spent an afternoon outside the stage observing plenty of activity. Co-host Brooke Burke’s beautiful, black, Maserati convertible with cognac leather seats was parked directly in front of the entrance to Stage 46. It was located right in my line of sight. I am a car guy so it was hard looking at it, parked right where I had to stare at it enviously while I waited to go live. Judge Bruno walked by with a spring in his step and his shirt open to his naval. He smiled and gave us a wave flexing his tanned pecs to the ladies as he passed. These folks live the So-Cal lifestyle to the max.


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The Final Three Compete Tonight for The Mirror Ball Trophy!

After 10 long weeks, it's finally here, the "Dancing With the Stars" finale!  Tonight is performance night.  Each of the three remaining couples will perform a judges choice dance and then they will perform their freestyle!  I love the freestyles, those are always so much fun to watch!


The judge's choice dance should be interesting because is will be in the style that the judges have determined to be the one each couple showed promise in and could now excel at based on hours of practice and performance.  You know they will all have worked extra hard on this one!

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Lisa Loeb Talks About the 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale

Singer/Songwriter Lisa Loeb was in the audience Monday night at "Dancing With the Stars".

She says she attended the show with her mom because they are both huge fans.  You can check out what she has to say about the show and the finale by clicking the video below.


Also, Lisa is guest starring on the Disney Junior animated series "Jake and the Never Land Pirates", CLICK HERE to learn more!


Look Who's Still Dancing, Not The Karate Kid

It was a predictable night for once on “Dancing With the Stars”.  In a season that’s been full of surprises, Ralph Macchio’s elimination was not one of them.  Let’s talk about how it all went down.



First the judges announced that they would like to see Chelsea and Mark’s Rumba again.  It was just as fabulous to watch the second time around. 


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