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October 2010


Audrina and Tony on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' after 'DWTS'

Audrina and Tony went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" following their elimination on "Dancing with the Stars".  They were so funny!  They talk about the "premonition" of knowing they were getting voted off based on a camera getting ready to take their shot of them.


Can you believe Audrina actually split Tony's lip?!  Wow girl!

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Audrina Sent Back to the Hills, Eliminated from 'Dancing'

This week's elimination was truly surprising.  I completely thought it would be either Bristol or Kurt that would go home, but the show kicked things off by letting us know that they were still safe.  It was Jennifer and Derek who were the first couple to learn they were in jeopardy.  Boy did the audience boo that those results!


The judges then decided that the dance they would like to see again from last night was Bristol and Mark's Tango.  They did even better than they did last night!  I really do think she has improved a lot, I just still think she is probably one of the dancers at the bottom though.


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Week 6 photos

Check out photos from week six of "Dancing with the Stars"!  Click on the picture to see the complete gallery!

Don't forget, tonight's elimination show begins at 9 p.m. on ABC7!


Brandy's the judges favorite on 'Dancing with the Stars'

This week's show starting rocking early and it didn't stop until time ran out!  I loved how the show started off with the electric guitar player front and center and a bunch of pyrotechnics.



It was a little disappointing that the first half hour of the show was a recap of the viewer's choice results of their favorite dances ever on DWTS.  That's kind of a dull way to kick things off after that amazing musical introduction.  Anyway, here they are!

10) Shawn Johnson dancing Freestyle

9) Donnie Osmond dancing the Argentine Tango

8) Helio Castroneves dancing the Quick Step

7) Apolo Ohno dancing Freestyle

6) Joanna Kruppa dancing the Paso Doble

5) Mel B. dancing the Paso Doble

4) Nicole Scherzinger dancing the Paso Doble

3) Apolo Ohno dancing the Samba

2) Gilles Marini dancing the Argentine Tango

1) Drew Lachey dancing Freestyle



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Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Florence Henderson and her dance partner, Corky Ballas, appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night, fresh off of their elimination from "Dancing with the Stars".


Oh, Mrs. Brady!  We'll miss you!  It's so funny how Jimmy's Uncle Frank has such a huge crush on Florence.  I just love her witt and pizazz!  Jimmy tried getting to her about her kiss with "Greg Brady" Barry Williams, on last night's show.  Florence fired back by saying, "I think you secretly want me to do that to you!" Ha!


'The Brady Bunch' was Florence's undoing on 'DWTS'

Wow, what a surprise!  I never would have guessed that Bristol would have been safe after that ridiculous and terrible monkey dance last night.  Nevertheless, here we are minus one Mrs. Brady.


Let's recap how it all went down.


The show started with the lowest scorers of the night, Kyle & Lacey and Bristol & Mark.  Surprisingly, they were all safe!  I literally yelled at the screen, "No WAY!"  Of course Kyle and Lacey would be safe, but Bristol?!  Seriously?!  I immediately knew Mrs. Brady was in some definite trouble. 

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Week 5 photos

Check out photos from week five of "Dancing with the Stars"!  Click on the picture to see the complete gallery!

Don't forget, tonight's elimination show begins at 9 p.m. on ABC7!


TV Theme for Week 5 of 'Dancing with the Stars'

It's TV time!  It was "TV Theme" week on "Dancing with the Stars".  Each of the stars performed a dance to a television theme song.  This week, there is just one set of judges scores on the overall performance including their technique.


First up were Brandy and Maks.  They danced the Quick Step to the theme song from "Friends", which was "I'll Be There for You".   It started off a little slow in my opinion, but really picked up once they galloped across the dance floor.  There was an amazing dip and some very stunning spins.  Overall, it was very cute and energetic.  The judges and the crowd loved it too.  Len said he was SO impressed with that and he wasn't joking!  He also added that it was her best dance so far.  Bruno said that they did it!  He thought that just when she couldn't possibly keep up the momentum, she pushed through it and danced her heart out.  Carrie Ann said that she and Maks have obviously formed an amazing bond and that they have taken their dancing to a new level now.

Their Scores:  Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, and Bruno - 9, for a combined score of 27 out of 30.


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Demo with the Stars!

The pros from "Dancing with the Stars" used their dancing skills to demo a house on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" Sunday night.


This episode features the Arboleda Family!  Eight years ago, Rhex Arboleda came to the USA from the Philippines in pursuit of the American dream. The "EM:HE" team paired up with "Dancing with the Stars" to give Rhex that and more when he answered the most extraordinary wake-up call of his life. Brimming with excitement, Rhex, a hometown hero, his wife, Claire, and their five children -- CJ, Clarenx, Calix, Cullen and Rhex -- emerged from their home to find their favorite designers and dancers ready to literally bring down the house.

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Bristol and Mark Take in a Hockey Game

Bristol Palin was spotted out with her "Dancing with the Stars" pro partner Mark Ballas on Friday night!  The dancing pair went to watch the Los Angeles Kings play the Vancouver Canucks. 


They look to be getting along quite well!  Mark used to date "Cheetah Girls" star Sabrina Bryan from on the 5th Season of "Dancing with the Stars".  So obviously, he's not opposed to dating his dancing partners!  Do you think something could be brewing between these two, or are they "just friends"? Then again, it could have been part of one of those "in between" moments before the dances that was taped for the show.

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