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VERy Warm Weather to Start the Week Aournd NYC!

It's Back to Cold After Wednesday!

Good Morning,

Most temperatures yesterday wound up in the lower 50s.... And, even though it didn't get

quite as mild as we had anticipated it would late last week (this could be mainly attributed to

widespread fog during the morning), the upward trend we had been calling for over the weekend

still worked out well... Today, we should start off fairly cloudy with patchy fog and even a touch of

drizzle... But, with the winds this afternoon mainly out of the southwest, some sunny breaks will

allow for it to get even warmer than yesterday... The mercury should wind up within a couple of

degrees of 60 this afternoon, or about 10-12 degrees above the seasonal averages... Tonight, the

sky will turn out rather cloudy... Even though there will be some low clouds around tomorrow, it

will become even warmer -- and it should qualify as the warmest day of the week... Most

temperatures will be in the mid 60s, although some of the south-facing shores will be no higher

than the 50s, and some western suburbs will probably peak in the upper 60s...

Our next cold front, which will be emerging in the Eastern Region during midweek, will be moving

across the northern Plains and the Upper Midwest today and tonight... The rationale we're applying

during the next 48 hours is that the 'warmest air will be getting squeezed out' ahead of that next,

approaching front... The arrival of this front should result in a few scattered showers, which

should begin late tomorrow night in areas north and west of I-95 before reaching the coastal plain

early on Wednesday morning... Therefore, we have covered for these showers in our forecasts,

which should bring less than a quarter of an inch of rainfall... In fact, many places will probably

see less than a tenth of an inch --- and temperatures should still manage to climb well into the 50s

on Wednesday...

But, the changes which will usher in somewhat 'colder air' will be felt around here on Wednesday

night and Thursday... Winds out of the northwest will bring clearing, and temperatures on

Thursday afternoon will be no higher than the lower or middle 40s, even though it'll be a fairly

sunny day... Friday will not be as chilly as Thursday, and then a brand new front arriving over the

weekend could bring with it a couple of showers on Saturday...

No major cold intrusions/arctic outbreaks are expected during the next seven days...

Have a good day!!!

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