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One More Warm Day Before Cold Air Comes Crashing in!


Showers for the Commute Tomorrow Morning!

Today:  Clouds & Sunshine, Warm  High: 64


Tonight: Mostly Cloudy & Warm, Showers After Midnight  Low:51


Tomorrow: Cloudy with Morning Showers, Sunny & Cooler by Afternoon High: 55  40s by Late Day


Thursday: Sunny, Brisk, and Cold High: 40



Good Morning,


While we're expecting an unseasonably warm day today, there will be a shower in spots

early this morning... The regional doppler radar mosaic was showing this batch of showers

moving across eastern Pennsylvania and into western New Jersey as of this writing, so it probably

will glide across the City between 4:30 and 6 a.m. and Long Island/coastal Connecticut some time

before 8 o'clock... The rainfall will not be heavy enough to cause any flooding issues, but bring

along an umbrella for the morning commute...


There'll be some sunshine later on today, and a southwesterly breeze should combine with this

sun to push most temperatures into the mid 60s this afternoon... While it will be cooler along many

of the south-facing shores, some thermometers across interior portions of northern and central

New Jersey may flirt with 70 before all is said and done!!


As a cold front begins to march into the Northeast and the mid Atlantic states tonight and

tomorrow morning, there should be another round of widely separated showers occurring here...

While most of these will occur between midnight tonight and noon tomorrow, the temperature in

most places tonight will be no lower than the 50s (a typical daytime high this time of year is in the

upper 40s)... Temperatures tomorrow will be in the 50s, but these may begin to drop during the

middle and later stages of the afternoon as clouds begin to break for some sun... Also, it will be

relatively breezy (or, "borderline windy") tomorrow afternoon as we expect the winds to shift

around to the northwest...


Dry and colder weather is still expected on Thursday, with most temperatures in the lower and

middle 40s... Friday will bring with it intervals of clouds and sunshine, and then there still could be

some rain in the area during the upcoming weekend...


Have a good day!!!



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