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Big Changes in the Weather Today for the NYC Area!

Warm and Windy This Morning, then Sunny, Windy, and Chilly Later Today! Have Your Gear!

Today: Showers this Morning, then Windy & Colder with Sunshine & Blue Skies, Falling Temperatures, High 55 This AM Falling this PM 

Tonight: Clearing and Colder  Low: 32 City 20s in Suburbs 

Thursday: Brisk & Cold Despite Sunshine High 42  Feels Like 30 Degrees 

Good Morning, 

A broken line of showers on this morning's radar mosaic is pressing to the east, as is the

latest cold front to emerge in the Eastern Region... It'll be a good idea to grab some rain gear for

the first part of today, but it won't be needed for very long -- since there should be a tendency for

some drier air to start filtering into the Tri-State Area during midday and especially this afternoon,

which is when the sun will probably manage to pop out for at least a while... Temperatures early

this morning are at least a few degrees above typical daytime high temperatures for this time of

year... And, while rain will cause these temperatures to drop a little bit early, there shouldn't be too

much of a drop occurring in the wake of the frontal passage during midday or this afternoon...


We feel that the 'precipitous drop' that will eventually occur will be very late this afternoon or this

evening, when it will drop into the 40s... Winds gusting to near 25 or even 30 mph this evening will

be diminishing later tonight, and it will be noticeably colder tonight with most temperatures

winding up in the 20s in most outlying areas and the 30s in the bigger cities... There should be a

fair amount of sunshine tomorrow, but it'll be colder with most temperatures in the lower and the

mid 40s... Friday, any early sun will probably start to fade behind increasing cloudiness, and after

a very chilly start, most afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 40s to near 50... As a wave of

low pressure located in the Great Lakes moves southeastern Canada on Friday night and

Saturday, and it will be dragging a cold front across the region this weekend... This boundary will

bring with it the potential for a bit of rain later on Friday night and Saturday, although neither time

period looks like a 'wash-out'... In fact although temperatures across much of the mid Atlantic

region and in the Northeast will be hard-pressed to get out of the 40s on Friday afternoon,

Saturday appears as if it will be a milder day, with most temperatures either in the mid or in some

cases the upper 50s...


Sunday, however, is probably going to be a rather cloudy and cooler day -- because by Sunday

morning, the global models are all in agreement that a ridge of high pressure will be located over

eastern Canada and northern New England, and a front should be in a position down near the

Virginia-North Carolina border... So, with most winds having an easterly component, Sunday is

looking fairly cloudy with most temperatures either in the upper 40s or the lower 50s... Then on

Monday, that aforementioned front located to our south will be lifting out to the north, only this

time, as a warm front... A plentiful supply of mild and moist air that will be surging northward

along the Eastern Seaboard on Monday will push temperatures into the upper 50s and lower 60s,

and as a wave of low pressure cuts up well to the north and west of the I-95 corridor, there should

be a few periods of rain -- this will be followed by some chillier air by the middle of next week...


Have a great day!



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